Thunder & Lightning - NSP

  • Published on: 02 October 2020
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    Director/Animator: Sean Malony

    Music Credits
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced & Engineered by: Jim Roach
    Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
    Recorded at Sunset Sound Recordings and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Jay Ruston
    Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Ninja Sex Party
    Vocals: Dan Avidan
    Keys & Synths: Brian Wecht

    from TWRP:
    Guitar: Lord Phobos
    Synths & Keys: Doctor Sung
    Bass: Commander Meouch

    Additional Guitars: Jim Roach
    Drums: Nate VanDerPol
    Background Vocals: Jack VanDerPol

    Video Credits
    Producer: Maximilian Lopez
    Director of Photography: Warren Sheetz
    Puppet Lead: Haanz Mulligan
    Sakuga Animator: Kianu Morales
    Animator/Fabricator: Christine Brennan
    Fabricator: Ilssa Simsek
    2D Animator/Illustrator: Robyn Stanford
    3D Background Artist: Yuya Takeda
    Post Production: Brenna Coleman
    Creative Consultant: Cami Kwan

    Amazing/Handsome Manager: Brent Lilley

    When I was just a young man
    I was wandering in the rain
    Got struck by lightning in the junk
    Fell to the ground in pain
    But when I woke the next morning
    I witnessed something odd
    My nuts were supercharged
    With glowing power from the gods

    They were
    Thunder & Lightning!
    Globes of massive strength and size
    Thunder & Lightning
    Power spheres from beyond the skies
    Orbs of might, made of radiant light
    Thunder & Lightning

    I now had a new calling
    I was destined to fight crime
    No man could escape the justice
    My meaty clackers could provide
    So I bought them a little unitard
    And found them a tiny cape
    Then ran to the the city’s toughest gang
    And screamed “There’s no escape!”

    From the wrath of
    Thunder & Lightning!
    Jewels that fell from an angel’s crown
    Thunder & Lightning
    Rounded junk that’ll take you down
    Stones of war, tiny hammers of Thor
    Thunder & Lightning

    One with the power to electrify
    One with the strength to smash
    First you hear that rumble baby,
    And then you see the flash!
    My loins are filled like darkened clouds
    Evil has no chance
    All shall tremble before the storm
    That gathers in my pants
    Turns out being struck by lighting
    Doesn’t give you any powers
    They caved my head in with a pipe
    And beat me for several hours

    But as I lay there half-conscious
    With my nuts exposed to air
    I looked up to the blackened sky
    And said an ancient prayer

    Lord, if you’re there, please infuse my nuts with the power of a thousand suns.
    Holy shit, you’re real???

    Let there be
    Thunder & Lightning
    Acorns shot from the tree of life
    Thunder & Lightning
    High voltage nugs lighting up the night
    Mighty balls gifted from Odin’s halls
    Thunder & Lighting
    Suck ‘em!
  • Runtime : 3:16


    N3SSTOR   14 hours ago

    Just another Odinary day for Danny

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter   1 days ago

    As a man with an illness that causes serious libido issues, listening to NSP(especially songs like this) gives me my sex drive back.

  • Josh Hope
    Josh Hope   2 days ago

    I'd love to see either this band and the other Game Grumps video game travel show that has both of the Game Grumps stars to pay a visit to Oklahoma sometime especially since they couldn't tell anything about Oklahoma from the Geoguesser game!!!

  • Augur Of Doom
    Augur Of Doom   4 days ago

    Did anyone else notice Odin shoots the lightning that hits Danny, from his own nuts?

    BVEAGLE   1 weeks ago

    OMG I have no idea if they say fire or thunder at the start. I hear fire but every other lyrics to this song say otherwise. PLEASE HELP ME

  • The Hiddeneye
    The Hiddeneye   1 weeks ago

    What would we call this great hero with his glorious balls that cause evil to fall?

  • Colleen N
    Colleen N   1 weeks ago

    This might actually be my favorite NSP song. It’s so fucking goofy and extremely catchy. TWRP shreds it to shit too. The stop motion is amazing, and I will truly never recover from “meaty clackers”

  • captian bacon
    captian bacon   1 weeks ago

    Wait was this video always claymation style. I honestly just felt like I was watching it for the first time again...

  • AlkinSlice
    AlkinSlice   2 weeks ago

    The lyrics are smooth as butter 🧈

  • Ax
    Ax   2 weeks ago

    i love the passion in "mighty BALLS"

  • mossfan1
    mossfan1   2 weeks ago

    happy 1 -year-anniversary

  • trash bass
    trash bass   2 weeks ago

    accidently watched this on the anniversary eve . very rock fuck

  • Phoenix Soren
    Phoenix Soren   2 weeks ago

    This concept deserves an actual show or comic

  • Rixtah
    Rixtah   3 weeks ago

    I got the feeling that MC Thunder from "Eskimo Callboy - MC Thunder 2" got his powers from you!Huge fan. <3

  • Cyrus Bishop
    Cyrus Bishop   3 weeks ago

    Gonna use this as a backstory next time I play Mutants and Masterminds

  • IronGammaGod
    IronGammaGod   1 months ago

    That was a Cybersix building jump. I see u

  • LunatheMoonDragon
    LunatheMoonDragon   1 months ago

    I am fully on board with the theory that no one has super powers because no one has asked for the power of a thousand suns to be infused directly into their nuts yet

  • Fixality
    Fixality   1 months ago

    This could be my favorite NSP song ever

  • J Bish
    J Bish   1 months ago

    Imagine if they made YouTube shorts or comics based on this song and music video

  • J Bish
    J Bish   1 months ago

    This was a helluva strong song to end the album on. A decade later and still going strong writing and playing incredible music. Keep it up Dan and Brian!

  • Daniel Shouse
    Daniel Shouse   1 months ago

    I gotta say just found this and I can almost finish alot of these lines with a guess I think the power of the Dan's flow through me

  • Mapphel
    Mapphel   1 months ago

    You're telling me danny is not only secretly immortal home-alone burglar style but now has the power of crotch lightning (and thunder) as well? Guess this explains how he overcame the Perilous Cliffs of Erectile Dysfunction in The Mystic Crystal music video.

  • Frynker Murr
    Frynker Murr   1 months ago

    The outro made me real realize how good the guitar riff is in this song

  • Logan Fury
    Logan Fury   1 months ago

    Ok yeah haha funny but also what the shit this rocks so fucking hard.

  • Mr Camels
    Mr Camels   1 months ago

    (Watches new NSP song) *Welp. Guess I have something new to add to the Spotify Playlist.

  • Sybr767
    Sybr767   1 months ago

    How the fuck does every song slap