Misty Mountain Cold Lyrics

  • Published on: 07 February 2016
  • Cover Photo credited to Thorinoakenshield.net . I Do not own the rights to any content within this video. I made it because I love this song and I am learning how to mess around with adobe premier for educational purposes.
  • Runtime : 3:27
  • Lyrics Misty Mountain Cold Lyrics Cadence Nightingale Compilation Misty Mountain Cold


  • JeroMeroFX
    JeroMeroFX   2 hours ago

    when you first heard this you didn't notice but probably but time was great

  • George Washington
    George Washington   2 days ago

    I ❤ all of my European brothers and sisters.God is with us.

  • Dylan's Roblox
    Dylan's Roblox   2 days ago

    when i hear this style of music I feel like every atom in my body is awakening and reaching out to the music

  • Wolfee Playz
    Wolfee Playz   4 days ago

    Whenever I play a song similar to this my friend says it’s very depressing, yet I feel in no way like that. I love this song.

  • DodoHunter_1662
    DodoHunter_1662   4 days ago

    Played this infront of my toaster.He turned into a autobot

  • Elendil513
    Elendil513   4 days ago

    I listened to this on repeat at the age of 16 while reading the Hobbit because I heard the Hobbit movies were coming. I couldn't have had a better theme song

  • KevDoggg
    KevDoggg   6 days ago

    There’s a mod for Skyrim that adds this song to the title screen. It’s amazing.

  • Mama Universe
    Mama Universe   6 days ago

    Simpler?!….how? Just trying to get a glass of water was a whole event….stop fantasizing g about history being some romantic thing with Hollywood heartthrobs…it was a freaking MOVIE

  • Mac Shadow
    Mac Shadow   1 weeks ago

    These 1.7k dislikes must be from servants of Sauron!

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer   1 weeks ago


  • Mokongthe3
    Mokongthe3   1 weeks ago

    Wow this speed up my puberty; Now I'm a Real Man, With a Real Beard.

  • Thomas Schneider
    Thomas Schneider   1 weeks ago

    Urban One A zwischen Anfang Msi bis Anfang August. Alles rein.

  • Mohamed Boudjamaa
    Mohamed Boudjamaa   1 weeks ago

    When I set allon i always find myself sing these song ... a legendary song

  • Pain Writings production

    This song gives aches to ur bones rashes to ur skine fire to ur belly redness to ur eyes ...this song makes is what man should listen to not suger mommy ..

  • DankusMemus
    DankusMemus   2 weeks ago

    Great i just shaved myself. Guess its time for round 2, 3,4 and 5 considering that i have full Beard now

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D   3 weeks ago

    Geoff Castellucci did a cover of this, and its far, far better.

  • Handsome MadRedCow
    Handsome MadRedCow   3 weeks ago

    Песня хорошая, но что делает Джигурда на обложке?

  • Jacquie Mambu Lolo
    Jacquie Mambu Lolo   3 weeks ago

    I littraly love this song its cool and i just LOVE it its AmAzInG

  • Luciano Alves
    Luciano Alves   3 weeks ago


  • antovador
    antovador   3 weeks ago

    Great warrior. I was scared he was Terl from the awful movie Battlefield Earth. Thank God is not.

  • Tootsie's Travels
    Tootsie's Travels   3 weeks ago

    As an avid Tolkien book lover, I love how this was done! (the song I mean)

  • usama hussain
    usama hussain   4 weeks ago

    People: This movie wasn't goodMe: Beware the Necromancer!

  • rei do PS2
    rei do PS2   1 months ago

    why do you only remember the chamomile tea that lord Gandalf ordered?

  • The Danish Goat
    The Danish Goat   1 months ago

    i was singing along and it gave me chills, thats how you know song in powerful

  • Witch-King
    Witch-King   1 months ago

    Imagine me The Witch King Riding Smaug

  • Shimakaze
    Shimakaze   1 months ago

    We had such good modern innovative Fantasy-Stuff trough the years.... and they all was awesome... however... even if its "classical" and basically the Genre-setter. The whole Tolkien Universe will always have a special place in my heart... beautiful stories in beautiful world