When Tech Companies Lie to Us...

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
    (Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)

    The Death of AirPower Explained: https://youtu.be/3AfpFkrS7Lw
    DonutMedia video: https://youtu.be/sYd9q120lhE

    Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

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  • Michael Charbonneau
    Michael Charbonneau   19 minuts ago

    Musk is a liar by default. Purposely not telling lies is when he has to work hard.

  • Stephen
    Stephen   22 minuts ago

    Things were allowed to get this way because dumb people want to be marketed to in an easy and digestible way. They don't want to understand actual sensor size, they just care that 1 is bigger than 1/2. Our only way to combat this is by being a educated tech consumer, and calling out marketing BS and eventually the "old way" of lying about marketing will come to an end.

  • David
    David   1 hours ago

    just dont put my roadster for the thumbnail breh

    STUBBY   1 hours ago

    Same specs and 0-60 times as the Model S Plaid this is actually disappointing considering it is a "Super" car and should be able to beat a mid sized sedan especially with less weight.

  • CH Khikhomba
    CH Khikhomba   1 hours ago

    Please review the realme buds wireless 2

  • Why Google?
    Why Google?   1 hours ago

    Why is it always audio/video related equipment that has all this hyperbole around around it? It always seems that they're trying to sell you some sort of snake oil magic feature that really doesn't do anything outside the regular ol' features we're used to seeing all the time...Before watching this video, I've been trying to look for an internal Blu-ray drive for my PC and I'm seeing that while some of them list them as being capable of 4K disc playback... There's been some fudgery with firmware to gimp them from actually doing so... I hate artificial segmentation of features when the hardware is completely capable of doing whatever it is it's built for... cough Tesla self-driving cough Crysis DX10 Vista-only cough BMW subscriptions for heated seats coughThat shit should be illegal.

  • Aaron Rust
    Aaron Rust   2 hours ago

    At this point Teslas long line of promised products are staking up and it’s irritating

  • Reiko Fujiko
    Reiko Fujiko   2 hours ago

    It's Tesla. Hype comes as standard equipment. Ask about the pickup, or the big rig. Yes we could cut him some slack for CV, but he's been over promising for years before CV. And every time the public rewards him by boosting his stock value. If you really want one of the new roadsters, Mattel has one out this year from their Matchbox division. As for the pickup, that would be the Hot Wheels side of the company.

  • Axis Angles
    Axis Angles   2 hours ago


  • Shain Brown
    Shain Brown   2 hours ago

    But things like Theranos have to be stopped. Not to forget the great down hill Nikola Semi fake. The 1inch sensor history was interesting, I didn't know that.

  • Jonny Nihtglóm
    Jonny Nihtglóm   2 hours ago

    You did a piece on vapourware, but you didn't mention Star Citizen. Over 10 years later and that scamware is still nowhere near release.

  • jsmdnq
    jsmdnq   3 hours ago

    Remember, the green energy revolution and is a big scam. Remember Boom Energy? Another scam but since the government protects these crooks(for a bribe, I mean fee), they get away with it. Retail investors are scammed out of their money while the scammers get their mansions and power.

  • jsmdnq
    jsmdnq   3 hours ago

    It's called **STOCK MARKET MANIPULATION**. These sociopaths don't give a rats ass about what you want. They just want to hype their stock and get people to invest so they can then pump the stock and then sell shares or get a larger market cap for more loans and bigger bonuses. Pretty common in the corporate world. Must is a liar. He's been proven to lie constantly.... People know he lies so they short his stock... then he does a short squeeze and takes all their $$$. In fact, he's actually much smarter, He shorts his own stock(not using his name or self) after the pump or squeeze. How do you think these guys become billionaires? Did you know Musk AND Bezos worked in hedge funds?

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh   3 hours ago

    figuratively. Companies know this. tavi.

  • TMac Comms.
    TMac Comms.   3 hours ago

    At least now I believe Marques is a real human and not a BOT. He has an actual ACNE on his face - Wow! Just couldn't get my eyes off it, the whole 14* minutes. Naughty me.

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton   3 hours ago

    Hulu's "Ad-free" tier that has Ads for some shows and they won't tell you which before you buy!

  • Spawny500
    Spawny500   4 hours ago

    Ha. You should do a video on the lies told by Home Audio companies like Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo and more. For example, they may advertise their Audio Receivers as 200 watts per channel for a 7 channel home theater receiver. What they don't tell you, or it might be buried in the manual, is that it's only "2 channels driven", which means it's only 200 watts per channel if you are only using a 2 channel or stereo setup. This is a carry over from when there were largely only stereo receivers, and they have not corrected for home theater applications as that would force them to lower their precious wattage numbers. In reality, a receiver advertised as 200 watts per channel for a home theater set up, is more than likely getting about 70 watts if you are using all channels, which of course you would cause it's for a home theater.

  • cobuman
    cobuman   4 hours ago

    Ever since the "snake oil" times advertising was always aimed at dumb people.

  • Griffin
    Griffin   4 hours ago

    A lot of scamming in the comments section. Be aware!

  • Vibhu Rishi
    Vibhu Rishi   5 hours ago

    Thumbs up for the 1" explanation. I did not know that !

  • Andrew Beatty
    Andrew Beatty   5 hours ago

    I guess you've never heard of Tesla FSD then.

  • N/A
    N/A   6 hours ago

    give Elon Musk a bit more credit, he is the vaporware king, ever heard about hyperloop or the teslatruck?

  • Karl Ramstedt
    Karl Ramstedt   7 hours ago

    How about this? Just use AREA(square millimeters) to measure sensor size? Area is so much more clear in meaning. A number twice as high means straight up twice as big.It's also really easy calculate. Literally just take the pixel size in μm, multiply it with itself(to get the area of a pixel) and then multiply that by number of megapixels.Literally just: PixelSize²*MegaPixels = SensorSize in mm²It's that simple of a calculation because it skips over 2 conversions; PixelSize² conversion from μm²(10⁻¹²) to mm²(10⁻⁶), is a difference of 6 zeroes(10⁶), or 1 000 000x. The "Mega" in MegaPixels is also 6 zeroes(10⁶), meaning you can just skip both conversions and get the same result.The results may be slightly off since pixel size and megapixels usually are rounded slightly for the clean numbers, but it'll be within a few % of the actual numbers.Sensor sizes of some flagship phones:Pixel 6 Pro: 72mm² Main, 19mm² UW, 31mm² TeleiPhone 13 Pro: 43mm² Main, 12mm² UW, 12mm² TeleSamsung S21 Ultra: 69mm² Main, 24mm² UW, 15mm² Tele, 15mm² PeriscopeTeleOneplus 9 Pro: 60mm² Main, 50mm² UW, 8mm² TeleXiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: 98mm² Main, 31mm² UW, 31mm² PerscopeTeleImportant to note: Sensor size is just part of the equation, lens brightness (F-stop) also matters. For example, while iPhone 13 Pro may have the smallest main sensor, it also has the brightest lens at f/1.5, offering ~50% more light than the f/1.8 lenses, landing it at a 60-70mm²-equivalent number, roughly where most flagships are, so performance should be similar.Interesting outliers:Oneplus 9(pro and non-pro) have a massive 50mm² UltraWide sensor, and seemingly with a good lens too. Probably unrivaled for UW performance.Pixel 6 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra both have massive PeriscopeTele sensors at 31mm², with slightly differing lenses(but probably similar performance-wise). S21 Ultra also deserves mention for having the highest optical zoom of 10x, even if sensor size is mediocre, most others just have 3-5x.Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a crazy 98mm² main sensor. The Main camera easily blows everything else out of the water when looking at low-light detail in GSMArena's photo compare tool. It's not just a massive sensor doing all the work either, the lens is noticeably sharper than most others, and the image processing is a lot more natural than most other flagships.

  • Akshay Singh
    Akshay Singh   8 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure we can fit a 0.63 inch diagonal sensor in 0.63 inch dia. tube

  • Parasec Glenkwyst
    Parasec Glenkwyst   8 hours ago

    Actually i did know 1" sensors are not 1", vbecause i wanted to compare it to my APS-C and got kinda confused when i checked the measurements

  • Michal Vician
    Michal Vician   8 hours ago

    Cathodes, 1in sensors... I wish you do this more often. Videos, where you also educate and explain how things work are way more valuable than just introducing new products. Great job 👍

  • YO3HJV
    YO3HJV   8 hours ago

    Almost everythink Musk say is BS.

  • Aaqueel Hussain
    Aaqueel Hussain   9 hours ago

    Hahaha he's so mad about that 1 inch sensor thing 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Lake
    Joshua Lake   10 hours ago

    at 11:22 the DJI website appears to suggest quite openly with the diagonal line through the sensor, that it is infact 1" diagonally. i think they hope we are too caught up in the hype to even verify the validity of what they are marketing to us.

  • Global media prod
    Global media prod   10 hours ago

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  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow   10 hours ago

    This is just standard tech genius hype talk tbh, not surprised at all.

  • Ariel & Puma
    Ariel & Puma   11 hours ago

    I like this guy but he is a puppet of big tech industry