Who Are You? | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Published on: 29 August 2021
  • The cast and director of Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings tell us more about their characters and their experience on the set of the film.

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  • Runtime : 4:30
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  • ノヽreya
    ノヽreya   1 weeks ago

    I hope in the next one, there will be more Katy and Shang-chi's scenes! their friendship really shows in this, it's very clear Shang-chi cares a lot for Katy and vice versa. Simu and Awkwafina's chemistry is 👌👌💖I also feel like there's more in Katy than what has been shown, so I'm looking forward to the next one!

  • SP Ideal
    SP Ideal   3 weeks ago

    Waiting this movie on Disney+.. Which date & month we can expect ?

  • sheila
    sheila   3 weeks ago

    Shangci and Pokemon😂

  • Willow Tree
    Willow Tree   1 months ago

    This interviewer was probably the best out of all of them. He's so cool and did a great job. Not a single pointless question.

  • SKNY
    SKNY   1 months ago

    Who are you?I am mi, and he is yu

  • J Mace
    J Mace   1 months ago

    Who are you and why should we care

  • Bandile Shangase
    Bandile Shangase   1 months ago

    What a movie the visual effects were on point 👌 🔥🔥🔥 i have never felt so connected to a movie and the dream is to be part of the MCU

  • Max Wong
    Max Wong   1 months ago

    The rings are extensively used in Hung-Gar, the style of martial arts executed by the tailor in Kungfu Hustle.

  • Dyta Devita Kondo
    Dyta Devita Kondo   1 months ago

    What the english song that use time they come in to fighting's room and show his sister?

  • Michael Ham
    Michael Ham   1 months ago

    What is the point of this video? It's out before the film. Don't go watch it. Because it's shown and told everything.

  • Twiggy
    Twiggy   1 months ago

    This is the Black panther for Asians

  • Aiman Halim
    Aiman Halim   1 months ago

    I wish I could go see the film in the theaters :( Theaters in my country aren't opened yet

  • Film Watchers
    Film Watchers   1 months ago

    But in when did SHANGCHI happen in mcu, before the blip OR after the blip??

  • Film Watchers
    Film Watchers   1 months ago

    I think the new ERA has started, MARVEL thought "we are bored with regular avengers". THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF 2021

  • 10 millions
    10 millions   1 months ago

    Showing these chinese as heroes is a mistake

  • scemer
    scemer   1 months ago

    Cant wait to scem..I mean watch

  • Efren Arevalo
    Efren Arevalo   1 months ago

    I got so hyped with No Way Home I forgot this thing existed.

  • herman lau
    herman lau   1 months ago

    Still looking forward for Tony Leung doing his interview :P

  • TheBabyShpee
    TheBabyShpee   1 months ago

    Holywood: "We making a movie about Asians. Where's Awkwafina?"

  • WilA **
    WilA **   1 months ago

    I love the awkwafina voice...

  • Arda Anıl Ergin
    Arda Anıl Ergin   1 months ago

    This feels too dangerous to watch, considering the possibility of spoilers.