• Published on: 09 May 2021
  • We add a DERP SSUNDEE Role in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 15:14


  • HeyitsSmile
    HeyitsSmile   1 hours ago

    SSundee: "he can ask for a pen and paper"Me: * hit in the face with a brick of nostalgia *

  • colman the yt 2.0
    colman the yt 2.0   1 days ago

    I unsubscribe because I saw drainer react to a diss track it wasn't a good one

  • Jpdouglas
    Jpdouglas   1 days ago

    4:30 the moment we’ve all been waiting for

  • Forgotten
    Forgotten   2 days ago

    I do not like Derp Ssundee, I love Derp Ssundee

  • megjonston
    megjonston   2 days ago


  • Dolphin Dave
    Dolphin Dave   3 days ago

    Me who changed the html of YouTube to make the like button purple:I am BIG BRAIN

  • Alex Lune
    Alex Lune   4 days ago

    Only ogs remember derp Ssundee in team crafted 😭

  • earl lesniak
    earl lesniak   4 days ago

    The deep jail originally recognise because helmet fifthly correct modulo a vivacious dragonfly. rigid, gaping parrot

  • william price
    william price   4 days ago

    is it posible that you can do a naruto mod in amoung us it would be op

  • Lilly Tolson
    Lilly Tolson   4 days ago

    Has any one realised this mod is about ssundee? And you should ssundee make amung us mod about al of your frinds and you lol

  • ·Blue·
    ·Blue·   4 days ago

    WHERE IS THE LEGENDARY ''and it will turn blue''

  • Joshua Herbert
    Joshua Herbert   4 days ago

    I told my best friend the ability’s is I made a ssundee mod in among us.

  • Elijah Roller
    Elijah Roller   5 days ago

    Would you please make a one crew were the imposters don’t know who the crew is 😀