The Dawn of Grand Cathay | Total War: WARHAMMER III

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • An ancient empire lies far beyond the Dark Lands and the snowfields of Kislev... Ruled by the Celestial Dragon Emperor and the Moon Empress, Grand Cathay is a mysterious land of incredible military might. Prepare to defend the Great Bastion and be inspired by the harmony.

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    Video type: In-engine Cinematic
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  • Runtime : 3:19
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  • Total War
    Total War   3 days ago

    Any questions? Check out the FAQ:

  • Tobias Riemann
    Tobias Riemann   5 minuts ago

    I like the low fantasy and more "real" old world but its cool to see unexplored parts of the Warhammer fantasy universe. Here is to hoping Kislev remains a lot more grounded and less flashy high fantasy. Looking forward to the game!

  • Daniel Dunbring
    Daniel Dunbring   20 minuts ago

    Don´t think the Dragon-lady can stand up to Kairos Fateweaver. She might be one of the older surviving dragons, but Kairos is on an insane power level.A bit intrigued, but worried about some quotes from the creators and their lack of lore knowledge. No, dragons are NOT like gods, not even "weak ones" like Sigmar and Ulric. No, playing the Celestial Dragon Emperor is NOT like playing Khorne or Nurgle. No, they are NOT the oldest beings in warhammer. And they are far, far, FAR from omnipotence.

  • RUSK1 1
    RUSK1 1   22 minuts ago

    Fun fact: China in Russian sounds like "Keetai" which sounds a lot like Cathay

  • AiHaTsu Channel
    AiHaTsu Channel   25 minuts ago

    Oh cool trailer....i just hope this will not have a disaster launch one.Sorry to say but i'm skeptical.

  • ribena
    ribena   56 minuts ago

    So the Tzeenchian magic is just fire but it's purple?

  • The Fizban
    The Fizban   1 hours ago

    Khorne. Nurgle. Tzeentch. Slaanesh. .. It all changed when Tzeentch attacked.

  • Dohlton
    Dohlton   1 hours ago

    я надеюсь там будут геи и негры в армии катая, если нет, то атворы гребаные расисты и я отменяю предзаказ

  • Bleek
    Bleek   1 hours ago

    "F em up" - Sun Tzu- Wayne Gretzky

  • Irwin Klaire
    Irwin Klaire   1 hours ago

    But will I have workers saying China will grow larger?

  • J B
    J B   2 hours ago

    The woman voice actor is so bad. But stuff looks cool.

  • Red Rock
    Red Rock   2 hours ago

    Spend 40$ for total war three kingdoms is my horrible decision, I will never do it again for the same game but fantasy version. I am Asia but this trailer is really boring and bad.

  • SkullStal
    SkullStal   2 hours ago

    Ждём ждём, с удовольствием постримлю!

  • nuckingfutsguy
    nuckingfutsguy   2 hours ago

    hopefully no intermittent freezing like with their steam release of Troy

  • MrEndriju
    MrEndriju   3 hours ago

    Looks like Mists of Pandaria.

  • Peter Sam
    Peter Sam   3 hours ago

    with those Flying Battle Balloons, I wonder if we'll get to see other kinds of Airships and maybe even the introduction of the Dwarf Thunderbarge as an Official Unit

  • Belisarian Firedragon

    Did they really tried to steer balloon? I wonder what went through their heads: "Evasive maneuvers, hard to port, of wait this is balloon, this wheel is just decoration..."

  • SDZ
    SDZ   3 hours ago

    Total War Warhammer tying together every total war game from the last 30 years. Only thing missing is naval combat.

  • Maimbot6000
    Maimbot6000   3 hours ago

    So much gender diversity in their armies! Oh no, I hear the neckbearded incels getting grumpy!

  • The Toine
    The Toine   4 hours ago

    hello is there a chinese version of this trailer ? that would sound epic i thinkand appropriate

  • Arrwmkr
    Arrwmkr   4 hours ago

    Fortnite comes to TW, and everything is getting the 3 Kindgoms treatment. This looks total crap

  • Antonio F
    Antonio F   4 hours ago

    This new Three Kingdoms expansion looks pretty good!

  • Indra Wijaya
    Indra Wijaya   4 hours ago

    Other playable factions? Hobgoblin, Nippon, or Ogre?

  • Bob Jenkins
    Bob Jenkins   4 hours ago

    Did that dude in the balloon just fire a bolt action?!

  • TheFirefox
    TheFirefox   4 hours ago

    I am a simple man, I see canons and dragon waifus and I am satisfied.

  • Faceman Gaming
    Faceman Gaming   4 hours ago

    When Giant Guanyu wasn't enough, call out Big Dragon Waifu, Sun Tzu.

  • B. M.
    B. M.   4 hours ago

    low budget production? 0:31 at the cannon, 3:04 the pixelated fog, 2:59 lagging movements of the weapons

  • Ace Kun
    Ace Kun   4 hours ago

    1:52 Mobile suit initiate

  • Ace Kun
    Ace Kun   4 hours ago

    Those golems and Calligraphy wizards so dope