Iowa vs Illinois Basketball Game Highlights, 2021 Big 10 Tournament Semifinal

  • Published on: 14 March 2021
  • Iowa vs Illinois Basketball Game Highlights, 2021 Big 10 Tournament Semifinal
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  • Mikel H.
    Mikel H.   3 months ago

    I was soooooo excited when we hired Brad Underwood as head coach and this is why! Illinois basketball is going to be a problem for a loooooong time!!! oh yea thanks for the upload Matthew!!! U da Man!!!

  • Honest Fan
    Honest Fan   3 months ago

    I love seeing Iowa lose. Something about an all white starting 5 in 2021 just doesnโ€™t sit right with me lol

  • Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson   3 months ago

    Hey Ohio State--Here comes mongo and the masked bandito. Kofi & Ayo.

  • Chris Woycik
    Chris Woycik   3 months ago

    WOW Garza got embarrassed by Cockburn AGAIN! Even worse this time. What a joke of a player, and he'll be named the best player in college because his PPG is the highest...

  • m8z TV
    m8z TV   3 months ago

    That curbelo is electric

  • Steve Nagele
    Steve Nagele   3 months ago

    Great game and plenty of highlights but why are there so many free throws in a highlight video?

  • Zack King
    Zack King   3 months ago

    Ok cleary the last shot shouldnt of counted the ball was still in his hands when the clock hit smzero in the red light was on before he released just saying

  • lexwaldez
    lexwaldez   3 months ago

    What a game!?!?! One more year of McAffery and Weiskamp - wish Garza and Bohannon well on their careers next year and glad to see them go; they are TOUGH. =) Iowa's underclass is going to need to step up. The B1G is going to be strong for the next four years. We're all lucky to have quality opponents and games like this.

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody   3 months ago

    IOWA is good but you cant win a national title with so many white guys starting.

  • Joshua W.
    Joshua W.   3 months ago

    Lot of pushing and shoving in this game then tricky tac fouls at times. Illinois just too athletic

  • Luke Hartmann
    Luke Hartmann   3 months ago

    Illini are going to win it all this year! Also thanks for the upload Matthew!

  • Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson   3 months ago

    I watched the highlights from the game earlier in the season and this was definitely a danger game. Gazza has a heart like the engine out of a Kenworth, but dang Kofi had the best game I've seen this year in terms of his work effort AND he made free throws when they mattered.But most what I'm loved these 2 last games was the attitude. Way too often I watched Illini teams that "should've done, not get it done," but these last 2 games the attitude was 10 out of 10.

  • rod royal
    rod royal   3 months ago

    Best basketball channel ever ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘