SESSION 9 (2001) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 30 August 2020
  • #session9 #endingexplained

    In the psychological horror SESSION 9, an asbestos removal crew start work in an abandoned insane asylum and discover a dormant evil that seems to have returned. Breaking down the story including the patient Mary and her important sessions, how it ties into our protagonist Gordon, and explaining the shocking twist ending.

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  • Runtime : 27:45
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  • Wataru Ikusabe
    Wataru Ikusabe   3 days ago

    I don’t mind abandoned hospitals movie done this way, with a good story to tell, none of that teens found footage at night with shaky cam in creepy building junk.

  • Tammy Osborne
    Tammy Osborne   2 weeks ago

    I like this movie, but that's not what I got from it at all. The tapes explained what happened with Gordon, who had a psychotic break due to his injury, and murdered his family. The other murders were, in part, to support his fantasy that his family was still living, and the whole "Simon" story was the explanation... or not. That's just my take. I'm a nurse, and it made sense to me that way.

  • David Étienne
    David Étienne   2 weeks ago

    I was beginning to think that every single guy that has a huge DVD/Blu-ray library at home is morbidly obese. This is the first time I see otherwise.

  • samsquanch1996
    samsquanch1996   2 weeks ago

    The final quote of this movie sums up the movie perfectly!

  • Emily G
    Emily G   3 weeks ago

    When I was 11 or 12 years old I was in a mom&pop video rental store with my parents and I got distracted by a movie they were playing on one of the TVs, I didn’t know until today that it was this movie but that shit traumatized me because it was the scene where you hear the family dying.

  • Bailey Moran
    Bailey Moran   1 months ago

    I was young. Like 15 or so. Blockbuster was still sort of a thing, and it was recommended to my best friend and I by the horror-buff guy at the store. It was on the cheap for sale rack and we’d never heard of it. The employee recommended it when we mentioned how we had broken into the abandoned state hospital a week ago, and refused to explain it beyond ‘you kids will think twice about exploring abandoned creepy shit after that.’ We watched it at about 3am on a sleep deprivation high, and wow! I loved it but damn, it blew our minds because it’s hard to tell if it’s supernatural or psychological.

  • Julianna H
    Julianna H   1 months ago

    I bet this is supposed to be Danvers, MA. We have plenty of old, creepy psych wards, etc, all boarded up or worse, turned into schools, courthouses, detoxes, & stuff that are supposedly haunted.Edit: yup, mentioned Lowell, its mass lol.

  • Elizabth Harris
    Elizabth Harris   1 months ago

    There are places where the patients still try to get back in, even though they were closed, because they only know that,place as home. A sad reality of asylum of the past.

  • Danielle Vaughn
    Danielle Vaughn   1 months ago

    I didn't realize that was Josh Lucas. When he pointed it out I was like Holy Shite.

  • Ariel Novak
    Ariel Novak   1 months ago

    I feel like he wouldn’t be able to claim temporary insanity because this happened over a series of days and it’s hard to prove in court.

  • Devin Fenwick
    Devin Fenwick   1 months ago

    Lol, @ "lobotomy needle" it's called an orbitoclast.

    ꧁DORiSJEAN꧂   1 months ago

    "hmmMmMmMmmMmm, what's he up to"I fucking love you and your voice.

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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    ERON VENUS   1 months ago

    the background music in the beginning loll

  • Dee Just Dee
    Dee Just Dee   1 months ago

    This movie was confusing, thanks for the explanation.

  • towelie
    towelie   1 months ago

    asbestos needs to get into your lungs to cause cancer .

  • Sean Grey
    Sean Grey   2 months ago

    I guess the point is, you do whatever Simon Says... kinda twisted game for children after seeing this film... Love it!!

  • PicardRiker08
    PicardRiker08   2 months ago

    This is a three minute video pointlessly stretched to 20 minutes for no other reason than for watch time padding. A video titled EXPLAINED should not be needless summary of every single scene. Anyone watching this has already seen the movie. I'm sure it's helpful to all 20 of the people who are just bored and want long videos to watch, but for 95% of your audience this is utterly pointless and obnoxious.

  • Shadow Happi
    Shadow Happi   3 months ago

    Went to see Session 9 based on your review which put a good impression on me. I feel like your 27 minute talking about the movie is actually BETTER than the movie.

  • Deanith
    Deanith   3 months ago

    Um this movie bored me to death.Nothing interesting about it at all.

  • Scramator *
    Scramator *   3 months ago

    No matter what at the end of the day they can say they did asbestos they could. Thank you and good night

  • Cinema Gulp
    Cinema Gulp   3 months ago

    Very awesome!

  • Ian Waldrop
    Ian Waldrop   3 months ago

    I don't why but this movie was just boring to me.

  • CheerUp2
    CheerUp2   3 months ago

    I remember when I first watched this movie in high school THE second I finished it, I turned off the tv and then ran out my door and through my backyard and a couple of my neighbors to my friend who also lived in the neighborhood. I knocked on her door and then made her watch it with me because my mind was blown.

  • Kaitlyn Douglas
    Kaitlyn Douglas   3 months ago

    Anyone else notice that that's the guy from csi Miami? Yo that's so coooool!

  • Thrift'Z'3 Millien
    Thrift'Z'3 Millien   3 months ago

    One of the most underrated film to come out. I saw it while doing my undergrad in Boston 20 years ago; the story still holds up.

  • MaraDJade
    MaraDJade   3 months ago

    Is that Heratio fucking Cain?

  • Hyperborealainen
    Hyperborealainen   3 months ago

    SPOILERS!I was pleased and dissappointed at same time: What I expected was a creepy horror movie, that would give me a few scares. What I got: visually and with sounds, created creeping atmosphere, but the story actually sucked pretty bad. There were no connections with the events of the film for the actually climax of the movie. The audio tapes of the traumatized woman had actually nothing to do with the plot and should have been left as the story told by Mike. The movie left me dissappointed, as it builded so much of itself to be a kind of a ghost movie - which potential was wasted , and revealed itself to be a who-done-it scary movie. What I DID actually enjoy about this movie was the cast, which was perfect: I wouldn't replace any of the cast, they were so keen on their roles and managed them well.The ambience, or music was very good and it was put in right moments. Filmshooting was perfect, most of the shots were very nice and created creepy mood. I also liked the empty hallway which had an wheelchair in the middle of it. Overall I give this movie a 7-/10

  • Paul
    Paul   3 months ago

    This movie was awesome around the 3rd viewing.

  • Version9ex
    Version9ex   3 months ago

    Hmm...I did not interpret there to be any supernatural implications in this film. I just identified Simon as an Id. Interesting though to get another perspective.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith   4 months ago

    I love that this movie was filmed in the Danver's Asylum. I used to live about 30 minutes from there and you could see the towers on the hill for miles and this movie let me finally see the inside. I always wanted to go in but it was off limits and they had guards on the property. I had a few friends that snuck in and took some pictures and found some patient notes that were definitely creepy. Unfortunately, the Asylum was torn down years ago and now they have town houses on that same spot. I wish they would have kept it open as a museum as their are rumors that this is where the first lobotomy's took place (or so I've heard). Great video- I really enjoyed it.

  • La Djinn
    La Djinn   4 months ago

    I can never see David Caruso as anything other than Horatio Caine

  • Habbatus iay Sauda II
    Habbatus iay Sauda II   4 months ago

    Dont forget that Gordon was the x patient of the assylum as well. And thats the creepiest fact of this movie. Remember when the guard told them that some of the patient may comes back to the place.

  • qt chickn
    qt chickn   4 months ago

    This movie screwed me up mentally as a kid for some reason, especially the ending