March Madness Craziest Endings | Part 2

  • Published on: 26 March 2021
  • A compilation of some of the craziest endings in the history of the March Madness college basketball tournament. Watch all 13 minutes to relieve some of the most exciting moments in college basketball history, such as the thrilling finish between UCF and Duke, and Michigan's Jordan Poole hitting a miraculous buzzer beater vs Houston in 2018. This is a multiple part series, so feel free to leave suggestions for crazy endings that should be in future videos. Enjoy!

    Part 1:

    Part 3:

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  • Runtime : 13:5
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  • Lou Fancelli
    Lou Fancelli   2 weeks ago

    10:45 when the Georgia State coach falls off his stool is one of my all time favorite tournament memories. I saw that game live and every time I see a highlight I have to watch. I think the player that hit the shot was his son, and if I remember right - the reason he was on that still was because he got injured during the celebration when his team won their league tournament to get the bid.

  • jintao wu
    jintao wu   2 months ago

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  • Jacob Collantes
    Jacob Collantes   2 months ago

    Can I point out that Davidson had FOUR timeouts and didn’t call any of them until they needed a home run play

  • Sarahcate Roberson
    Sarahcate Roberson   2 months ago

    0:56 where did he put the ball lol wtfTHANK YOU for these videos, btw!

  • Jayden
    Jayden   2 months ago

    I watched the Virginia and Purdue game

  • EC 1031
    EC 1031   2 months ago

    That 2019 Duke team had Zion, RJ & Cam and didn't win it all. Thats how the ball rolls sometimes.

  • K Hen
    K Hen   2 months ago

    U gonna have to add Gonzaga vs UCLA in this one

  • Darius Edwin
    Darius Edwin   2 months ago

    Gonzaga Semifinals vs UCLA 2021 Final Four

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez   2 months ago

    Now you have to add the buzzer beater from Gonzaga vs UCLA ... Suggs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen   2 months ago

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  • That Guy Named Luke
    That Guy Named Luke   2 months ago

    Ucf should’ve won that game, that shot at the end DEFINITELY should’ve went in

  • cilsagu jadusdi
    cilsagu jadusdi   2 months ago

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  • D. Jack
    D. Jack   2 months ago

    i still think ucf losing to duke is a top 10 choke of all time in march madness

  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini   2 months ago

    5:43 yo someone gotta go pick up #15 he was hurtin, Houston in the final 4 this year though💯

  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini   2 months ago

    That Davidson loss hurt my sould cuz I picked Davidson to upset them....yes I still remember lol

  • Marty Mann
    Marty Mann   2 months ago

    1:10 isn’t the 14-3 game a first round game , not a second. Someone explain

  • James Dickerson
    James Dickerson   2 months ago

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  • Paul Dzhugostran
    Paul Dzhugostran   2 months ago

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  • Alex King
    Alex King   2 months ago

    Major choke job by Davidson and I’m not even going to say if they had Steph Curry they would have won because the true engine of those Davidson teams was Jason Richards Richards would have calmed the team down in a situation like that where you don’t collapse at the end of the game

  • zachary shapiro
    zachary shapiro   2 months ago

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  • Vurzionz
    Vurzionz   2 months ago

    Did anyone else feel like the 2014 was better quality than the 2015 one 😆

  • Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala   2 months ago

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  • zgrad1
    zgrad1   2 months ago

    I need a cigarette

  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry   2 months ago

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  • Burns Fam
    Burns Fam   2 months ago

    I could be wrong but it didn’t look like diakete got that off

  • Chanse Vanatta
    Chanse Vanatta   2 months ago

    The pass that Virginia made at the end of regulation was one of the most unselfish plays you will ever see

  • Jonah Feigelson
    Jonah Feigelson   2 months ago

    7:18 "this is the point where he always hits it"whatta call

  • Mini Crewmate
    Mini Crewmate   2 months ago

    Games for Part 3Auburn vs Virginia 2019VA Tech vs Duke 2019 Oral Roberts vs Ohio St 2020

  • Jayson Ong
    Jayson Ong   2 months ago

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