Dustin Johnson vs. Fore Play - One Club Challenge, 9 iron

  • Published on: 07 April 2021
  • After Dustin Johnson proved that he could swing it left-handed better than we could right, we ran it back in a one-club challenge. The 2020 Masters champ pulled 9 iron on a long par 5 to try and take us down, but also hit one of the most impressive 3 woods you'll ever see for fun.

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  • Runtime : 16:38
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    Franklin Raul   16 hours ago

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  • Annie Perry
    Annie Perry   18 hours ago

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    STUDZ4LIFE   2 days ago

    That was entertaining. Well done guys.

  • Doug Edison
    Doug Edison   3 days ago

    Would be fun to watch if not for all the F-Bombs.

  • Alex Requadt
    Alex Requadt   3 days ago

    DJ doesn’t have much practice looking for golf balls

  • Connor M
    Connor M   4 days ago

    Somebody get Trent a longer club...that is outlandish😂 @8:42

  • Steve McVay
    Steve McVay   4 days ago

    There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to the top ranked golfer in the world...

  • jamsjr44
    jamsjr44   5 days ago

    Lurch always sounds like he has jizz in his noise!

  • Lisa Kelly
    Lisa Kelly   5 days ago

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  • Chris Sable
    Chris Sable   5 days ago

    "Congrats on The Masters, that was awesome!""Remember when you were in the Beatles? That was awesome"

  • Soar Above
    Soar Above   6 days ago

    What’s up w all the cursing? Wanted to share this w family, but they need to learn THEIR OWN golf cursing. 🤦‍♂️

  • Scott Lucidi
    Scott Lucidi   6 days ago

    this guy is better with one club than we are with 14

  • Anon Imus
    Anon Imus   6 days ago

    DJ is probably scratch with only a 9

  • scrumpymanjack
    scrumpymanjack   6 days ago

    I'm not prudish but what's with all the swearing?

  • Gincha Dope
    Gincha Dope   6 days ago

    Foreplay oughta choose players wisely. Some dudes just shouldnt be playing with pros. Its funny, sure, relevant for the audience, but the pros fucking hate playing w scrubs

  • Stevie Wee
    Stevie Wee   6 days ago

    DJ must be back on Cociana!!! He had a lot of personality in this...wtf??

  • Sam Dyer
    Sam Dyer   6 days ago

    Imagine talking shit to the group hitting into you and seeing D (fkn) J pull up on you 🤣

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss   6 days ago

    Guy with the green shirt and shorts. What an annoying fucking voice.

  • Boom Baby
    Boom Baby   6 days ago

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui   6 days ago

    Lmaoo imagine DJ looking for your ball, I would feel sooo bad lmao

    PHONG VONG   1 weeks ago

    It was awesome on that 3 wood. I am thinking about coming up with the irons renovation like a letter w or number 3 if you please pay attention of what I try to conveying here. They are for left and right handed golfers.

    PHONG VONG   1 weeks ago

    Dustin, Paul here man. How are you? Do you think a little meditation is a millionaire's mind?

  • Maraaks_lol
    Maraaks_lol   1 weeks ago

    i never see him made à draw 😳

  • Christian Haley
    Christian Haley   1 weeks ago

    Wow DJ is so fuckin cool and who would've thought it'd take these guys to get it out of him lol

  • Ivanvlogz
    Ivanvlogz   1 weeks ago

    Music Is completely unnecessary. As for the rest, I loved it.

  • zachary berry
    zachary berry   1 weeks ago

    Seeing dj as just one of the guys is fuckin crazy. Dudes so down to earth even when he’s one of the greatest golfers alive

    SIMPLE SPIN   1 weeks ago

    Had a guy on our golf league once that could hit a sand wedge 190 yards, but if he missed it, he'd leave one heck of a divot. He could only hit his 3 iron about 125 yds..lol if Dustin closed the face down like he did, I;ll bet he could hit a 9 iron 250 yds..

    SIMPLE SPIN   1 weeks ago

    I wish they'd have tournaments like this on tv every week...It's a challenge and super fun to watch..

  • Connor O
    Connor O   1 weeks ago

    i’ve never seen fangirling so hard from four dudes

  • Christian Angeles
    Christian Angeles   1 weeks ago

    My boy DJ def hit the slopes before this the way hes looking for those balls for them lmao

  • RedGrant
    RedGrant   1 weeks ago

    1:40 Is it just me or does Dustin Johnson a look alike of Bradley Cooper?

  • Michael Delgado
    Michael Delgado   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what the price is to play with Dustin Johnson for 1hr.

  • Mitch Kumstein
    Mitch Kumstein   1 weeks ago

    Wow, I like you guys, but if you hit while I was in the fairway I would come back and take DJ's 9 iron out of his hands and beat the bejesus out of all of you. Especially for continuing after the first one almost hit them. You guys are bags of the douche variety!