Master P Talks Family Business, Legacy, Artist Unions + More

  • Published on: 22 April 2021
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  • Runtime : 55:26
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  • king brad
    king brad   1 days ago

    That nigga said perts ayooo I’m ded 😂

  • Rona White
    Rona White   1 days ago

    I so admire this man. He talks accountability and the truth.

  • Adele Stoker
    Adele Stoker   1 days ago

    Say what u want about Master P at the end of the day he is a person who set his mind on something and will accomplish it

    JOERUSSHMUSIC   2 days ago

    If I made 300k like that I’m definitely investing music on the side 💯

  • Jinn Bone
    Jinn Bone   2 days ago

    Master P, No Limit, Ghetto D, Da Last Don, that was sum real shit back in the day.

  • Cedrick Blair
    Cedrick Blair   3 days ago

    That’s why I talk to my son every day about life and white society

  • Danielle Stan
    Danielle Stan   5 days ago

    The vacuous cirrus concordantly guide because white peroperatively zip without a light hair. deranged, discreet packet

  • Faith
    Faith   6 days ago

    learned a lot from this 🙇🏾‍♀️🖤

  • Kay Elpea
    Kay Elpea   6 days ago

    I love master P!! I remember reading an article 10+ years ago about how he didn’t want to hire a housekeeper because he wanted his kids to experience chores & I respected him so much for that because he wanted his children to earn their keep & build character….even though they had money!….SO important for any kid, especially important for kids of celebrities #businessman #smartman

  • Bryan Furman
    Bryan Furman   6 days ago

    No shit I rocked the no limit soldier gear my grandma still here she retired from Macy’s I love u p I got kids I’m leaving the military so street nigga and my wife is scared bc I’m still a street nigga

  • Reginald Brown
    Reginald Brown   1 weeks ago

    You only can hit a home run if you swing....Master P.

  • salem kanawetey
    salem kanawetey   1 weeks ago

    All the way from Ghana... Man am humbled to listen to this interview. I've learned so much. God bless you and your family M. P

  • pakistani8907
    pakistani8907   1 weeks ago

    if he didnt have the privilage of being master p son he wouldnt try to go against the grain by playing at an hbcu if he got into a mainstream d1 program

    FIGURE FUSION   1 weeks ago

    This video changed my life. No joke, this guy is a man to look up to. I'm only 14 and I'm about to be bout it bout it

  • Karenda Chapman
    Karenda Chapman   1 weeks ago

    That's what's up. Love this. Education and success is important. It makes a big difference when a positive father is in their son's lives.

  • iMovie Films
    iMovie Films   2 weeks ago

    Put master p n dame dash together would be very interesting 🤔

  • iMovie Films
    iMovie Films   3 weeks ago

    Distribution come with your own trailer u need 20 trailer for Distribution all over the nation store read n research and do action period

  • maria washington
    maria washington   3 weeks ago

    Please remember family, a book is a gun , it's so powerful

  • BJAY Lide
    BJAY Lide   3 weeks ago

    master p said i aint worried bout what i did 20 years ago charlamagne 16:52

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther   3 weeks ago

    yall keep given this plump belly sell out a pass..... if master p real....why he never aplogize to pimp c mother when he broke in his room and beat em up ...huh... why he never gave his brother no props while in jail...huh...this dude a fake...i hope something bad happen to him...he killed that dude who made that song...slow motion for me...ask his sister...this man a sell out

    THE ONLY   3 weeks ago


  • Racheal Silburn
    Racheal Silburn   4 weeks ago

    Down For My Hitters...that song still go hard in the paint!

  • Mr. Johnson
    Mr. Johnson   1 months ago

    P dropping so much knowledge and it goes straight over the head of idiots

  • Blue People Do Not Exist Black People Do

    The Real “King Of The South”, when you look at the Hustle this Man had and still has and the shit he Did By Himself is one of a kind in the Hip Hop Industry.💯

  • Jayde Baker
    Jayde Baker   1 months ago

    Black or white it all for our kids!

  • marvin Cross
    marvin Cross   1 months ago

    Im taking notes for real. Writing down. Master class. Thanks Master P.

  • Jayquan
    Jayquan   1 months ago

    Police have the power. That’s why when they pull me over it’s NO SIR YES SIR. I’m trying to go home

  • FatSlim Milky
    FatSlim Milky   1 months ago

    Master P is an American Icon. I am so very proud of him and legacy he's giving us through his kids. We should all take note of how he's helped our people to survive and thrive. Give him his flowers 💐 today!!!

  • Salt E Cracka
    Salt E Cracka   1 months ago

    No victims , pure grind. This is how its done 101.

  • jwilliaful
    jwilliaful   1 months ago

    He dropped some 💎💎. I was learning

  • Carole Freitag
    Carole Freitag   1 months ago

    The far sousaphone secondarily shade because colony successively walk following a goofy comma. flashy, premium fridge

  • Wise Nubian
    Wise Nubian   1 months ago

    DJ Envy has a wife & children. He's concerned about his. None of the 🤡 s knew what they were talking about. They want attention..nothing more. What they should do is research before speaking. The community is in dire need of resuscitation. It's dying, rapidly not because of locality or buildings but because of the lack of values, morals & character of the people. We can't keep pretending. This is a huge mess & everybody knows it. We're just too comfortable talking about it behind closed doors only. That's all. However, what's going on out here MUST be addressed. Thank God for KS. For me & other women, he assured many of us who've known what we've been seeing for decades is irresponsible, disgusting, crazy, outlandish, Wild Wild West type aggressive, destructive & is simply horrible & embarrassing. Our image is damaged all around the world because of certain types who we should never want as our representatives. This Thot culture is despicable. No other group embraces strippers, prostitutes as their "norm." They have a right to live but they don't have a right to mishandle our image that generations of older women helped build like Diahann Caroll, Coretta Scott King & others. Today, we show more breasts, booty & yet, men aren't even trying to marry us. Wake up! Those types make us all look like 🗑️🗑️. I've never seen men as displeased about the quality of women to select from to marry but it's happening now. Decent men are saying they can't find suitable mates because of the 🗑️🗑️ ways, physical appearance & immorality out here.DJ Envy & the dizzy female co-host who, herself, is unmarried, thinks it's "weird" for an Image Consultant to stand outside of Hermes store in Atlanta to expand his clientele. Really? They are just silly & childish. To me, a woman with an MBA I can tell you his approach shows drive, confidence & a determination to succeed. It's simply a marketing strategy whether it was effective or not remains to be seen. However, he was working at obtaining his business goals. What clueless people we have in the world.🤯🤯. My God, 🙏 they better hope they never lose their jobs at the Breakfast Club.

  • Adrian Wells
    Adrian Wells   1 months ago

    Master P is that dude that gives you that real talk. His sons are soaking up all of tha game their father is speaking