Thunder vs Warriors: Game 7 - 5.30.16 Full Highlights- INSTANT CLASSIC

  • Published on: 31 May 2016
  • The Golden State Warriors top the Oklahoma City Thunder to become only the 10th team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 series deficit. The Warriors will face the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

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  • Runtime : 12:41
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  • cbagz 91
    cbagz 91   3 days ago

    So Kanter,adams, and ibaka were all in okc that season

  • Brianna Alexander-Alston

    “CurRy’s NOt CluTcH” 🙄 smh but yet here he is with the dagger under 30 secs thooo! My guy been THAT 🔥🔥🔥

  • Srxmz
    Srxmz   6 days ago

  • Eldela Sazon
    Eldela Sazon   1 weeks ago

    durant sold out on game 6 4 quarter 4 min left ever since then he aint been the same !!!!

  • mc dude
    mc dude   2 weeks ago

    @7:29 dat sequence by KD

  • Wekute Khape
    Wekute Khape   2 weeks ago

    Durent be like. I'll be joining them next season 😂

  • Raphael Gershater
    Raphael Gershater   2 weeks ago

    coming back down 3-1, then going on to blow a 3-1 lead in the following series

  • Young God
    Young God   2 weeks ago

    I wonder if Skip Bayless dumb ass watched this video

  • Dew it
    Dew it   3 weeks ago

    The best part is that they won down 3-1, then lost up 3-1

  • Ryan Bloom
    Ryan Bloom   3 weeks ago

    Oh yes! when nothing's on TV I can always look at old basketball games 🙏.

  • K.L.K
    K.L.K   3 weeks ago

    if you know you know 0:57

  • Kd trey
    Kd trey   3 weeks ago

    Curry still not changed from 5 years ago..

  • chelo the dude
    chelo the dude   3 weeks ago

    Just imagine how different the NBA would be today if OKC didn't lose game 7...

  • Jade Amsah
    Jade Amsah   4 weeks ago


  • Killa Gang
    Killa Gang   4 weeks ago

    KD a coward for joining them he could’ve join any other team but bro join a team that beat him down like why bro where your morals at your pride your dignity you teamed up with opps can’t ever catch a case with bro he tell up fursure

  • TWICE Go
    TWICE Go   4 weeks ago

    That Ibaka 3 was sooo dangerousss... looks alike it might had got to end the game

  • biggy biggy
    biggy biggy   1 months ago

    Durant and westbrook loves to shoot that they don't want to defend and let adams defend klay and steph.

  • Kareem Al Zu'Bi
    Kareem Al Zu'Bi   1 months ago

    Sometimes I think golden state goes down 10 by halftime on purpose

  • ronwaldo reyes
    ronwaldo reyes   1 months ago

    the best nba ball club post the eras of MJ,KOBE ,EWING ,BARKLEY MALONE ,L BIRD and the other nba greats..

  • Chase Cash
    Chase Cash   1 months ago

    When u lose like this u just don’t go to the opposing team I’m sorry but Kd a bitch 4 that..

  • Cody Loco
    Cody Loco   1 months ago

    Draymond was cooking KD tbh lol

  • Justin Luna
    Justin Luna   1 months ago

    Still can believe they blew that 3-1 lead. Oh well. Bron got em in the Finals

  • Henry Mendoza
    Henry Mendoza   1 months ago

    The hateful loan ethnically fold because unshielded fundamentally scorch but a dazzling laugh. permissible, undesirable use

  • Troll Kenobi
    Troll Kenobi   1 months ago

    then the warriors blow their own 3-1 lead

  • 최원영
    최원영   1 months ago

    The mustard immuhistochemically load because thermometer supposedly empty per a icky space. versed, troubled night

  • King Voss
    King Voss   1 months ago

    The night Durant had a sex change 😂

  • Peter Hoang
    Peter Hoang   1 months ago

    Steven Adams probably had 50 points scored on him. Haha.

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A   2 months ago

    Whats with the noise going in and out

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A   2 months ago

    Man. Wish they won it that year. Just what a season that would have been.

  • mc dude
    mc dude   2 months ago

    this okc team would have beaten the cavs.