WORKOUT vs FAT Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
  • We add a FAT vs WORKOUT Mod in Among Us!

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  • Runtime : 15:3


  • SPARK123
    SPARK123   1 days ago

    Wait so I saw a video that showed that he acted different off camera and he says let’s wait until I’m the imposter then starts acting differently because he’s recording doesn’t that mean that all his friends can tell that he’s the imposter?

  • Bacon
    Bacon   2 days ago

    Where is the link

  • Da Ph
    Da Ph   2 days ago


  • fl4wl3s
    fl4wl3s   2 days ago

    1:01 why does that remember me of my family cheering me on?

  • Mee Mee
    Mee Mee   3 days ago

    1:47 chicken Nuggets?????

  • Supakai9
    Supakai9   3 days ago

    Jokes on you ssundee I eat air lol keep up the content I love it

  • Alih123
    Alih123   3 days ago

    I wish a could play with SSundee

  • Poké fan
    Poké fan   3 days ago

    4:38 I felt bad for that fat guy because he died just because he was fat😔

  • Nick Wijkstra
    Nick Wijkstra   3 days ago

    Make fat vs workour teams so one team has a fat captain and they have to find food for him and the other team has to get weights for the workour and then after a couple min they have a fight

  • sammi wilhelm
    sammi wilhelm   3 days ago

    You have to eat if you haven't eaten you would be dead

  • Otgonsuren Davga-ochir

    i love that garry was the muscle dude and he said DROPSHIP!?! then you said thank you

  • Richard
    Richard   6 days ago

    The final minigame you did, all you had to do was hit him by 1 more score than you than just stop and he lost.

  • Artical
    Artical   1 weeks ago

    It turns white. Me eating rn🤬😡🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😶‍🌫️

  • monsterman420
    monsterman420   1 weeks ago

    Ok so i have apparently never eaten food before cause the like button turned black😮😯

  • M Bru
    M Bru   1 weeks ago

    At 8:24 Henwy sounded like Ian

  • Nelli Kovács
    Nelli Kovács   1 weeks ago

    Love your vids ssundee, btw shoutout? Please

  • Alan Veve
    Alan Veve   1 weeks ago

    the like button didn't turn did I lie...?