The Snyder Cut Is Official: Is Suicide Squad Next? | SJU

  • Published on: 26 May 2020
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    The Snyder Cut Is Official: Is Suicide Squad Next? | SJU
    Hosted by Roth Cornet (@RothCornet)
    Featuring: Danielle Radford (@danielleradford), Spencer Gilbert (@SpencerJGilbert) & Joe Starr (@joestarr187)
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole (@ryanohtrue)
    Tech Director: Jonathan Moulton

    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
    Writer/Producer: Joe Starr
    Writer: Eric Goldman
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 50:49
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  • Pigmiwarrior Entertainment

    I'm not invested in the Fantastic 4 IP at all so I would be interested to see a directors cut just out of curiosity. Whether it's faithful to the comics or not I just think it would be a better film by being more coherent. He was taking a big swing & I'd like to know how that would've looked.

  • florin calin
    florin calin   1 years ago

    Danielle is so Hollywood in the way she speaks: so....first of all, a lot of the retooling in Rogue One went actually in the 1st and 2nd act and just a little bit in the 3rd act. It's kind like this:Cassian killing the spy- reshootJyn escaping and being brought up in front of the rebels council- reshootJedah interrior scene with Galen Erso- reshootDarth Vader and Krennic- reshoot Jyn talks to the rebel council into making them attack Scarif- reshootJyn and Cassian stole the hard drive in the Scarif tower databaseK2so death-reshootDarth Vader killing the rebels- reshoot

  • MG P
    MG P   1 years ago

    Around 12:00 Another romantic relationship between Will Smith and a much younger woman? No damnit.

  • MG P
    MG P   1 years ago

    10:21 haha. I remember Joe Starr calling her a hoola-hoop mummy 😂

  • MG P
    MG P   1 years ago

    Honestly Common would've been a better Joker. Maybe he needs better direction.

  • MorsecodeZ
    MorsecodeZ   1 years ago

    Alien 3: do the script where Newt and Hicks aren't killed off screen.

  • Cat Dad
    Cat Dad   1 years ago

    I really do want the director's cut for Suicide Squad. A lot was left on the floor.

  • Milbrandt
    Milbrandt   1 years ago

    42:30 Very subtle, Roth, but I caught ya.

  • Antoine Jdeidani
    Antoine Jdeidani   1 years ago

    There are two type of movies. Film maker movies and movies by committee. I will always stand behind filmmakers, especially if they themselves want to release it. They should always get to control their art. We can have both. Also someone not wanting to see it is not a reason not to release it if there is a market and people want it, why not?

  • ElOlafino
    ElOlafino   1 years ago

    The problem with Suicide Sauad is that it just doesn't make sense and that is has the wrong villain and the wrong ending and not enough character development. It's just stupid to be honest, but wants to be oh so smart.While the problem of Justice League is that it has no consistent tone, which a cut can fix. But it can't 'fix' bad dialogue and inherently bad characters. I do think it would maybe explain a bit more and show more context of the story, but the premise is still stupid. So since I don't think that the main issues can be fixed, leave it alone or show the extra scenes on the blu-ray or whatever.

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore   1 years ago

    Fantastic Four is Marvels first family, their films should be a light superhero romp full of heart, something tonally similar to the recent Spider-Man movies perhaps? Heck no do I want to see a body-horror F4. However I agree that the idea is very interesting so why not do a body-horror-riff on the F4 ala how Brightburn was a horror-riff on Superman? Surprised none of you brought this up :P

  • Sal Scalici
    Sal Scalici   1 years ago

    WB/DC should be focusing on getting Deathstroke or New Gods or Jonah Hex or Booster Gold/Blue Beetle films or series made and not the stupid Suicide Squad cut of anything out

  • Spooky Hauntz
    Spooky Hauntz   1 years ago

    Lord Miller cut of Solo is in my heart of hearts

  • Air4swan
    Air4swan   1 years ago

    I absolutely love the Alien 3 Assembly Cut. Everyone should see it. It makes you forgive the depressing opening, at least for me. It’s just beautiful, macabre poetry

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley   1 years ago

    I know just like Edgar Right and Ant-Man Lord and Miller didn’t shoot enough to constitute a Solo cut. I would still love to see their whacky Star Wars. I get why Disney played it safe but in hindsight, would it have been worse?

  • vfplayer
    vfplayer   1 years ago

    Hulk is body horror already. If you want to do something that isn’t traditionally body horror, but would lend itself to great body horror, Spider-Man would be crazy body horror. Have him actually grow extra limbs, webs come out of his butt. Venomous mandibles grow out of his face. But he’s still a good guy, he just looks horrific. Tough to be a hero when people run away from you in abject fear.

  • Thomas
    Thomas   1 years ago

    You forgave joaquinn phoenix, mel gibson, tim allen, downey jr and such, you'll probably get over whatever similar or sorted things Leto has done akin.

  • Shraig Zisman
    Shraig Zisman   1 years ago

    Suicide squad had a bad story overall - I don't know that a re-cut could correct that.

  • Kevin Bennett-Ovitt
    Kevin Bennett-Ovitt   1 years ago

    I appreciate the Prodigy puns and also the Miracles joke Joe slipped in. Well done

  • zohar racz
    zohar racz   1 years ago

    Just give us "this is a rebellion. I rebel."

  • bozalini
    bozalini   1 years ago

    So is this what we've come to? Re-releasing everything that bombed with a new cut.

  • LaurenTheorist
    LaurenTheorist   1 years ago

    I took a lot of film classes and did a recut of the original Godzilla at one point!

  • Denni Wintyr
    Denni Wintyr   1 years ago

    The version of Alien 3 is a work print cut, not just an assembly cut. It's got finished effects, score etc. & it's much better than the theatrical cut. Still not the film people would have wanted at the time, but not a bad film, in & of itself

  • Francesco
    Francesco   1 years ago

    Hmm...we already got the Ulysses Cut of Waterworld so what else is there? Of course, release the OG Star Wars Trilogy (unspecialized) on Blu-ray/4K but what I really want to see (and probably never will): release the unrated versions of Friday the 13th Parts 2 to 8! Release the unrated version of A Nightmare on Elm Street Parts 1 and 5 (we used to have Part 1 unrated on VHS but since the DVD era it's gone)! And most of all: release the unrated version of Cliffhanger!!!

  • Mike
    Mike   1 years ago

    I side with Joe on his Joker take, I gotta day. Even the little we got was bad. I’d like to see it be released just so I could laugh at it.

  • Dale Anderson
    Dale Anderson   1 years ago

    Danielle's hand gestures lacked the romance and foreplay that Joe's had.

  • candycaines
    candycaines   1 years ago

    Danielle's hair looks cyuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Horatio Gamble
    Horatio Gamble   1 years ago

    I am glad to see that Ryan was successful in eliminating Billy Business and Dan Murrell from Screen Junkies.

  • The Grey Initiate
    The Grey Initiate   1 years ago

    I honestly would rather have Neil Blomkamp’s rebooted Alien 3 over the Fincher version, just because I’m not a fan of the premise of Fincher’s Alien 3.

  • Luis Hdez Lara
    Luis Hdez Lara   1 years ago

    Please, I really want to know more about that Temple of Doom cut

  • The Grey Initiate
    The Grey Initiate   1 years ago

    The thing I bring up all the time, is the first comic con trailer that was darker in tone, that everyone got excited for, had tons of the horrible dialogue that ended up in the final film. It just wasn’t edited to feel like a music video. I would like to have the original story released, cause I feel that could be interesting, but the movie was bastardized so badly with the editing, I have no idea of how to fix it without knowing the foundation it was built on. If it’s all shot and it literally just came down to editing that turned it into the turd that it was, sure. Let Ayer finish it and put it on HBO Max. What have they got to lose? The movie made money. It’s getting a sequelish reboot.

  • toneloak
    toneloak   1 years ago

    Why does Roth has to have the last word after everything Danielle says? Everytime, and all she does is repeat what Danielle had just said.

  • Thomas
    Thomas   1 years ago

    Release all the studio interfered cuts, just flood the feeds and tweets with release a b c d and z cut of movies. just make the synder cut buried in other cuts. Released the Prometheus not cut up for Mystery cut, release the Edgar Wright Marvel cut . . sure it's an entirely new film but hey, it was started. It's all a media show, make money mo money no problems 99 cuts and Synder isn't one I'll care to watch.

  • Catsadilla
    Catsadilla   1 years ago

    why would Ayer cut? He didn't leave half through his version of Suicide Squad. He was there 100% and it SUCKED!

  • Lonster
    Lonster   1 years ago

    Release the cut of this episode where Ryan gets a Brady Bunch Box.