My mother told me

  • Published on: 03 August 2020
  • Hi everybody!
    first i want to thank all the subscribers!
    all the viewers and all the likers!
    thank you so much.

    this song was supposed to be listening just by my best friend and me.
    i never imagined that so many people would find it.

    so to be totally fair and respecfull
    here is all the samples used:

    the vocals:

    "if i had a heart" by fever ray:

    And the original mix of both samples:

    Background pic link:

    thanks to those who mentioned them!

    Tipeee link if you're kindly:
  • Runtime : 4:5


  • Forever Young
    Forever Young   10 hours ago

    I tell people watch the last kingdom on Netflix, series was superb. You get to remember your history lessons. Actors were fantastic. I would be the last one who would want to watch Viking series. Well! I say, To Valhalla!

  • William Davis
    William Davis   11 hours ago

    preparing for Satans war ill succed for my wife but ill triumph for God

  • Arijan Nuhiu
    Arijan Nuhiu   20 hours ago

    I’ll pull them out return them to the rightful owners all in good time

  • TheGamingTrex2021
    TheGamingTrex2021   23 hours ago

    The German army : hey where that noise coming from * looks at the sea sees boats * German army : get on the machine guns!!!!!!!

  • Kaleb Howatt
    Kaleb Howatt   1 days ago

    This Would Made An Awesome Song For Assassins Creed Valhalla Trailers

    ANOR3XIC ALPHA   1 days ago

    "You think darkness is your ally". "You merely adopted the dark". I was born in it; molded by it". - Bane

  • hfredydl
    hfredydl   2 days ago

    I feel like conquering Britain now

  • Travis Thomas
    Travis Thomas   2 days ago

    Just came here to tell an overweight white man he isn’t related to Vikings

  • Seán Clark
    Seán Clark   3 days ago

    Valhalla awaits us all brothers Odin is with us till death

  • Anthony Perry
    Anthony Perry   4 days ago

    History teaches us that we are not the baddest generations to ever live. Standing toe to toe with blades in hand. Take a life or you and your family, homeland, culture and history of your people erased🤔😳Verses go to school get a job 😂We have it so easy

  • zam wessel
    zam wessel   5 days ago

    Can't believe this is still not on spotify.

  • Tyler Timms
    Tyler Timms   5 days ago

    If the Vikings had electric guitars they would of never lost a battle….epic people left an epic bloodline

  • Erik Klose
    Erik Klose   6 days ago

    could you put the remix on spotify?

  • Megan Freeman
    Megan Freeman   6 days ago

    I sing this at my plant job in the Appalachian mountains.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow   1 weeks ago

    Since most of you don't know, this song is about a young murderer. If I remember the legend right, a none year old boy was wrestling an 11 year old boy and lost. So, he k!lled the other boy with an axe to the brain which broke about a fight. His father was understandably mad, but his mother saw potential for him to be a great viking. So, this is the kid grown up talking about how proud his mother was. Not the traditional version. But the traditional lyrics directly translate to (I'm still leaning the old norse, but I'll try)My mother told meI ought to buyA great shipSteer the great shipSail awayKill man after manKill man after man

  • cheeseboi
    cheeseboi   1 weeks ago

    If I was a boxer/fighter, this is the music I would walk out to

  • Si vis pacem, para bellum! !

    I wonder how many people throughout the planet have viking warrior blood/DNA in their veins!? Could only trace my line back to the 1300's lowlands Scotland, Ireland and 🇺🇸 Clan O'Gallchobair....Mia Gloria Fides Fidelis ad Mortum Semper Fidelis Supero OmniaSi vis pacem?PARA BELLUM!la ilaha illa~Allah Muhammad rasoolu~Allah!

  • BigKountryDip’s Chanel

    I am from Norway and I am from Viking decent and when I came to America all the highschool kids asked me how I was 6,8 had a full beard and long blonde hair and a deep voice and was so strong when I did not lift weights I just told them it was in my blood

  • Nickolas Gravelin
    Nickolas Gravelin   1 weeks ago

    DNA test: 46% EnglandMe: Guess I’ll dieAlso DNA test: 4% Sweden and DenmarkMe:

    IHAVEYE   1 weeks ago

    My mother told me to stfu

  • UnholyKnight9
    UnholyKnight9   1 weeks ago

    I played this version when me and my friends played Valheim and they couldn’t resist it’s epicness and started singing along. Very well done.

  • Mokongthe3
    Mokongthe3   1 weeks ago

    "My Mother Told me, Step Son I'm Stuck!"

  • GB PL
    GB PL   1 weeks ago

    Surprisingly funny how brutal and violent culture become so romantic now

  • Brandon Shadowblade
    Brandon Shadowblade   1 weeks ago

    Love this song ! Every time I hear this I suddenly feel much more stronger for some reason yet not sure why.