• Published on: 14 September 2021
  • I got level 40 (max level) in NBA 2K22 and unlocked the GO KART reward!


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/therealtyceno
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/therealtyceno
  • Runtime : 10:1
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  • SvrnSZN
    SvrnSZN   1 days ago

    i haven’t even touched the game yet dawg

  • Spiritual RJ
    Spiritual RJ   13 minuts ago

    Current gen gets a go cart, and next gen has no type of cars for the city

  • EC
    EC   3 hours ago

    We need to know those animations Ty

  • Justin
    Justin   4 hours ago

    does anyone know what Z build is

  • Imre Hidvegi
    Imre Hidvegi   4 hours ago

    The snotty plate cytochemically supply because grade lovely grate than a nice thread. gray greasy great, itchy look

  • Jeriah4k
    Jeriah4k   5 hours ago

    For some reason this is the only 2k youtuber I can stand to watch

  • Aj Croosh
    Aj Croosh   5 hours ago

    $YBarkley anything helps through these trying times. Thank you so much and god bless

  • Claude
    Claude   6 hours ago

    Tyceno show us how to make your Shot Creator

  • slxm Jxmmy
    slxm Jxmmy   6 hours ago

    Imagine being on got next spot when he hit Level 40 😭

  • Mr Lavar ball
    Mr Lavar ball   7 hours ago

    Where the next gen at lol the kids playin current gen

  • feytnuts
    feytnuts   7 hours ago

    Not only is the level thing a new thing which I didn’t think I liked at first but I like it now, but anyways it’s also a refreshing thing from the constant grind of legend now u grind every season and restart and kind of refresh it’s a smaller rewarding grind but many of them I like it

  • Neit Ana
    Neit Ana   9 hours ago

    Wager time now ty rematch bronny

  • Vens Woods
    Vens Woods   9 hours ago

    I only subscribed you because you have a Mario 1 up sound (Cheers Mate)

  • Exalt
    Exalt   9 hours ago

    Why you on current tho

  • Rat Snake
    Rat Snake   10 hours ago

    Happy to see the man not having to force himself to play the game again, good to see it happy for you tyeceno

  • fahad azad
    fahad azad   10 hours ago

    Hey Tyceno can you show what kind of pull up jumper you use in this 2k?

  • xVerified_ j
    xVerified_ j   11 hours ago

    Mans on his grind I love to see dat. 💯🔥

  • Scott Bol
    Scott Bol   12 hours ago

    is this on new gen or old gen?

  • ImJiraiya
    ImJiraiya   13 hours ago

    Congrats but seems like legend to easy to get this year

  • Handz Dirty
    Handz Dirty   13 hours ago

    Sad....grow ass man didn't wash his ass weirdo bum...it's more to life than 2k....dawg get a girl are a job dawg...sad this game brainwash a grown ass man wtf

    SUSGERB   14 hours ago

    My favorite streamer!!! Ur the reason I’m in love with shot creators

  • Kyrece tv
    Kyrece tv   14 hours ago

    Alot of people are hitting lvl 40 on curent gen than next🤔

  • WalterDiva
    WalterDiva   15 hours ago

    Ooh yo i didnt even notice you had a yt you beat me back in 2018 when 2k19 was out it was 17-21 i think glad you hit level 40