When Dennis Rodman Disrespected Larry Bird And Instantly Regretted It

  • Published on: 09 December 2020
  • When Dennis Rodman Disrespected Larry Bird And Instantly Regretted It. In this video we go over When Dennis Rodman Disrespected Larry Bird And Instantly Regretted It. For more NBA content be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: When Dennis Rodman Disrespected Larry Bird And Instantly Regretted It

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  • Jerry A. Brown
    Jerry A. Brown   35 minuts ago

    How was Rodman's comment about Bird not racist AF?

  • shatner99
    shatner99   8 hours ago

    FYI, in college, Rodman with Kim Jong-un. Together, the sum was greater than the parts.They had chemistry in spades. His rookie season without Kim Jong-in was not great. Took him half a season to adjust playing alone.He overcame this issue, and never looked back.To this day, Jong-un and Dennis keep in touch on Zoom. Rodman plans to visit his old friend again after this covid. They are like Lennon and McCartney.

  • Matthew Elliott
    Matthew Elliott   8 hours ago

    Bird is one of the all time greats, Rodman is far far far from his class of player

  • erik wallbank
    erik wallbank   9 hours ago

    Learn to enunciate. I’m not messing with you. Slow down and pronounce each words.

  • S Des
    S Des   9 hours ago

    So Larry AVERAGED 28 & 8 against what is widely considered one of the top 5 all time defensive players and the toughest defensive team of that era. Yeah.....just another guy, right Isaiah? There was a reason I hated this guy right up to his retirement. He played his entire career as a punk. Once he retired you got to see him be a decent guy but in his playing days? A complete POS.

  • Edward Jensen
    Edward Jensen   10 hours ago

    The WORM never EVER stopped the BIRD !!- sorry 😂😂

  • Rich R
    Rich R   10 hours ago

    Bird was a beast and a top 10 all time player. Kills me when these youngins say he wouldn’t do good in today’s game. Legend would do a whole lot of teaching as he destroyed the players of today. Bird was one of the most COMPLETE players I have ever seen. He could do it all and at an elite level.

  • Gary G
    Gary G   15 hours ago

    Hey kid emm cee, take the muffler off your tongue then re-record the audio portion off this video.

  • Mark Kimball
    Mark Kimball   15 hours ago

    God. This is what we love about Larry. One of the best the kids can learn from now. He was always a outstanding man! Hence look at some of his foes and friends 👍

  • Paul Bryant
    Paul Bryant   16 hours ago

    Watching old footage makes watching new unwatchable. Great grit and hustle. Great analysts on TV as well.

  • Squat The Castrator
    Squat The Castrator   18 hours ago

    I love it when hypocritical racists get their just due. Wheres the diversity in the NBA and NFL? There isnt any- because its "rules for thee, but not for me". They dont care if it hurts a company, the government or the country (and everyone in it)- so why should we care if it hurts the game(s) too?? If you think someones skin color- is the most important thing about you, then you are a racist. More hypocrisy. Sickening. I dont even watch anymore...

  • James Konzek
    James Konzek   21 hours ago

    Dennis is one xtra unsightly individual.

  • Chris Fametano
    Chris Fametano   21 hours ago

    Jerseys are cheap bc nobody gives a sht about the nba or its liberal activist players.

  • Rey Reyes
    Rey Reyes   21 hours ago

    Larry Bird is so cold he told Dennis Rodman I'm going to drive on you then give it away. In a Ford Escort😂🤣😅

  • Casual Smasual
    Casual Smasual   23 hours ago

    Larry Bird - minority playing in a black mans game. Pure legend.

  • wolf
    wolf   1 days ago

    at the end when rodman is on stage talking you should cue the music out. you can barely make out what rodman is saying and the music is distracting.

  • DC Gold
    DC Gold   1 days ago

    Work on your narrating skills bro

  • Johnzen03
    Johnzen03   1 days ago

    Some pretty racist comments by Rodman.

  • Raymond Boyd
    Raymond Boyd   1 days ago

    Take your time when talking, speak up, and open your mouth more to enunciate your words better. You've got two things going against you.1 mushmouth, you try to talk fast with out speaking up, or opening up your vocal pallet.2 vocal fry.

  • FNG_Starman
    FNG_Starman   2 days ago

    The irony is that by having to guard against Bird in his early years is like why Rodman went on to be as good as he became. Larry showed him all his weaknesses and Rodman learned to be a better player. In a way it was a mentorship.

  • Joey Trimble
    Joey Trimble   2 days ago

    nothing gets them shook up more then larry bird ..rocky marciano .,.and eminem .. it keeps them up at night

  • Mike Lliteras
    Mike Lliteras   2 days ago

    Rodman and Thomas were right about Bird, if he was black, he’s just be another good player, like Jordan, Magic, Hakeem and so on.

  • knine8154
    knine8154   2 days ago

    "Just another player" but couldn't stop him

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones   2 days ago

    Those two were phenomenal (as I am 39 and grew up watching b ball in the 90s). Now they think lebron James is the best ever. Yeah, right. Jordan would smoke lebron in his prime. So would bird.

  • Allen H
    Allen H   3 days ago

    Thanks for the clickbait title. Boop....blocked

  • Katarina Almy
    Katarina Almy   3 days ago

    As a fan of the 'Bad Boy' Pistons, I have to say, what Isaiah & Dennis said about Bird sound more like insults to themselves.If Larry Bird would have been considered average if he were black, and is overhyped only because he's white.... Then doesn't that mean that Dennis Rodman, and everyone else who couldn't consistently box him out, were therefore below average?

  • The Clephane
    The Clephane   3 days ago

    Larry Bird from French Lick Indiana, I grew up in Morgantown, Indiana not far from there. Great guy!

  • Roy Tallerico
    Roy Tallerico   3 days ago

    It's hard to believe a driveway Job brought him down.

  • Knee Dragon
    Knee Dragon   3 days ago

    back when basketball was a sport before it became a political stump to stand on F L.James Commy POS

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott   4 days ago

    Bird is one of the best ever. He didn't need the clown suit that Rodman came to work in to be great.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson   4 days ago

    I remember this incident. I remember being so disappointed Isaiah made those statements. Being a Hoosier was hard loving both players, but I wanted Larry to punish them after those stupid comments. He did.

  • Ron B
    Ron B   4 days ago

    Watched Rodman try to keep up many times when he was with the Spurs. He was a thug trying to play a civilized sport. He substituted attitude, ego, and brute force for his obvious lack of talent. On Larry Bird's worst day, Rodman could not cover, stop or keep up with him.

  • Nick
    Nick   4 days ago

    It's usually the racists that bring up race first!

  • Ben VanderVeen
    Ben VanderVeen   4 days ago

    your pronunciation and clarity could be improved. It's hard to understand your narration.

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery   5 days ago

    2 years before Bird joined the league,the NBA finals were on tape delay.Bird may have saved the league.