TERRIFIER - Stephen King's IT has NOTHING on this...

  • Published on: 05 July 2021
  • honk honk

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  • Runtime : 19:20
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  • Kal T
    Kal T   1 days ago

    where can I get that shirt? 🤔

  • Troy Rice
    Troy Rice   3 days ago

    I loved this movie even though it was the 2nd scariest movie almost beating killer clowns from outer space

  • gb-schreiber
    gb-schreiber   4 days ago

    The first brunette looks a lot like Neve Campbell which is cute since she played the Scream protagonist...

  • LM47
    LM47   1 weeks ago

    Extreme overuse of gore is a very weak horror film making tactic. This was too much even with the blurs😬

  • MoreRilex
    MoreRilex   1 weeks ago

    the only guy who can stand up to Art is Bully Maguire

  • rider
    rider   1 weeks ago

    elvis i think the new terrifier is out react to it please

  • Rachita Alavani
    Rachita Alavani   1 weeks ago

    Omg why do all the scenes look so familiar. This is the first time i have seen this

  • Mimi
    Mimi   1 weeks ago

    I enjoyed the creative kills and gore and how :scary the clown was. But I couldn’t take the plot seriously and the characters were flat and unbelievable. I get the feeling the plot was written by a dude ‘cuz in reality women know to run if they meet a creep in the dark. Double so if it was this creepy clown and he followed them and wouldn’t stop staring. Hopefully in the sequel the characters will be more realistic and have some depth to them.

  • JustPickAlready
    JustPickAlready   1 weeks ago

    I saw this movie years ago and loved it. I had no idea they were making a second one and I didn't know Art the Clown was in other movies. I want to see them all

  • fishy492
    fishy492   2 weeks ago

    "Props to the people in charge of the practical effects, because it looks very real"People who made the movie: P-practical effects?

  • Co Vit
    Co Vit   2 weeks ago

    If you think that's wild you should check out it's fan fiction, Jesus Christ I need holy water after reading them

  • David McGrail
    David McGrail   2 weeks ago

    I swear this movie is just overly fucked up for the sake of " I want to make a overly fucked up movie because I can"

  • Blank41
    Blank41   2 weeks ago

    I was pleasantly surprised with this movie

  • Lance Homan
    Lance Homan   2 weeks ago

    Tricky is the original nearly immortal clown, change my mind.

  • Witch Flowers
    Witch Flowers   2 weeks ago

    i remember watching the movie on netflix just on a whim, knowing nothing about it, and at the end i was just like “huh.. well that was something.”… it did make me nauseous. so, that’s an achievement.

  • Dog_WIth_A_Glock
    Dog_WIth_A_Glock   3 weeks ago

    Nahhhhh Elvis disrespected my boy Marilyn Manson 😂🤣💀🤧🤧🥲🤭😡🙄😭😭🥺

  • Joe  “ligma” Candace

    Fun fact: the way that blonde girl gets murdered was actually a real medieval execution method

  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis   3 weeks ago

    Yo the scent with the girl that gets split in half is wild

  • Usagi San
    Usagi San   3 weeks ago

    If it bleeds we can kill itI like how art the clown acts human

  • José Gudiño L.
    José Gudiño L.   3 weeks ago

    I have never seen this movie, but I kind of like this clown because he seems to be very goofy and having a blast doing his stuff. Like he doesn't take himself to seriously like Pennywise does, and I like that a lot lol. Like he is a murderer but also a real clown in the heart lol Also, most of the people in the movie seems to be stupid af and all deserved to die for it, so I was rutting for the clown during the whole review lol I don't know, that clown is my dude right there lol

  • BearApex
    BearApex   4 weeks ago

    That "aw fuck I can't believe you've done this" caught me so off guard. Actually great

  • Aku
    Aku   1 months ago

    literally Marilyn Manson's mickey mouse but with more screws loose

  • The Nostalgic Future
    The Nostalgic Future   1 months ago

    Not gonna lie, excited for a sequel. I remember when i watched this for the first time, i was watching a bunch of crappy netflix horror movies, then this one popped up, BOY ITS HARDCORE WOWZERS

  • Mosotti
    Mosotti   1 months ago

    This movie is GREAT, one of the best slasher movies ever. I'm fucking serious.

  • Ramanand
    Ramanand   1 months ago

    Mortal Kombat devs : Take notes, take notes

  • -Total Brainlet-
    -Total Brainlet-   1 months ago

    Art and the tribe from Green Inferno would get along swimmingly…

  • Forester P
    Forester P   1 months ago

    a good horror movie should be once you watch it, it ruins you mentally, not something ruins your meals because it is too bloody and gross....

  • Smudgebird
    Smudgebird   1 months ago

    she clearly has proficiency with wood.

  • THGamer
    THGamer   1 months ago

    Art is such a nice guy, smiling at everyone. I wonder why everyone is so afraid of him. He just being kind 🤡

  • Sara Moore
    Sara Moore   1 months ago

    I’m the wife who would laugh at my husband’s disgusted face while watching this film. Anywho…The Human Centipede Trilogy, the House that October Built and Madhatter are all trash. You should totally watch them and review them. Maybe do a marathon with the Human Centipede, that way, you waste ALL of your time in one sitting instead of have to come back and have your PTSD of how screwed up it makes your mind, takes you over. And it’s not just because the premise and effects are disgustingly disturbing but of how incredibly AWFUL it is. So…yeah…

  • The savage gummy Bear
    The savage gummy Bear   1 months ago

    This is a movie I could barely watch, the uh… splitting scene… had me cringing and yelling every expletive in the book.

  • Sperber Meister
    Sperber Meister   1 months ago

    i have mixed feelings about this movie. i really liked art the clown. i think the actor did a real nice job and also he looks really fucked. the gore is also very good. they used a lot of practical effects which are also really well made. what i dont like is basically the rest. the setting is mostly one house which can be fine i guess but i thought it really wasnt that interesting. the story is... well.. there is no story. its just art doing his murder spree. the music is pretty bad imho. i feel like they made this movie just for the sake of it. for the gore, i dont know. i think if they would have put art in another more interesting setting or at least if they would have given it all a bit more context, some story, it could have been a really really good movie. as it is, its just another dull slasher movie, even though it has a cool villain and good effects. i think the makers can do better. im interested in what part 2 has to offer

  • Kristin Patton
    Kristin Patton   1 months ago

    I'm not one who purposfully seeks out bad movies for myself to sit down and watch.. Terrifier is the single movie I've seen that I expected to be scared but laughed because it was so bad.

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese   1 months ago

    Eli Roth's Clown is better then IT (2017) and (2019) but obviously not the 1990s OG.