$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
    Download Brawl Stars now and get a free gift from me in the game! http://supr.cl/mrbeast

    Thank you GoPro for supplying us with cameras to get some of these shots. You can get them here: https://prf.hn/l/6bNbQB3

    Shoutout to SOKRISPYMEDIA for helping with visuals!

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  • Runtime : 25:42


  • MrBeast
    MrBeast   1 weeks ago

    Like I said in the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win $10,000!

  • Sandeep Shaw
    Sandeep Shaw   2 minuts ago

    Respect for Mr. Beast from 🇮🇳❤️

  • Mohamed##
    Mohamed##   3 minuts ago

    Hello my friend how are you

  • Nasir Iqbal
    Nasir Iqbal   5 minuts ago

    Mr beast i subscribed you where is my money man

  • Mirela Pavic
    Mirela Pavic   5 minuts ago

    I knew that you are the Beast !!!!! Best wishes to you!!✌

  • Lucas gonzalez
    Lucas gonzalez   6 minuts ago

    Just to let you know, if you put me in one of your challenges, I WILL win it. That’s a gurantee

  • Mal Verb
    Mal Verb   6 minuts ago

    All honesty this was kinda lame lol

  • stormdotjr
    stormdotjr   6 minuts ago

    Brawl stars is my main game besidess coc the my main brawl is my second… but hey they are both supercell games so yea

  • Hydras gamer
    Hydras gamer   8 minuts ago

    Mr beast my curiosity is very high, how do you come up with so many ideas?

  • Pedro guerra
    Pedro guerra   9 minuts ago

    u can do the 24 hour challenge with me to spend a lot of money i'm double I'm from Brazil from the Itaboraí river sister

  • SetiajiR
    SetiajiR   9 minuts ago

    This is some real dedication man, good episode n fun ppl

  • DinoLuis_YT
    DinoLuis_YT   10 minuts ago

    6:50 quien dice que los muertos vivientes no existe ?xd

  • ManNexusX
    ManNexusX   12 minuts ago

    I would love to see this get up to a million comments.

  • XDLames
    XDLames   13 minuts ago

    make a challenge of racing who win get two hundred bugs

  • kaikaj
    kaikaj   14 minuts ago

    I from village of India's ....plz help me given same Mone.... because I am very por ..

  • David 005
    David 005   14 minuts ago

    Qualche volta i sogni si avverano...

  • Veronica Gutierrez
    Veronica Gutierrez   14 minuts ago

    at tug of war Player456Slapped him and then just said let's go