I Passed Out The Other Day...

  • Published on: 14 August 2021
  • Welcome to episode #1 of this new series, "Story Time With Tabor Hill". In this series, I'll be telling stories from my childhood/adulthood/past/etc. These are real life stories that took place and happened to me.

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  • Aden Shepherd
    Aden Shepherd   1 months ago

    This was today I felt dizzy I layed down for a couple of minutes I was leaving the doctors office until boom I hit my head on the wall a person asked if I was ok i went pitch black I was sweating and crying ringing sounds in my ear I woke up they put me in a wheel chair I left and I was scared this was gonna happen again same until today

  • Aden Shepherd
    Aden Shepherd   1 months ago

    Uhhhh now I feel that way due to I passed out today I had the same experience other than I got a flu shot I was feeling bad until I went idk anything else I get woozy each time I get any shot or blood draw

  • Diamond Sword
    Diamond Sword   1 months ago

    I have gotten my blood drawn a few times, but I have NEVER passed out. If it actually feels like that... You're gonna have to give me anesthesia or hold me down forcefully. I just hope no one has to experience that.

  • Amy Kreuzen
    Amy Kreuzen   1 months ago

    THAT WAS TH EMOST COOL STORY EVER I really like this series

  • Thunder
    Thunder   1 months ago

    story time with this ratio

  • Mr Pablp
    Mr Pablp   2 months ago

    that happened to me when my mom was cutting my hair.

  • Ashleigh Withers
    Ashleigh Withers   2 months ago

    You were just like my dad are you my dad literally hates needles

  • Bluey Games
    Bluey Games   2 months ago

    Whens the next story?, i love these stories :)

  • __
    __   2 months ago

    So you have a needle phobia?

  • S wells
    S wells   3 months ago

    needles sheesh there scary

  • Fishy7891
    Fishy7891   3 months ago

    When I first read the title I thought it said I passed away

  • The Thantour
    The Thantour   3 months ago

    yo havent been here for a while how u been tabor?

  • TeamGoat
    TeamGoat   3 months ago

    i got my 2 hpv booster and i was fine

  • Connor woods
    Connor woods   3 months ago

    I'm only 12 and I'm a needle woose and I have cancer I feel were you are coming from.

  • Holly Pietz
    Holly Pietz   3 months ago

    U could call it “tabor time story time” it has a bit of a ring to it

  • silas kristiansen
    silas kristiansen   3 months ago

    Passing out is worse than getting stabbed in my opinion tryed both btw

  • Shagoto
    Shagoto   3 months ago

    Dude i feel ur pain i dont like shots too

  • Mr.Universe
    Mr.Universe   3 months ago

    That same thing happened to me when I gave blood in high school. Didn't fully pass out but I lost vision and hearing for the most part. It reminded me of the scenes from a war movies when things are ringing and fading out lol

  • Keiron Harvey
    Keiron Harvey   3 months ago

    I've almost passed out once before. I'm a blood donor and I drink A LOT of water before I donate, I can fill a bag within 5mins but during a heatwave about a month ago I was overheating/dehydrated and giving blood too quickly, and had the feeling that I REEEALLY had to pee (not a nice combo) I never fainted but I had to wait for around 20mins after donation so I could rehydrate and come to my senses.

  • Icezy
    Icezy   3 months ago

    Once I had a bloody nose and it was so bad that I fainted it was scary sence I just kept seeing more and more blood getting drained from me and I couldn't do anything

  • Nadali `
    Nadali `   3 months ago

    I passed out for the first time this year too!! My mom was cutting my hair and I was light headed but whenever I stand up I’m always a bit light headed so I thought it was normal but then my sight got a little staticky and the last thing I saw was me trying to hold onto something because I was abt to fall. Everything went black and then I woke up to my mom screaming “CALL THE AMBULANCE!!” and my biggest sister called the police but then her phone died so the police came and asked some questions and checked to see if the environment I was in was safe and that is my story 😅

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller   3 months ago

    My wife is the same way with needles. She has punched, kicked, cried, and passed out before. It is always an ordeal when she has her annual physical.

  • Øbitø
    Øbitø   3 months ago

    Bro... That is scary I remember passing out from staring at my tv screen for too long and not eating yeah passing out is scary that's why I cut back on playing video games I'll get on i.e Fortnite do my challenges which takes like 30 minutes and get off that's how long I play video games for and also because I work too

  • Nopie
    Nopie   3 months ago

    I am also scared for needles i understand you

  • The bandit
    The bandit   3 months ago

    Hey tabor hill the same thing happened to me when I got the second covid shot after that I got anxiety

  • Mason Reid
    Mason Reid   3 months ago

    Something similar happened to me, I was getting the needle and they were talking to someone else, and they poked the needle in 6 different spots because they kept getting it wrong but I didn't faint I just felt tired

  • 0ffSide
    0ffSide   3 months ago

    This ones happened to me

  • Default
    Default   3 months ago

    Dont worry Tabor , I hate needles more than you do