THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

  • Published on: 23 August 2020
  • First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson
  • Runtime : 2:36
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  • FilmSelect
    FilmSelect   1 weeks ago

    NEW trailer here -

  • Orel Sax
    Orel Sax   3 hours ago

    They're finally showing bruce with the mascara. Finally!!!

  • Kashi Kagë
    Kashi Kagë   4 hours ago

    I thought he asked, Who Fired the Gun?!Like there was someone that got shot by Riddler supposedly, but he was already in jail so if it wasn’t him, he knows who it was. OrSince he clearly knows something about Bruce’s parents, he probably knows who killed them, so Bruce is angry and anxious to know, so he angry ask him who fired the gun that killed his parents. I’m probably way off & completely wrong, I’m just telling you what I thought I heard.

  • Carlos A
    Carlos A   5 hours ago

    When real fuck mothering vampire has to take charge.

  • Kryptonite Gaming
    Kryptonite Gaming   10 hours ago

    I'll gonna watch it not because im a DC fan just because of Robert Pattinson

  • ultimate sunrise
    ultimate sunrise   14 hours ago

    Anyone 3lse heard rumors of a female joker in this trilogy?? Sounds interesting 🤔

  • Brenton Barnes
    Brenton Barnes   14 hours ago

    I could tell from the "who the hell are you supposed to be" that it was Aaron Paul from breaking bad, Has anyone else noticed that?

  • Cody Huseby
    Cody Huseby   18 hours ago

    Finally a batman movie that is not about the joker

  • G3nocide
    G3nocide   22 hours ago

    this movie is exactly what is needed to bring the old gotham batman back, not ben.

  • Jackson Ling
    Jackson Ling   1 days ago

    i am vengeance i think that is a nod at the comics where mike badilino or vengeance is the superhero

  • rmars
    rmars   1 days ago

    Christian Bale was the best Batman

  • GhostPanic
    GhostPanic   1 days ago

    Wished they'd brought Jim Carey back as Riddler he was awesome in Batman forever!

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous   1 days ago

    Looks absolutely terrible. They really need to stick with one Batman if they’re going to try and build any form of a franchise

  • Skorpio2
    Skorpio2   1 days ago

    The songs name is called something in the way from nirvana, it's in the description

  • Immortal Shell
    Immortal Shell   1 days ago

    1:38 Bruce Lee : i need only 1 punch to put him down...

  • Wolf
    Wolf   1 days ago

    Edgelord bulletproof nonsense. I had high hopes, this crushes it all. Goes against everything the comics were about. Why not give him an iron man suit while you are at it.

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson   1 days ago

    Bro the movie was supposed to be out this month

  • Raul Otero
    Raul Otero   1 days ago

    The pengüin is Collin Farell in Daré Devil.....✌️🖐️

  • Raul Otero
    Raul Otero   1 days ago

    the Best batman is Christian Bale....💪💪💪

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic   1 days ago

    I don't know if I'm okay with them f🤬ing with that Nirvana song like that. If you can't get the writer's permission, then either use the song or don't. But don't change it.

  • Weston Rose
    Weston Rose   2 days ago

    Is it gay that I got kind of a chub from this?

  • Anna Talks
    Anna Talks   2 days ago

    2:18 Robert looking like every 14 year old who just discovered The Cure

  • sheogorath
    sheogorath   2 days ago

    Somehow he looks more like a vampire in this than in the other movie

  • John Carter
    John Carter   2 days ago

    this has the looks of the 60s/80s batman .....

  • riles Taylor
    riles Taylor   2 days ago

    bru its the same sound from EVOLVE. the game

  • Daniel
    Daniel   3 days ago

    This shit was crazy!!!!

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas   3 days ago

    Wow the riddler? It’s going to be tough to top Jim Carrey’s riddler. I’m excited to see this.

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell   3 days ago

    Robert Pattinson seems to be over trying the Batman voice. He sounds like he has a terrible cold, very bronchitis. Micheal Keaton did it better