Metal Detector Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published on: 10 October 2016
  • It's time to find some treasure!
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  • Runtime : 10:2
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  • Art Time
    Art Time   1 weeks ago

    Cory: I am rich thats 50 cents10 year old: I have 5 dollars my father gave

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones   1 weeks ago

    I was in San Diego where he was at when he was walking

  • Timmyjogo
    Timmyjogo   2 weeks ago

    It's funny how Cody funny how he won the battle because he had the coil on the metal detector backwards I am a metal detectorist and I know how to fix the coil

  • YammyPi
    YammyPi   2 weeks ago

    Do another medil dector battle 3

  • Humza Hussaini
    Humza Hussaini   3 weeks ago

    Cory:yeah I found a watch!Judge:old lady’s watchCody:this watch was made in 1987

  • Starplex123
    Starplex123   4 weeks ago

    I can’t believe this was five years ago. How time flies.

  • hewo
    hewo   4 weeks ago

    Cody, your shirt is wicked awesome, love the gradient

  • Snozyoulose
    Snozyoulose   1 months ago

    “Who buried a pipe on city property?” I really hope this guy didn’t dig up an actual pipe

  • 2ndmistermaster
    2ndmistermaster   1 months ago

    Everybody gansta till Tyler get the bones of a giant that was hand cuffed

  • Reya Zhao
    Reya Zhao   1 months ago

    Cody has a lot of imagination

  • tito Arroyo
    tito Arroyo   1 months ago

    The rings Tie found reminded me of German helmet liners.

  • Chode Joe
    Chode Joe   1 months ago

    I've been to that part with Corey is at I need Park 😅🏞️🏞️

  • YammyPi
    YammyPi   1 months ago

    Do a new metle dector battle 3

  • Macy Wilson
    Macy Wilson   1 months ago

    I love how ya'll put the name of the song that's playing! I searched up that first song and its my new favorite song!

  • balllife_cards
    balllife_cards   1 months ago

    When Cory said you know your digging in the right place when someone is already there bro he is going to find everything

  • joey donaldson
    joey donaldson   1 months ago

    The burly tortoise naturally confuse because foam steadily time amidst a adventurous freezer. difficult, hapless cyclone

  • Everett Hartz
    Everett Hartz   1 months ago

    Just walk along the old telephone poles at 1:27, Imaging the amount of copper you would find

  • Jonathan Wynn
    Jonathan Wynn   1 months ago

    Cody: "We've found 50 cents and a house key." How much is the house worth?