John Salley Concerned for Paul Pierce After Seeing IG Live that Got Him Fired from ESPN (Part 4)

  • Published on: 11 April 2021
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    In this clip, John Salley addressed Paul Pierce losing his ESPN job after a scandalous IG Live video. John explained that he has been friends with Paul for years, adding that Paul didn't look like the serious, reserved person he knows in the IG video. John went on to state that he's more worried about Paul than him losing his ESPN job. To hear more, hit the above clip.
  • Runtime : 6:1


  • Charlie
    Charlie   3 hours ago

    Paul Pierce doesn't need a job, he's a multimillionaire. He was also very bad so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • dareal o.g
    dareal o.g   1 days ago

    Stfu Whole lot of speculation Just stfu

  • ronniebobby edition
    ronniebobby edition   2 days ago

    Paul Pierce does what quite a few athletes in pro sports do - smoke weed and party with strippers......but they aren't dumb enough to broadcast this - especially when they are supposed to have a respectable job on ESPN! Paul Pierce was the dumbest ESPN NBA Analyst anyways. His expertise will not be missed.

  • Ray Difference
    Ray Difference   3 days ago

    Who the hell care. So he can’t drink and have fun. F that job. I’m sure most every guy does it. Who wants a job you can’t express yourself. It was legal.

  • Larry Hughes
    Larry Hughes   4 days ago

    Why y’all concerned for Paul Pierce cause he ain’t a sucka like yall

  • Warchild
    Warchild   4 days ago

    The funny thing is Disney is one of, if not the most vile, disgusting, satanic company's in the world.

  • Jake Mullins
    Jake Mullins   4 days ago

    ESPN and Disney worried about these strippers but Disney hires nothing but pedophiles in their organization! Fuck off ESPN and Disney

  • Greg Gardner
    Greg Gardner   4 days ago

    the girl wasn't a stripper , look @ 0:10 look at Salleys face , he looked like he wanted to say something but left it alone , real g move

  • mack
    mack   5 days ago

    Paul got stab at a night club years ago, he always been out and about like that. This shouldn’t be a surprise to no one.

  • beerbellyboodha
    beerbellyboodha   5 days ago

    lmao “concerned” the nigga was high off that backpack boyz, paul is good. nigga was having a blast & probably transition into podcasting or some shit.

  • Contel Bradford
    Contel Bradford   6 days ago

    lol. Did seem out of character. Maybe that nigga was tryna get up on one of those fat unemployment checks. Cause he had to know he was gettin' canned.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee   1 weeks ago

    That’s BS! He wasn’t just alone with strippers: he was at a poker table. They were just in the background. I hope his podcast goes well. I’ll definitely tune in just on the strength. Had he been sitting around a bunch of drag queens, he’d still have his job.

  • bobby christ
    bobby christ   1 weeks ago

    “ESPN is owned by Disney” doesn’t make me anymore comfortable for the future of sports

  • Mikal Jones
    Mikal Jones   1 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce don’t give a damn he’s far from broke!!!

  • Jomo Guera
    Jomo Guera   1 weeks ago

    Paul is obviously going through mid life crises. I stop that stripper thing in my late thirties. The older you become,the more you have to let go. Be certain foods,vices and so forth. If you never learn to be grateful and appreciate the little things, you will chase thrill seeking.

  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon   1 weeks ago

    John Sally is a sellout to people that got more money than him. That's how he feels he stays relevant in Hollyweird!!!

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones   1 weeks ago

    Dennis Rodman was wild, NBA DIDN'T MESS WITH Dennis Rodman

  • Ramez Sweis
    Ramez Sweis   1 weeks ago


  • Derrick rose
    Derrick rose   1 weeks ago

    paul pierce is married, this nigga spouting out bs

  • Palahume
    Palahume   1 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce is single, and the woman in the video was just in a bikini bathing swim-suit... what was the problem???

  • Palahume
    Palahume   1 weeks ago

    Vlad: "ESPN is owned by Disney"Me: Oh, so what you're saying is that if the stripper was another male them none of this would be an issue. LMAO 😂🤦

  • Sharef Rowell
    Sharef Rowell   1 weeks ago

    people mad cause he didn’t side with the Illuminati..

  • Khalil Daye
    Khalil Daye   1 weeks ago

    But the dude who sings old town country road can give Satan a lap dance for kids to see...Feel like if Paul Pierce was poppin his bussy instead of getting massages by females he would still be working at ESPN.. Do ppl really know what Walt Disney did? The hypocrisy and anti heterosexual hate is real..SMH

  • S. Alexander
    S. Alexander   1 weeks ago

    It's because Rachel Nichols name was mentioned and she sleeps around with different players

  • keith crockett
    keith crockett   1 weeks ago

    I don't gaf if he'sMARRIED...DIVORCED...STRAIGHT...GAY...A BARNYARD SODAMIST .... IN A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP...OR CELIBATE....dummy risked millions of $$$ just cause he wanted to "GO LIVE with HOES"..…VERY NOT SMART

  • Kamelody 23
    Kamelody 23   1 weeks ago

    He looked high on cocain , plain and simple

  • Antonio Walker
    Antonio Walker   1 weeks ago

    Stay off of of social media. Period. You will have less problems and less stress.

  • Mark Wall
    Mark Wall   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what the white guys from ESPN do on the their off time

  • Yoel Taveras
    Yoel Taveras   1 weeks ago

    Salley looks younger thn Jordan, Magic n all the other players of his era