Thunder & Lightning - NSP

  • Published on: 02 October 2020
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    Director/Animator: Sean Malony

    Music Credits
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced & Engineered by: Jim Roach
    Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
    Recorded at Sunset Sound Recordings and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Jay Ruston
    Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Ninja Sex Party
    Vocals: Dan Avidan
    Keys & Synths: Brian Wecht

    from TWRP:
    Guitar: Lord Phobos
    Synths & Keys: Doctor Sung
    Bass: Commander Meouch

    Additional Guitars: Jim Roach
    Drums: Nate VanDerPol
    Background Vocals: Jack VanDerPol

    Video Credits
    Producer: Maximilian Lopez
    Director of Photography: Warren Sheetz
    Puppet Lead: Haanz Mulligan
    Sakuga Animator: Kianu Morales
    Animator/Fabricator: Christine Brennan
    Fabricator: Ilssa Simsek
    2D Animator/Illustrator: Robyn Stanford
    3D Background Artist: Yuya Takeda
    Post Production: Brenna Coleman
    Creative Consultant: Cami Kwan

    Amazing/Handsome Manager: Brent Lilley

    When I was just a young man
    I was wandering in the rain
    Got struck by lightning in the junk
    Fell to the ground in pain
    But when I woke the next morning
    I witnessed something odd
    My nuts were supercharged
    With glowing power from the gods

    They were
    Thunder & Lightning!
    Globes of massive strength and size
    Thunder & Lightning
    Power spheres from beyond the skies
    Orbs of might, made of radiant light
    Thunder & Lightning

    I now had a new calling
    I was destined to fight crime
    No man could escape the justice
    My meaty clackers could provide
    So I bought them a little unitard
    And found them a tiny cape
    Then ran to the the city’s toughest gang
    And screamed “There’s no escape!”

    From the wrath of
    Thunder & Lightning!
    Jewels that fell from an angel’s crown
    Thunder & Lightning
    Rounded junk that’ll take you down
    Stones of war, tiny hammers of Thor
    Thunder & Lightning

    One with the power to electrify
    One with the strength to smash
    First you hear that rumble baby,
    And then you see the flash!
    My loins are filled like darkened clouds
    Evil has no chance
    All shall tremble before the storm
    That gathers in my pants
    Turns out being struck by lighting
    Doesn’t give you any powers
    They caved my head in with a pipe
    And beat me for several hours

    But as I lay there half-conscious
    With my nuts exposed to air
    I looked up to the blackened sky
    And said an ancient prayer

    Lord, if you’re there, please infuse my nuts with the power of a thousand suns.
    Holy shit, you’re real???

    Let there be
    Thunder & Lightning
    Acorns shot from the tree of life
    Thunder & Lightning
    High voltage nugs lighting up the night
    Mighty balls gifted from Odin’s halls
    Thunder & Lighting
    Suck ‘em!
  • Runtime : 3:16


  • Tangerine Nova
    Tangerine Nova   10 hours ago

    I usually think NSP songs are good, but holy hell! this has such a crazy good hook!

  • jo_mama.24
    jo_mama.24   2 days ago

    I know this is comedy but I was head banging to this song instead of laughing p.s. the song is still funny

  • SloMo Gecko
    SloMo Gecko   2 days ago

    Great song to blast while playing Valheim

  • Artprob
    Artprob   3 days ago

    the animation is so amazing but imagine if it was animated by Shoocharuoh how amazingly grotesque this could've turned out to be

  • Ryan Criger
    Ryan Criger   4 days ago

    Never in my life did I expect a song about lightning testicles. I also would expect it to fucking J A M.

  • Dylan Stevenson
    Dylan Stevenson   4 days ago

    I like that despite the song not being about him ninja Brian still was the one who fought and beat the boss

  • Vjeran Janeš
    Vjeran Janeš   1 weeks ago

    this better be a song in Thor: Love and Thunder

  • Generic Excuse
    Generic Excuse   1 weeks ago

    How did he find the cape and unitard. Asking for a friend

  • Grayson Cox
    Grayson Cox   2 weeks ago

    Is it wrong that this song kinda reminds me of Zenitsu from Demon Slayer?

  • H2
    H2   2 weeks ago

    Gotta be honest, I think that it is ludicrous that Dan was not only able to locate and simultaneously purchase a unitard small enough for his testicles, but then ALSO just happened to find a cape that perfectly fit them proportionally.

  • Queen Necra II
    Queen Necra II   3 weeks ago

    No matter how many times I listen to this, I always hear "gift from odin's horse" not halls and it works so much better.

  • Luc Mazi
    Luc Mazi   3 weeks ago

    Nice Cyber 6 reference guys.

  • SuriSuriDokiDoki
    SuriSuriDokiDoki   1 months ago

    song about magical balls doesn't have rights to be this good

  • Sho Ken
    Sho Ken   1 months ago

    That" holy shit your real" part had me rolling lol

  • Joakim Stråle
    Joakim Stråle   1 months ago

    God gave Danny powers of a thousand suns cause he is the only one who knows how god uses his powers

  • Soot G. Scribbles
    Soot G. Scribbles   1 months ago

    I only just noticed that Danny's hair changes to look like lightning after being struck by it

  • Alex W
    Alex W   1 months ago

    Love all the Norse Pagan references

  • Mage of the Green Void
    Mage of the Green Void   1 months ago

    And Subscribe. Watched this right after The Mystic Crystal. That's all I needed.

  • Jack Levitsky
    Jack Levitsky   1 months ago

    Holy shit we finally know why the house would burn if he lasted longer than 3 minutes in bed

  • ProSecond
    ProSecond   1 months ago

    This song has no right to be as good as it is. I fucking love it!

  • Wooper
    Wooper   1 months ago

    When my daughter tries find out what the outlet tastes like 2:25

  • Oliver Holm
    Oliver Holm   1 months ago

    It should've been the Norse God Tyr, he canonically had the largest schmeat

  • Terrell Hazell
    Terrell Hazell   1 months ago

    this song was actually inspired by my personal experiences

  • Ávila Camargo Sebastián Camilo

    If you listen from 0:00 to 0:46, skip until 1:27 to 1:55, and skip once more to 2:25 'til the end, you got yourself a minute and a half epic series intro : )

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant   2 months ago

    Wow. The KISS "God of Thunder" video looks kickass! ❤

  • Sir Lancelot
    Sir Lancelot   2 months ago

    I did not expect when they said lightning for it to be that powerful

  • KorilD
    KorilD   2 months ago

    This song makes me happy. I have no idea why. It just does.

  • softii
    softii   2 months ago

    i cant stop listening to this