The Most unbelievable Larry Bird Plays - Must See

  • Published on: 16 August 2020
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  • Thiago Moraes
    Thiago Moraes   2 months ago

    Young fellas both Celtics and Lakers superteams were built via Draft, not go playing with their friends to gain some advantage. Do you get it? Draft, not joining!!

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller   3 months ago

    Agree with MAGIC JOHNSON and it's very kind of him to say this about his friend!!IMHO there will also never be another MAGIC JOHNSON. Magic had that combination of extreme height, quickness, and coordination that you don't find in a ball handling guard! MAGIC had it all!!Bird also was AMAZING!! BIRD has the most beautiful soft shot I have ever seen in basketball!! Also he had that confidence to take the final shots in the big moments of basketball!!!

  • Seneca Brown
    Seneca Brown   3 months ago

    “Larry has a way of making everybody he comes into contact with a better person. A pure American of the highest character as reported in Sports Illustrated: "Bob Woolf, Larry Bird's attorney, brings out a hotel bill dated April 6, 1979. .... Now, the most illuminating thing in this whole saga is that hotel bill from 1979. You see, except for the basic room charge and the tax, there was nothing else on it. No room service, no restaurant charge, no long-distance phone calls, no nothing. Having dealt with many other athletes, Woolf naturally assumed that the kid would charge at will. But that wasn't how Larry Joe Bird was raised back in French Lick, Indiana. ‘Larry has a way of making everybody he comes into contact with a better person,’ Woolf says. ‘If you think the Larry Bird on the court has character and is unselfish—well, off the court he's even more so.’ Among those who know Bird well, the same catalog of qualities is cited again and again: honest, loyal, steadfast, dependable—his existence shaped by the contradictory, almost mystical ability to be the cynosure, yet always to contribute to those around him. Mel Daniels, who was an assistant coach at Indiana State when Bird played there, said it best: ‘It's like a piece of Larry goes to each player by the things he does.’ Tony Clark, a Terre Haute radio executive who grew up with Bird, says, ‘Larry epitomizes the word friend. Do you understand that?’ Yes. ‘Then you really don't have to know anything else about him.’” (Sports Illustrated 1988, Frank Deford, “A Player For The Ages,” Sports Illustrated, Time, Inc., New York, New York, March 21, 1988)———————————————————————Larry Bird - 50 Amazing Selfless Assists, NBA———————————————————————"Larry, you only told me one lie. You said there will be another Larry Bird. Larry, there will never, ever be another Larry Bird."— Magic Johnson, 1992 speech made in Boston in honor of Larry Bird,———————————————————————Larry's Legend - a Larry Bird documentary.———————————————————————The Truth About What Makes Larry Bird Great.———————————————————————"The guy was a basketball genius who had a mask of "a hick from French Lick" out as his calling card. But if you believed that for one second, you were going to get beaten." — Dr. Julius Erving, Televised interview published September 12, 2011,———————————————————————

  • Alonzo Madero
    Alonzo Madero   3 months ago

    I have been a Celtics fan since the mid-late 60s early 70s. I really liked all their great players but Larry Bird; I love the guy!

  • Corey H
    Corey H   4 months ago

    Im enjoying the younger generation recognizing of the greatest (forgotten) NBA players of all time. I've actually become addiction to watching Larry Bird vloggers 😀

  • Joe G
    Joe G   4 months ago

    Love your vids, thanks!!

  • American Exploring
    American Exploring   4 months ago

    Larry Bird is beyond amazing and Johnny Most calls it with real passion.

  • Patricia Otoole
    Patricia Otoole   4 months ago

    He looks like a kid having fun. But he is so serious about the game

  • Think Civil
    Think Civil   4 months ago

    This was a different era in the NBA, with the emphasis on the inside game. Bird actually looked to pass before shooting and got others involved by passing off. Within 15 feet was (more than often) 2 points when Bird shot the ball. But, he passed more than he took shots in most games, even if he was well within this range; be it backing someone in, or driving in to create something down low to one of the big guys. Larry averaged taking only 2 three point shots per game for his career!

  • tim y
    tim y   4 months ago

    oh ya people in Massachusetts noone can understand what the fuck your saying... Just listen yourselves its sounds like a fart that just goes on and on and on and on learn to speak English

  • tim y
    tim y   4 months ago

    If you had to chose 1 player to be your 1st round draft pick Jordan Bird Magic etc, Id chose bird He can do all the things the others can but is a fighters the others arent

  • Think Civil
    Think Civil   4 months ago

    People forget just how naturally strong Bird was. There's a video of Charles Barkley guarding Bird and Larry is backing him into the basket. Barkley has all his weight leaning on Larry trying to reach around for the ball and Bird is holding this big guy off with just one arm. When Barkley takes the fake, Bird simply lets Charles fall on his face and the ball is going through the net by about the same time Barkley hits the floor. It's why Bird was able to get so many loose balls. You either let go, or you went with the pass.

  • Mitchell L
    Mitchell L   5 months ago

    Bird was the greatest passer ever, and yes better than Magic..Magic was great but there was never an easy pass that he couldn't almost eff up..Bird NEVER made the wrong pass or decision on the court..I am not sure I ever seem him make a bad shot selection..Bird was the 2nd or 3rd greatest player ever..MJ number 1..Bird or Kareem # 2..Jerry West # 3..Wilt # 4...Magic # 5..the rest is ur choice..Bird is top 5 regardless of era

  • james morgan
    james morgan   5 months ago

    I've been a die-hard Celtics fan since 1980

  • Stephen Guy
    Stephen Guy   5 months ago

    And majic was right there's never been another Larry bird

  • Paul Martinson
    Paul Martinson   5 months ago

    fun to watch the opposing players when he makes those game winners

  • Alex Bolongaita
    Alex Bolongaita   5 months ago

    I watched Jordan but to me Larry Bird is really the best ever from the standpoint of basketball as a team sport.

  • The Pundit's Pundit
    The Pundit's Pundit   5 months ago

    The poster over Caldwell Jones had to be a “because I can” moment. My guess is that he got tired of hearing he couldn’t make flashy dunks and decided to do one

  • Big KW
    Big KW   6 months ago

    You never saw Bird walking up the court or walking out on the team ... LeBitch James will never be as good as Bird

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  • Dominic LaCoote
    Dominic LaCoote   6 months ago

    Larry Bird and Bill Russell are my favorite players I wish they could have played together

  • Vernon Hurley
    Vernon Hurley   6 months ago

    Your favorite play proves the Larry DID have athletic ability!! Get so damn tired of people saying he was not athletic!!

    TROY INGLE   6 months ago

    4:04 that shoulda been a 4 pointer lol

  • Jack Wright
    Jack Wright   6 months ago

    Second best player of yours< Larry Bird should be your first player of all time>

  • joe vincent
    joe vincent   6 months ago

    bird greatest all around player ever. jordan shouldn`t even be on the same page.

  • miguel26nj
    miguel26nj   6 months ago

    Larry is my favorite basketball player of all times. I understand Jordan is the GOAT. But I enjoy Larry the most

  • Susan Lilja
    Susan Lilja   6 months ago

    I love you bring me Larry. ❤️Appreciate you both! Do you have dream team highlights? Celtics Larry’s crew?

  • Mark Torres
    Mark Torres   7 months ago

    Most clutch player ever dude was an assassin

  • Phil L
    Phil L   7 months ago

    Isaiah...I never take the ball are a point guard dude.

  • America First Patriot
    America First Patriot   7 months ago

    This cat does a really great job with this site. Especially with the “old” cats. Its a shame the NBA and LeBron is doing everything they can to destroy their own league or BTM would have a lot more subscribers.

  • Hellan jerry
    Hellan jerry   8 months ago

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  • Kent Jax
    Kent Jax   8 months ago

    Sir, you know basketball and have earned my respect. I am now a follower. Keep up the good work.

  • David Callaham
    David Callaham   9 months ago

    Great stuff about one of the top 3 players of all time if not #1

  • Kolasom
    Kolasom   9 months ago

    On that steal at the end ..... how can you NOT include the pass to DJ?!? That was silly dude.

  • Cynthia Weathers
    Cynthia Weathers   10 months ago

    Thank you for realizing the greatness of Larry Bird and ranking him with your top player. He beat every great player in his era. Even Michael Jordan.

  • Kristal Macleod
    Kristal Macleod   10 months ago

    he was in the middle behind thebasket NOT to thecorner much Tougher shot by 10'

  • Frank Dascoli
    Frank Dascoli   10 months ago

    Love hearing Isiah describe that play! LBs presence of mind to knock it down and collect the ball w/out going out of bounds and to hit the late great DJ in stride shows Larry’s basketball acumen to a tee. He’s the most entertaining athlete of my lifetime and it’s not even close