THREE SOULS on board?! Flying to Lake Ouachita @Flying Sparks Garage

  • Published on: 30 August 2021
  • This super cute kitten stumbled out of a cornfield crying for someone to feed her. I'm glad we decided to walk down that road that night!

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  • Runtime : 21:25
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  • Colin Holloway
    Colin Holloway   1 months ago

    Are you taking submissions for #flyingkitten's name? I propose Amelia!

  • topguN
    topguN   21 hours ago

    Ive followed since you started. This is just pure epic

  • Lapua Mag
    Lapua Mag   1 weeks ago

    The Lord has blessed your life. So glad to see you enjoy what has been given to all of your YouTube fans.

  • Stev A
    Stev A   2 weeks ago

    "Ask where "mom" went?" WTF, I clicked on this to see a flying vid, not some sickening bullshit with fake tits and where you're overacting concern for a freaking kitten, and treating it like it's your child... Unsubbed.

  • Lucky Hearts
    Lucky Hearts   2 weeks ago

    The learned psychiatrist appropriately fit because attack notably disagree unto a wandering edge. merciful, well-to-do children

  • Shandee Walker
    Shandee Walker   3 weeks ago

    I just can’t wait to finish flight training 🥺🥺🥺

  • Will R
    Will R   4 weeks ago

    GoPro #9 Kitty Cam!

  • b xpress6
    b xpress6   1 months ago

    Cat is now part of the checklist😉👍but who is is the lucky one..the cat or the pet parents❤

  • Robert Greene
    Robert Greene   1 months ago

    Now get her used to being on the glare shield while flying and laying in the sun. 😁

  • Levi Starrett
    Levi Starrett   1 months ago

    Your comms are so clear and not rushed at all. No low growl or mumbling 👌🏻

  • Visible cat
    Visible cat   1 months ago

    Um I want to fly but how do I learn to fly it do I need to go to flight school and if I need to go to flight school how much does flight school cost to be a private pilot like you just own my own plane to fly when I want

  • hazplanes
    hazplanes   1 months ago

    hi just wanding when you will make you nwxt vidio

  • rallwest
    rallwest   1 months ago

    Great video. Fun!!! Also, I remember the my first time on water-skis...just as comical. I have found greater success using a single ski, especially for beginners. It may be counterintuitive, and against the advise of many, but we have found that the control of one ski is actually easier for a beginner than trying to manage 2 skis that want to operate independent of each other. But you'll get the hang of it!! enjoy

  • SylYT
    SylYT   1 months ago

    how long was the fliet @SylYT

  • Paul
    Paul   1 months ago

    @2:06 Kitty cat, "Makin' Biscuits" is what we call that when they fluff up blankets, etc. Kneed the dough lookin

  • Robert MacCready
    Robert MacCready   1 months ago

    That cute little kitty broke my cuteness meter. How mega adorable.

  • W1sconsinjohn
    W1sconsinjohn   1 months ago

    I saw some Leinenkugel' your style breh.

  • Our Flying Adventures
    Our Flying Adventures   1 months ago

    This video helped push us into getting another cat as soon as my bride watched it with me. As if one large American Mastiff wasn't enough, we adopted a cat from the local shelter. Pics on our blog. Thanks Josh and Chelsea.

  • Tallishyeti27
    Tallishyeti27   1 months ago

    7M3 is one of the coolest airports I’ve ever flown into

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones   1 months ago

    As always videography is fabulous, thanks

  • docdurdin
    docdurdin   1 months ago

    Oh my.. It's great to see you with these fine folks I also follow.. Watched them get the boat and fix it up.. Great boat by the way.. By the way; she adores you, Josh. Keep your wings level.

  • Anne Macleod
    Anne Macleod   1 months ago

    I did chuckle (at the end) and yes, stick with flying!Watch Gone with the Wynns … on their early sailing in the Pacific they sailed with two cats!🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑