Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer have genuinely hated each other for over 30 years

  • Published on: 25 January 2020
  • Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer stood in the middle of an intense Celtics-Pistons rivalry spanning the late 1980s and early 1990s. But the individual feud between those two wasn't just a battle within that war. It was personal. It was beef.

    Starting with his trade to the Pistons in the early 1980s, Laimbeer built a reputation as not just a strong rebounder and scorer, but a relentless pest. On one hand, he'd make dirty and dangerous plays, then act like nothing had happened. On the other hand, he'd flop and whine to bait the referees into calling fouls on his opponents.

    Nobody despised Laimbeer for this quite as much as Bird did. Bird's public campaign against Laimbeer's style of play dated back to the Celtics-Pistons playoff series in 1985, and really took off after Laimbeer started a brawl by fouling Bird hard in the 1987 playoffs. Bird accused Laimbeer of intentionally trying to injure him, and never withdrew the accusation. Even decades later, these two NBA legends maintain an icy distance because of how things played out on the court.

    This beef might never end, so in this episode, we learn about what built it.

    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang


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  • Runtime : 16:23
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  • Secret Base
    Secret Base   1 years ago

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  • Kriptiko
    Kriptiko   23 hours ago

    Unrelated but do you understand how rare of a moment that Magic v Bird in the NCAA Final was? Something like that will never happen again.

  • Faustino Montoya
    Faustino Montoya   3 days ago

    Lambeer knew how to leave on the court bird was a crybaby like all the Celtics they played the same way like most teams played that way when basketball was basketball he was a crybaby like LeBron is

  • John Doe
    John Doe   5 days ago

    I would love to see a pod with these two though. Idc if they like each other but to hear those old stories first hand from these two would be epic.

  • B ZEN
    B ZEN   1 weeks ago

    The Celtics hate for Laimbeer transcended into Pop Culture as well. Kevin McHale was a guest on the TV show Cheers. There's a scene where they were looking at an X-Ray of an adult male gorilla's foot and KM suggested it was Laimbeer.

  • JinJin Wins
    JinJin Wins   1 weeks ago

    Isaiah Stewart needs to watch this. Get revenge during the game.

  • Isles44
    Isles44   1 weeks ago

    The best is that scumbag Laimbeer saying it was all about mind games. No Bill, you were just a dirty player.

  • Chris Roberts Sr
    Chris Roberts Sr   1 weeks ago

    This was quite possibly the best beef history episode yet. Mostly because the beef is so real. This is a 15 pound Texas style brisket beef. I am biased because I am a Pistons fan however

  • Idky
    Idky   1 weeks ago

    Imagine if Bill Lambeer agitated Michael Jordan like he agitated Larry Bird…“And I took that personally…”

  • Shinjuku Calling
    Shinjuku Calling   2 weeks ago

    Lambeer is a guy who no one on earth should respect as a player or a man.

  • Mitch
    Mitch   2 weeks ago

    Birds comments are classic.

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace   2 weeks ago

    I loved and miss this era of the NBA. Nowadays , it’s like watching a glorified version of AAU basketball.

  • 1124
    1124   3 weeks ago

    I don't get how people compare Celtic's 88 exit and Pistons' 91. It was a completely different situation.In the Celtics' case, no one on Boston left until the game clock was about to go off. Then 3 SECONDS left in the game, a foul occured. The Detroit crowd poured onto the court, falsely thinking the game was over and they had to send them back up.Now the clock had stopped, and while Adrian Dantley was shooting the foul shots the security, seeing the possible risk of the excited mob entangling with the Celtics, INSTRUCTED the players to leave the court, and they left quietly. Dennis Johnson and some other players high fived with the pistons before they left. Even the commentators, who were NOT the boston regional broadcasting team, said "The Celtics were exiting, possibly for safety reasons" and NOBODY made a fuss about it because the Cs didn't even interrupt the game. They just left quietly while the clock had stopped, with good reason to do so.Now the same arena in 91, Bulls vs Pistons. There are 17 seconds left on the clock. The Pistons have lost the series and they have NO safety concerns because it's their home, right? Without any reason to leave the court early, Isiah Thomas and the starting lineup just walks ONTO THE COURT WHILE THE CLOCK IS TICKING. The refs actually had to stop the clock because the staff, the cameras and some fans were following them. In short, both games were decided but1) Celtics left when the ball was dead, WITHOUT disturbing the game because the security thought it would be dangerous for them to stay. 2) Pistons left while the clock was ticking, STOPPING THE GAME, when they had no safety concerns.It's a totally different thing. The Celtics would never left left early if the Detroit fans didn't stupidly pour onto the court when the game didn't even end. 3 seconds left on the clock, did Larry and the company show any sign of leaving? No. It was obvious that wasn't on their minds because if they had though of leaving early, they wouldn't just stand there until 3 seconds remained. But they had to because now excited crowd became a factor. Detroit hated Larry Bird, it was just a year ago they booed and threw stuff at him after he fought Laimbeer. It was a logical choice.Pistons on the other hand, didn't have a reason to leave early but they did, out of mere spite.Seriously, go and watch the entire sequence, not just the highlights. Would the "bitter" Celtics, who are already beaten, be stationary at the bench until 3 seconds remaining, then suddenly decide to leave? Because of what, a foul on Dantley? No it was because it occured to everyone that them facing hundreds of super-charged up, hostile crowd on the court is NOT good idea.

  • Grayson Byass-Rascoe
    Grayson Byass-Rascoe   3 weeks ago

    Larry brid is the blackest white dude ever lol. Dude has the deep southern draw but talks like a dude from rucker lol.

  • ron osborn
    ron osborn   3 weeks ago

    This video is bias! The Celtics and Larry Bird were not altar boys, and Michael Jordan said Larry Bird was the second dirtiest player behind Mr. Laimbeer.

  • Seth Griffiths
    Seth Griffiths   3 weeks ago

    LMAO "interview with a fan" I mean it's true but also a low key jab at Bill Simmons I love it.

  • Warrior80
    Warrior80   1 months ago

    I come back to this one because Bird was a BOSS!

  • gus Mayorga
    gus Mayorga   1 months ago

    I don't even watch basketball but this was interesting

  • Abria Angel
    Abria Angel   1 months ago

    Seems like everyone hated The Pistons lol!

  • heather goetz
    heather goetz   1 months ago

    Bill Laimbeer was the dirtiest player back then.....nasty nasty, no class....

  • Kyle Bushmire
    Kyle Bushmire   1 months ago

    Larry bird is so funny man he’s just honest about what he thinks and it’s hilarious.

  • BringDownTheCabal
    BringDownTheCabal   1 months ago

    It's amazing that LAMEbeer didn't get assasinated by one of the team's fans... as he was pretty much despised by Chicago fans and other teams' fans as well.

  • Ben Kaplan
    Ben Kaplan   1 months ago

    tbh it's does seem like bird and laimbeer were kinda aholes and just fed off eachother in the worst ways

  • Hazardous
    Hazardous   2 months ago

    "Bill Laimbeer was more than a thug, but that's what he'll be remembered for" - Dennis Rodman

  • Foodiecutie
    Foodiecutie   2 months ago

    Basketball back then was so much more exciting! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • HerptasticVideo
    HerptasticVideo   2 months ago

    I was at that 1985 Game 2 - sitting in the Bruins Penalty Box right behind the Cs bench. Larry set his career playoff high in that game. He broke that in his next home game, Game 5. I wasn't there for that. Unfortunately the videos of Game 2 uploaded here are too blurry, so you can't really see me in it. But it was cool to get to watch the telecast of that game finally after all these years - my brothers were too useless to record it on the old betamax for me that night. Jerks.

  • Ryan Marshall
    Ryan Marshall   2 months ago

    Laimbeer didn’t stick anywhere close to basketball. He coached in the WNBA.

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez   2 months ago

    0:22 the legendary up and under signature maker 'Kevin McHale' of Celtics.

  • Matthew Oom
    Matthew Oom   3 months ago

    Everyone acts like Bird was an angel. He was just a dirty as anyone.