funny technoblade clips because we miss him...

  • Published on: 25 July 2021
  • funny technoblade clips because we miss him...






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  • Runtime : 10:16
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  • Victor Yang
    Victor Yang   2 hours ago

    1:29Documentary narration voice: But it didn't get old. Even when the warden arrived. Turns out, it was a vacation for the pig, to no one's surprise, other than the people involved of course.

  • Mel
    Mel   4 days ago

    Tommy was hitting him with a fishing rod. Much big brain.

  • Pauline Garmash
    Pauline Garmash   5 days ago

    I really like his proud "A LOT OF THINGS!". It's so short but somehow funniest

  • Shockclaw 28
    Shockclaw 28   5 days ago

    i swear, techno is just as good at recovering as he is at fighting. the man just won't die

  • downvote
    downvote   1 weeks ago

    lily music in the background tho

  • Jack Harpole
    Jack Harpole   1 weeks ago

    What did you mean we miss him did he die or?

  • Herbie Wares
    Herbie Wares   1 weeks ago

    I love how technoblade does his best to ruin his own industry

  • Lost-Wrld
    Lost-Wrld   1 weeks ago

    So Nihachu never dies? Does she become the new Technoblade?

  • Josh Heilig
    Josh Heilig   1 weeks ago

    Niki has a crush on techno I ship it

  • sadcat
    sadcat   1 weeks ago

    does anyone have a link for the original video in the second clip

  • Jinie _SOUR
    Jinie _SOUR   1 weeks ago

    Techno: drops out of collageAlso Techno: YOU BETTER LEARN THOSE EQUATIONS

  • Azlan Hassan
    Azlan Hassan   2 weeks ago

    From 3:21 to 3:31 was so funny of hi getting surprised 🤣

  • Hamze Moussa
    Hamze Moussa   2 weeks ago

    The end of video I saw now and tnt and i thought oh techno is going in

  • byron short
    byron short   2 weeks ago

    in the first clip tommy didnt have his sword out...he had a fishing rod...

  • brookemcnizz
    brookemcnizz   2 weeks ago

    i’m coming out for the first time….i think i’m a techno simp

  • mr_M7MD_GX
    mr_M7MD_GX   2 weeks ago

    believe in the heart of the cards

  • AlexdaCat
    AlexdaCat   2 weeks ago

    I saw “miss” and I instantly clicked because I thought he died or smth

  • MilkingStxrs
    MilkingStxrs   2 weeks ago

    I felt myself lose my lungs when Techno started continuously gasping

  • JustSomeGuy
    JustSomeGuy   3 weeks ago

    Why did you say because we miss him? Like he got cancer or somthin-

  • Lazy_Introvert
    Lazy_Introvert   3 weeks ago

    The way this vid was titled I thought techno passed away irl

  • Marson
    Marson   3 weeks ago

    wt happened with techno?

  • SutoSucks
    SutoSucks   3 weeks ago

    ”And it works every tiimmee”

  • Kolobok
    Kolobok   3 weeks ago

    This is actually such a well made compilation :0

  • JameMhm
    JameMhm   3 weeks ago

    This title almost made me scream before I realize it was making fun of his upload schedule

  • jakeknight999
    jakeknight999   3 weeks ago

    Techno exists on a higher plane of intelligence

  • Drunk Venti
    Drunk Venti   3 weeks ago

    We’re all so starved of techno content rn

  • Evindgard
    Evindgard   3 weeks ago