GHOST SHIP (2002) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 26 July 2021
  • #ghostship #endingexplained

    In the underrated slice of early 2000's cheese GHOST SHIP, a group of salvagers get more than they bargained for on their latest venture because this ship is filled with spirits and a mysterious, violent past. We're breaking down the story, including what the villain is all about, the mystery of what befell the crew and passengers, as well as explaining the ending.

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  • Runtime : 27:9
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  • Dianne B. Dee
    Dianne B. Dee   9 hours ago

    The "ghost" ship was the Antonia GRAZA not Garza and the ship belonging to Murphy was the Arctic WARRIOR, not Wanderer. I just watched this today and it's clear what the titles of the two ships are. Karl Urban's character's name was MUNDER. The ones carrying the crates to the new ship are the Arctic WARRIOR's crew, MUNDER, Greer, Dodge, and Santos. That's why Epps screams.

    TOEQIEM   13 hours ago

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  • Chango WoWoWoezzy
    Chango WoWoWoezzy   1 days ago

    My Italian is bad but I'm pretty sure singer is saying something about thing ending.... I just had to watch the opening since its been so long since I seen it.. it brought me here

  • Wet Noodle
    Wet Noodle   3 days ago

    I remember watching this when I was little and only liking it bc it took place on a ship

  • DGrizz Nature
    DGrizz Nature   3 days ago

    Another top 10 movie for me. Love the opening always gonna remember that. Thank you for showing it again in its glory censored or not its still great to see (plus can YouTube it)

  • Aimee Wilson
    Aimee Wilson   4 days ago

    This is unironically one of my favorite horror movies and I could not pin point exactly why

  • Mikael Eriksson
    Mikael Eriksson   4 days ago

    Damn nearly 20 years old... remember watching this for the first time at like age 13.

  • Miss Mint
    Miss Mint   5 days ago

    20:20 “after fartin’ around on the boat all day encountering ghostly mischief”why did this make me laugh

  • Tjeerdtrekkie
    Tjeerdtrekkie   6 days ago

    The opening scene was great but... I still don't get how the captains face is sliced when the rest of the passengers were sliced through the middle. The captain wasn't as small as the girl but the girl was at Eye Level with (if not a bit longer than) the middle of the adults. My point is the girl should be sliced through her face and the captain through his middle

  • LylYahiko
    LylYahiko   6 days ago

    19:15 might need a little better blur lol

  • Mofo BeanCake
    Mofo BeanCake   1 weeks ago

    2:57 I’d be more impressed with the opening scene if it didn’t show them connected again after their torsos all separated from their bottom halves ... minus only a couple people, it literally shows the rest falling apart one minute and then the next scene it looks like they just fell over instead of coming apart in pieces... the pieces would be scattered or at least a foot or something away from the other parts of them if they wanted to make it more realistic. Instead they all look still attached

  • kijiji man
    kijiji man   1 weeks ago

    i cant believe there was no sequel

  • Mit Landson
    Mit Landson   1 weeks ago

    i remember as like a 5 year old being scared of this movie, but i found nightmare on elm street funny. i was a fucking wierd kid.

  • Mooey
    Mooey   1 weeks ago

    Maybe it was because I was young (possibly 12 or 13) but I LOVED this film. It was only recently I found out it didn't perform well or review highly. I haven't seen it in years but I used to watch it a couple times a year in my teens and became super suspicious of wire.

  • Kris Bailey
    Kris Bailey   1 weeks ago

    Oooooh....Now I get the reference from American Dad

  • Cannabis Enthusiast
    Cannabis Enthusiast   2 weeks ago

    I remember I would walk into the video 2000 here at my home town and the cover of dvd would move. The skull would like disappear and reappear and it always caught my attention. I watched it like 1000 times 😭

  • fourloko
    fourloko   2 weeks ago

    If this movie doesnt scream "Event horizon" i dont know

  • TitansArePeople
    TitansArePeople   2 weeks ago

    honestly thought i was the only one that saw this movie as a kid, so glad to have read all of y'alls comments. Lmfao

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater   2 weeks ago

    I actually really enjoyed this film, and the opening sequence was quite disturbing (in a good way) and memorable. As was the flashback reveal: the period clothing, key slo-mo moments, increasing acts of violence and betrayal that tightened the circle of key players - it worked well, sort of like a waltz at times. As for Margulies, she seems to have a habit of talking crap about her films. She did the same for Snakes on a Plane. I get it, she'd rather be starring in King Lear and directed by Scorsese, but it seems incredibly tactless to dump on your own projects.

  • Sonomabeast
    Sonomabeast   2 weeks ago

    When I was about 8 or 9 I watched this, still a great movie

  • The Terbear
    The Terbear   3 weeks ago

    Liked this movie but think it would have been better if the demon guy collecting souls wasn't part of the plot. Love that mudvayne song though.

  • Danny C
    Danny C   3 weeks ago

    This movie has always kinda reminded me of Event Horizon, but at sea. 🤔

  • koaif
    koaif   3 weeks ago

    Best way to describe Ghost Ship is Event Horizon on the sea.

  • PerkyPatriot89
    PerkyPatriot89   3 weeks ago didn't explain anything. False advertising.... 😒

  • Matthew Fabacher
    Matthew Fabacher   3 weeks ago

    This movie is so good, rewatched it and was a bit confused so I looked up the explanation and got here

  • Tina P
    Tina P   3 weeks ago

    how did Greer kiss Francesca but the locket went through Katie's hand ? Simple. Francesca is stronger . Francesca collects energy on being seen and killing , Katie has no energy because she isn't taking anything. she's giving .

  • Herman Pesina
    Herman Pesina   3 weeks ago

    Best part of the movie is mydvayne playing at the end

  • Badass Unicorn
    Badass Unicorn   3 weeks ago

    My dad has this movie but he never let me watch it because it’s ‘too scary’. Even now that I’m 20 and have a clear love for horror, he still thinks it’s too scary for me and won’t tell me where it is.

  • Mona Bailey
    Mona Bailey   1 months ago

    I like this movie and still through it in Blue Ray player ever now and again.

  • Epero
    Epero   1 months ago

    I don´t understand how he can claim those souls. Of course those that try to steal the gold. But many passangers were there just for the ride. If only killing someone will allow killer to take his soul, than it would be very easy for Hell to take souls. In every story it is that soul must be sacrificed, traded, offered. They can´t just take it - those are rules of Heaven and Hell. Same as in movie Drag me to hell - Hell can´t have claim on soul just because someone curse you. There have to be really bad deed, or again offer, trade, swap places, etc. It can´t be just "ou, I decided to take this soul, I take it".

  • Alex Schott
    Alex Schott   1 months ago

    Sequel idea; Maureen gets a ship of her own and, with a holy artefact sealed in a sarcophagus she found, sets out to sea to find Jack and end his demonic work once and for all. The final confrontation goes something like this.Jack: (smugly) You can't kill me.Maureen: I know... (kicks off the lid of the sarcophagus as doom metal grows louder and a figure rises from it) but he can.Jack: Wait, why do I hear boss mu- (cue Jack and any demonic underlings getting eviscerated by Doomguy)

  • McKinzi McClelland
    McKinzi McClelland   1 months ago

    Did you actually watch the movie? You butcher the ships name a ton of times as well as the character Munder. It’s not Garza, it’s graza.

  • Christopher Lowery
    Christopher Lowery   1 months ago

    I, too, immediately come to the conclusion that we’re gonna be pounding some ghost pusi when the phrase “ghost ship” is uttered. Great minds thinking alike 👉👌