the never-ending search for a good bedwars teammate

  • Published on: 06 August 2017
  • i know all the data shows otherwise, but i'm convinced that somewhere out there, a good bedwars teammate exists

    i just have to find them
    thanks to for the awesome thumbnail :D
    resource pack:
    will i add you as a friend: no. absolutely not. under no circumstances. stop. i am very serious about this. it has been in the description of my videos for three years. there is 0 ambiguity about my answer to this question. i will now proceed to say no in 17 different languages, so that everyone is perfectly clear about the answer to this question. no. non. nein. nage. não. ne. nie. bú shì. nedda. nem. nahi. nah. nej. nann. nun. jo. nei.
  • Runtime : 1:9:56
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  • AtomicSnow
    AtomicSnow   18 hours ago

    His teammate:imma go to techno streamThe guy now:I wish I never left that game

  • Bibi Bakmann
    Bibi Bakmann   1 days ago

    we at 10 mio... 44:16 Techno we need both elbows

  • Ankur Sahoo
    Ankur Sahoo   1 days ago

    These stream just give every player hope who cant god bridge.

  • Storm Shock
    Storm Shock   3 days ago

    Never download the texture pack in the description you’ll get viruses

  • A P.
    A P.   3 days ago

    Your at 10million Where are both elbows?

  • Haven
    Haven   4 days ago

    Now do we get both elbows revealed?

  • Aiden Delo
    Aiden Delo   5 days ago

    you hit 10 mill give me that 2nd elbow reveal

  • Kaitio
    Kaitio   1 weeks ago

    Remember the old days which were the enemies were taking kb and didn't had elongated hands with wings

  • BCT gaming
    BCT gaming   1 weeks ago

    Speed bridging is easy on bed rock addition

  • No
    No   1 weeks ago

    give me epic minecraft skills

  • AbhinavPlayz
    AbhinavPlayz   1 weeks ago

    I never understand why Techno doesnt buy gaps ! Everyone buys but Techno is a PVP LEGEND!

  • Patel Priti
    Patel Priti   1 weeks ago

    The EMS in hypixel look like green eyes

  • suluntulu
    suluntulu   1 weeks ago

    i miss the times when people didnt know how to right click or left click.

  • Cross knight
    Cross knight   1 weeks ago

    This video teach me tht you don't need to be good in bridging to be good in bedwars

  • DangerWolf
    DangerWolf   2 weeks ago

    Both elbow reveal please 44:04, congrats on 10 mil and keeping your arm!

    V CROSS   2 weeks ago

    Bro I'm back to watching his 1hour streams becuase I've learnt every single script he has ever written

  • Grant Runne
    Grant Runne   2 weeks ago

    I think the first team was on a win streak and you ruined it for them

  • Delta Senpai
    Delta Senpai   2 weeks ago

    actually in early 2022 minecraft is first and wins like for 100mil gta V and like 140mil tetris

  • sWaZzy_Naughty
    sWaZzy_Naughty   2 weeks ago

    Whoever watched the full stream just watched a pig stab people for one hour

  • Jackson Hamilton
    Jackson Hamilton   3 weeks ago

    “I’m not exactly a pvp god” look at yourself today

  • EspantaMC
    EspantaMC   3 weeks ago

    the good ole days when no one could aim

  • Quinnion
    Quinnion   3 weeks ago

    Diamond armor forever is o l’y on pc mobile and console you lose everything