ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'INCEPTION' Official MV

  • Published on: 29 July 2020
  • Release Date: 2020. 7. 29. 6PM (KST)

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    #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_1
  • Runtime : 3:52
  • KQ 케이큐 ATEEZ INCEPTION 에이티즈 인셉션 ATEEZ INCEPTION 에이티즈 인셉션 HONGJOONG SEONGHWA YUNHO YEOSANG SAN MINGI WOOYOUNG JONGHO 홍중 성화 윤호 여상 산 민기 우영 종호 김홍중 박성화 정윤호 강여상 최산 송민기 정우영 최종호 INCEPTION MV 인셉션 뮤비 인셉션 뮤직비디오 인셉션 MV KPOP KPOP MV KPOP Music video INCEPTION Music video ATEEZ Music Video ATEEZ MV ATEEZ INCEPTION MV 에이티즈 인셉션 뮤비 ATEEZ INCEPTION Music video 에이티즈 인셉션 뮤직비디오 에이티즈 인셉션 MV ATEEZ FEVER ATEEZ ZERO FEVER PART 1 ZERO FEVER PART1 에이티즈 제로 피버 파트원 ATEEZ 제로 피버 파트원


  • Atik Widianingsih
    Atik Widianingsih   3 hours ago

    Addicted of this song and can't take off my eyes from seonghwa's abs..

  • CKC
    CKC   9 hours ago

    We need to bring the Voyager back that's at the edge of the solar system just so we can add this to the gold disk.

  • San산
    San산   15 hours ago

    thank you, queen inception, for encouraging me to stan ateez after seeing and hearing you. idk where i am now if i never got to see you.

  • jihyosheels
    jihyosheels   16 hours ago

    seonghwa's insane high note, his vocals are really beautiful

  • Soomin Jung
    Soomin Jung   16 hours ago

    ateez discography is just perfect but nothing comes close to fever part 1 era

  • listener
    listener   16 hours ago

    I want to thank everyone participate in the making of this song.

  • Pawani Sirmanwar
    Pawani Sirmanwar   19 hours ago

    No matter if its a million years this is always legendary

  • starily
    starily   22 hours ago

    윤호의 "찾아 헤매다~" 진짜 아름다운 <3

  • 정선옥
    정선옥   22 hours ago

    대외적으로 멀쩡한 이미지가그나마 나아요~! ^^

  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Jennifer Nguyen   23 hours ago

    this song is emotional yet so powerful at the same time. def my fav title track after deja vu :)

  • Chef-ish Chic
    Chef-ish Chic   23 hours ago

    Answer and Inception proves that a video doesnt need 1b views to be legendary

  • Taimara Freitas
    Taimara Freitas   1 days ago

    thank you for making my days better ATEEZ, happy 3rd anniversary <3

  • kaylane sousa
    kaylane sousa   1 days ago

    A Voz de Mingi nessa música está tipo wow♪(*_*)

  • Momo Lui
    Momo Lui   1 days ago

    When it’s deja vu era but you’re still not over inception

  • jihyosheels
    jihyosheels   1 days ago

    happy 3 year anniversary ATEEZ, inception the greatest of all time.

  • Rahat Batool
    Rahat Batool   1 days ago

    I regret coming to see Ateez after mama , I can't go back , it has turned me into a multistan, I blame ateez