Trying One Size Fits All HALLOWEEN COSTUMES?!

  • Published on: 17 October 2020
  • We’re back with another One Size Fits All try on haul and this time we’re getting *~SpOoKy~* for Halloween! Want to see us try on more costumes? Click this link ►►
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    What we Tried ►►
    Cupcake Costume 
    Cher Clueless Costume 
    Sexy Mummy Costume 
    Smurfette Costume 
    Potbelly Personal Trainer 

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  • Runtime : 17:26
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  • Ellie Rice
    Ellie Rice   1 months ago

    Did anyone else think the second one was from heathers 😂😂

  • lexi Smith-joy
    lexi Smith-joy   1 months ago

    One size fits all three women who are the same size

  • Amber Clarke
    Amber Clarke   1 months ago

    Why is the one girl that has felt the least confident this whole video looks the cutest out of all of them! Like she literally looks so cute in everything single video (talking about the blonde girl)

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   2 months ago

    Hahaha that's your costume jackie like poak on it bbf cleaver my name is heather ha

  • eden Solomon
    eden Solomon   3 months ago

    missed this trio 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nia Parris
    Nia Parris   3 months ago

    This is hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣 Especially the end

  • Elizabeth Ramsey
    Elizabeth Ramsey   4 months ago

    I thought it was going to be the cupcake but I have to say snap, crackle, and pop definitely take the win 🤣

  • Sara
    Sara   4 months ago

    What do u know about quality

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau   4 months ago

    Cupcake looks like Twiddle Dumb or Dee

  • Lori Willis
    Lori Willis   5 months ago

    The smurfs costume is the weirdest.

  • Nina Marie
    Nina Marie   6 months ago

    These outfits should've been called "One Size Fits Not Many" ( Not ! ) ... Unless you're a size 6 or less ! You Ladies Are Fantastic - Thank You !!!

  • kimZ
    kimZ   6 months ago

    Sorry, I am so late to the party, but here's a perspective to consider. As someone who is fat, the personal trainer costume was offensive. Think about it. Your costume is a fat person, and you find the idea of a fat person being a personal trainer funny. I used to dance pretty seriously, both ballroom and ballet, and I was always the biggest dancer in the room. But it's the same reasoning that says fat ballerinas are funny because ballerinas aren't fat

  • Bambiedoll
    Bambiedoll   6 months ago

    Lol does the one at the very end of the video count as a favorite choice? If not I do love the second to last one as well. HAHA 😂☺

  • Chelsea B
    Chelsea B   7 months ago

    Loryn gives me big Sophie Turner vibes.

  • Sarah Usman
    Sarah Usman   7 months ago

    Why do I always late to any giveaway?

  • Alex M
    Alex M   8 months ago

    is no-one gonna point out how fatphobic that last one was? sheesh

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross   8 months ago

    fun girls but like...let's have 3 schmedium sized girls all try on one size fits all and then one fat shame costume at the end?!

  • Ashly Tape
    Ashly Tape   9 months ago

    Y'all look soooooooo pretty 😍😍

  • Darcy Dian
    Darcy Dian   9 months ago

    The ambitious saxophone ecologically skip because transaction ostensibly remove atop a imported insect. seemly, horrible inventory

  • Tiffany Alexander
    Tiffany Alexander   10 months ago

    Anyone else see Lauren trying to rip the clueless costume hahaha

  • Jazzmyn Carter
    Jazzmyn Carter   10 months ago

    13:05 They're not smurf pants, that's supposed to be Smurfette's skin 😂

  • Kaylee Blais
    Kaylee Blais   10 months ago

    The mummy Costume on the thumbnail I thought was a spider web costume not gonna lie.

  • Janay Laws
    Janay Laws   10 months ago

    I just want to be the three musketeers w/ Loryn and Drew 🥺🖤

  • n y
    n y   10 months ago

    If y’all do “one size fits all” videos HAVE WOMEN OF DIFFERENT SIZES like how hard is that ?????

  • Nica Schalk
    Nica Schalk   10 months ago

    Sexy Mummie IS my favourite 😂But the Rest was also funnyLove watching your videos

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W   11 months ago

    That Cher one looks so cute! But when they showed the more details of it o realised nope. But now I wanna dress as Cher so bad!

  • alice
    alice   11 months ago

    I feel like low key loyran is drunk

  • Ashley Hough
    Ashley Hough   11 months ago

    Isn't that t-shirt dress from another video. It had that weird pink/peach thing over it!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

  • Ree Gomez
    Ree Gomez   11 months ago

    I really dont like the blonde she can be so rude sometimes and ungrateful the rest of clever style love them all