Guess The Fortnite Skin By The Emoji (97% FAIL)

  • Published on: 29 September 2021
  • Guess The Fortnite Skin By The Emoji (97% FAIL)

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  • Runtime : 11:22
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  • Bancily
    Bancily   3 months ago

    How many did you get right? Pause if it's too fast!

  • Drake Waldrep
    Drake Waldrep   18 hours ago

    97% get wrong? more like 97% get right! its was ez pz

  • Jhth07 shorts
    Jhth07 shorts   1 days ago

    Well do you no witch one of these animals can be tamed? Either frogs, crows. Or flippers, the answer is Midas

  • Gabriel Teixeira
    Gabriel Teixeira   2 days ago

    you are correct in chapter 3 season one spider man is in the battle pass

  • Jaxon Garner
    Jaxon Garner   5 days ago

    Right now I’m playing Fortnite with spider man it is 2022

  • Dumb Modda Facka
    Dumb Modda Facka   1 weeks ago

    ive only got to answers wrong from what i remember, and i only play on my friends ps4, but i will be able too at the end of the month whenever i want

  • Kyrie Lofton
    Kyrie Lofton   1 weeks ago

    But there is a different Ariana Grande skin

  • BionicVeetu
    BionicVeetu   1 weeks ago

    false there was a family guy easter egg

  • HyperStorm
    HyperStorm   1 weeks ago

    Hi from chapter 3. Here to say that we got spider man

  • MNL lol
    MNL lol   1 weeks ago

    Wait wait wait we can tame Midas

  • jo-anne Tatchell
    jo-anne Tatchell   1 weeks ago

    why did it say Midas when you did witch animal can you tame lol

  • Ryder Henry
    Ryder Henry   2 weeks ago

    welp since midas can be tamed time to get mumbo jumbo to build a quantum space reality thingps: i theorize that the next season will be about dinos

  • Outraging
    Outraging   2 weeks ago

    We have a family guy in leak in the files

  • Cali Vazquez
    Cali Vazquez   2 weeks ago

    There is a family guy Easter egg in the files😐

  • Craxy gaming
    Craxy gaming   2 weeks ago

    Bancily:we all now the xp coins right right?Me thinking the xp coin is new since im new: OMG I NEED TO PLAY FORTNITE TO SEE THE NEW XP COINS

  • Alenplayz
    Alenplayz   2 weeks ago

    When u said which animals can be tamed it came Midas in green

  • Karsyn
    Karsyn   2 weeks ago

    Wow, that's crazy, I didn't know Midas can be tamed.

  • Jaden Kivelier
    Jaden Kivelier   2 weeks ago

    I picked frog but the screen said midas I was like there's a Midas?

  • VGQ Clown
    VGQ Clown   2 weeks ago

    im a hockey fan I play fortnite

  • Zafaruss
    Zafaruss   2 weeks ago

    These were either such a reach or I lost brain cells from how easy it was.

  • Zafaruss
    Zafaruss   2 weeks ago

    So many of these were insane reaches but the normal ones I got right

  • Something4RealYT
    Something4RealYT   2 weeks ago

    Yeah a hockey Collab would be epic and a hockey stick as a pickaxe would be clean