PIG (2021) - An Unexpected Nicolas Cage Masterpiece

  • Published on: 24 October 2021
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  • Runtime : 19:36
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  • shredfreak83
    shredfreak83   6 hours ago

    I honestly can't wait to see him as Dracula in the upcoming renfield movie

  • Luca Ventura
    Luca Ventura   17 hours ago

    Nic cage reminds me of c bale because bale is an amazing actor who accepts roles that are sketchy

  • Mark Thorpe
    Mark Thorpe   18 hours ago

    Nice try evlis, we all know you're an alien. Advertising for "native" sneaky sneaky

  • SweaSpurdo :DDD
    SweaSpurdo :DDD   19 hours ago

    Nick has been producing some pretty dope but weird movies lately. I love it.

  • Hoodsonbr
    Hoodsonbr   2 days ago

    This kinda sounds and looks like a Lars Von Trier movie but better.

  • Miguel Alejandro Britez

    i watch this movie because of this video, and it broke me to tears. i always loved Nic Cage, but this portrait of loneliness and isolation really hit home.

  • Steven Jobe
    Steven Jobe   2 days ago

    Yuck. Pig was bullshit. "Acting his ass off" with one scruffy expression the entire movie? Can't say enough bad things about this movie. My main issue? There was no real pursuit of the pig. Pig not part of the movie. I call bullshit.

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams   5 days ago

    Found you through Mista GG/Wendigoon collab and I have to say I'm glad I found you.

  • Piotr Patoka
    Piotr Patoka   1 weeks ago

    I realy expected that Nic just pull John Wick in search for his piggy.

  • G R A Y
    G R A Y   1 weeks ago

    This is one of a kind. I watched it expecting a John Wick, didn't really look into it. At the start, I felt like it was a bit slow, but then it hit me; this is not an action movie, it is a hardcore drama. And I lived for every moment. Highly recommended, even though some marvel people won't like it.

  • Paul Pud
    Paul Pud   1 weeks ago

    7:29 random ass Dave GrohlBtw I really like this movie

  • Maester Gryphon
    Maester Gryphon   1 weeks ago

    Nicholas Cage is a real actor. He doesn't try and judge if a script is worth his talent, he doesn't act like a snob when it comes to roles, if the director wants him and feels he's a good fit and pays, he does the role. I respect that a lot

  • LIKE BUTTON'S Cousin
    LIKE BUTTON'S Cousin   1 weeks ago

    I was looking for some movies to watch and I found this, turned out it was released a month before that time. I gave it a go and immediately I was hooked. Maybe it was the visuals that got me or the score, but it felt emotional. I was expecting a revenge type of film but I was wrong. That might be the what we might think at first but instead it was a story of grief, ambition, family, and acceptance. This was one of the rare films that had me in tears by the time I finished it. It is up there together with Interstellar, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, and Armageddon, as some of my favorite emotional films.

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo   1 weeks ago

    On a surface level, this film reads like a shitpost John Wick parody, but wow... it is so much better than that.

  • Chibi Cthulhu
    Chibi Cthulhu   1 weeks ago

    Not saying it’s right but I think you are severely underestimated how neglected a lot of kid are. Looking back there are SO MANY times I could have been kidnapped as a kid.

  • Burnt Sabo
    Burnt Sabo   1 weeks ago

    When I saw this movie it made me depressed as hell. Rob learning the news that his pig is dead really hit me hard. The loss of losing someone or something you care about feeling like you have nothing left is truly painful.

  • Angeliena Lorena M
    Angeliena Lorena M   2 weeks ago

    Hola! I am Mexican and this is the second review I've seen from this channel. Now subscribed! The first one was from the move Maknstraim.Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  • Spencer Hering
    Spencer Hering   2 weeks ago

    Elvis, will you see The unbearable weight of massive talent when it comes out? It’s supposed to be the most Nicholas cage movie ever!!!!!

  • Random Hero
    Random Hero   2 weeks ago

    You should check out Prisoner Of The Ghostland, A Nicolas Cage masterpiece!

  • EeJj
    EeJj   2 weeks ago

    You know shit gets real when Elvis calls the celebrity by their actual character names

  • Morgan
    Morgan   2 weeks ago

    Nowadays, if a movie stars Nicolas Cage, it automatically goes on my “need to watch” list.

  • Clown Duckkky
    Clown Duckkky   2 weeks ago

    Pre watching the video: I saw this movie on Hulu with my friend when we were looking for Willy’s wonderland and I read the description cracked up and said man that sounds like a Nicolas Cage movie

  • Finkel Bottom
    Finkel Bottom   2 weeks ago

    When I saw Rob's reaction to his pig dying I immediately cried

  • My hero fan Deku
    My hero fan Deku   2 weeks ago

    Please please please please please do the movie trick you’re gonna love it

  • Amen
    Amen   3 weeks ago

    dude, make a review for the Nic Cage movie Joe (2013), it's such a good movie, almost as good as pig, his performance is top notch.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   3 weeks ago

    Nicholas Cage don't usually like his work. But for Joe (2013) and maybe this last movie.

  • leo saunders
    leo saunders   3 weeks ago

    I just watched the movie in 20 minutes. thanks

  • Eddoo Nissaar
    Eddoo Nissaar   3 weeks ago

    bro isnt that like totally john wick in a chef format ???? !!! why is nobody seeing this ...wtf

  • B S
    B S   3 weeks ago

    Wait.... Why did that guy steal the pig? To get revenge on cage?

  • John Pavlosky IV
    John Pavlosky IV   3 weeks ago

    It’s a beautiful story. And Nic just adds that right amount of strange to it. Good stuff

  • The Lazy Gamer
    The Lazy Gamer   3 weeks ago

    This. This is proof of the point I’ve been trying to prove for years. Nick Cage is not a bad actor, he’s an amazing actor that tends to be cast in bad movies.

  • My Name Isn't Important

    I was really hoping for a Mandy style film. With Nic Cage getting into chainsaw battles during his desperate search to find his Pig. Enjoyed the film a lot, but still a little let down.