Honest Trailers Commentary | The Kissing Booth

  • Published on: 06 October 2020
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    Honest Trailers Commentary | The Kissing Booth
    Hosted by Joe Starr (@joestarr187)
    Featuring: Spencer Gilbert (@SpencerJGillbert) & Lon Harris (@lons)
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole (@ryanohtrue)
    Tech Director: Jonathan Moulton (@MoultonArts)

    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
    Writer/Producer: Joe Starr
    Writer: Eric Goldman
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 47:33
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  • catrissia
    catrissia   5 months ago

    I just knew I was going to enjoy the HT more then either movie, so I passed on them booth.

  • Life As Jin
    Life As Jin   10 months ago

    Imagine if tht video was a girl working out and some dude is filming her... tht would be sexual harassment but when a girl does it its fine... double standards bruh 🙄

  • Jeff Parent
    Jeff Parent   10 months ago

    I literally just watched your Firefly ep and then this popped up next and I've never seen either Kissing Booth movie. How did you know????

  • Pigmiwarrior Entertainment

    I have a rule that I won't watch the Honest Trailer unless I've seen the film but I always want to watch the show so what I'm saying is that you guys are responsible for me watching The Kissing Booth this afternoon. Thank you Screenjunkies.

  • Lingerr Senghor
    Lingerr Senghor   1 years ago

    I watch this every week 😂 I still don’t understand these movies at all.

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson   1 years ago

    This might just be my new favorite Honest trailer.

  • PM Bramucci
    PM Bramucci   1 years ago

    I seriously thought the lead female was Alexis Bledel (when she played Rory). Too bad Stars Hollow never had a DDR competition; her mom wouldn't have had to swallow her pride and ask her folks for money for her private high school.

  • Devon Hickey
    Devon Hickey   1 years ago

    Now knowing a 15yr old girl wrote these, I truly understand how we've failed our youth.

  • Mariana Cornejo
    Mariana Cornejo   1 years ago

    A friend of mine is Pump it Up(another dance Rythm game) female world chamion and the prize is 50, 000 but she is the WORLD champion, she goes all the way to Korea or Bangladesh or whatever the tournament is that year to participate.

  • J. Erin Quist
    J. Erin Quist   1 years ago

    50,000 scholars ship? That'll pay for 1/2 of 1 semester at Harvard

  • ayakoholic
    ayakoholic   1 years ago

    Sometime, check out the kiss from the first Thor movie-- in order to get their heads relatively on the same level, they tilted the camera about 30 degrees (look at the horizon behind them).

  • Chris R
    Chris R   1 years ago

    I'm 6' 8", and my wife is 5' 1"

  • Dan Tam
    Dan Tam   1 years ago

    Need to do South Park Honest Trailer!!!!

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley   1 years ago

    Spencer’s Sliders reference made my day. Also if he opens a tiny burger restaurant I know what to name it.

  • Ninja
    Ninja   1 years ago

    Guessing next week is Do The Right Thing.

  • Carys
    Carys   1 years ago

    The relationship between Elle and Noah is not okay and I can’t believe Netflix thought this was an acceptable model for teens to watch.

  • Taylor Butler
    Taylor Butler   1 years ago

    About the leather jacket/bike thing, for one thing most american teen girls watched Grease as a kid, but also a leather jacket and motorcycle are hot every era!!!

  • Drew Carleton
    Drew Carleton   1 years ago

    "He's 6'5" and she's 5'4" so yeah, that's a big mismatch. I didn't like it, I didn't like it. Found it weird."As someone married to someone 1'1" shorter than me, felt called out!

  • HoraceInkling
    HoraceInkling   1 years ago

    “I hope the people watching this have seen Kissing Booth because if not man what a lot of patience listening to us talk about it.” Nope, but I’ll listen to these guys and gal talk about anything.

  • Pan And Scan Buddy
    Pan And Scan Buddy   1 years ago

    I have nicknamed Kissing Booth 3 the Kissening and Kissing Booth 4: Kiss-eñera

  • Pan And Scan Buddy
    Pan And Scan Buddy   1 years ago

    I expected you to do the survival list from one of the Zombieland movies. At least reference it a bit.

  • cooljma
    cooljma   1 years ago

    So a young woman named Elle decides to attend Harvard on a whim because her romantic interest is going there. I don't know a lot else about Legally Blonde, but I at least know enough to say that this must be a reference to it, right?

  • Ancel White
    Ancel White   1 years ago

    I have not seen the kissing booth and I would much rather watch you talk about it then actually watch the movie, so thanks all :)

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia   1 years ago

    I haven’t watched the movies but i enjoy you guys commenting about any movie tbh

  • Shelby J
    Shelby J   1 years ago

    The fact that she not only just finds out where she’s accepted but also STILL hasn’t committed to a school AFTER the graduation ceremony makes me want to explode. THATS NOT HOW COLLEGE WORKS. She would’ve had to send in a deposit to her school of choice in like early may. I watched this movie months ago and I’m still upset

  • Wario29
    Wario29   1 years ago

    I have not seen these movies

  • Moonlight 1995
    Moonlight 1995   1 years ago

    I really hate that I am 4'2 and people think that I am a kid also I have wattpad and I try to make some fanfic on there

  • Lina NAFIE
    Lina NAFIE   1 years ago

    Hahahahahahaha so far the best Honest trailer I've seen!! I never watched the second movie, I was just waiting for them and others to make commentary videos on it

  • Zeck Hanake
    Zeck Hanake   1 years ago

    next week is invisible man (2020)?? happy if that's true

  • MG P
    MG P   1 years ago

    40:43 " This year's hottest honeys." Haha :)

  • Juliano M
    Juliano M   1 years ago

    Love you guys, as always... but...PLEASE.BUY.NEW.MICROPHONES.

  • nlpnt
    nlpnt   1 years ago

    It's "Welcome to Netflix, you're greenlit, how can I help you?": The Movie

  • David Szaks
    David Szaks   1 years ago

    Were these popular Movies? I have never even heard of them.

  • gustacular
    gustacular   1 years ago

    I can't believe you guys take these pieces of shit seriously enough to: 1. Watch them, 2. Discuss them openly.

  • Enchanted Little Me
    Enchanted Little Me   1 years ago

    the most shocking thing about these stories is that it was written by a WELSH teenager