Guess the Drawing with Taylor Alesia #shorts

  • Published on: 02 May 2021
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  • LikidySquidwater
    LikidySquidwater   5 minuts ago

    I am more than concerned that YouTube is becoming tiktok

  • Leaf
    Leaf   12 minuts ago

    The Plot:The ink is poisonous & she is his gf.

  • salvatore tinnirello
    salvatore tinnirello   22 minuts ago

    Look she so submitted that everytime you tell her to open her mouth to take something from you she do , oh God

  • Damilola Owolabi
    Damilola Owolabi   23 minuts ago

    Isn't that market toxic ? Unless it's edible, I wouldn't advice anyone to lick it

  • Barbz4Bernie
    Barbz4Bernie   25 minuts ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact her tongue is gray

  • jonkook kok
    jonkook kok   29 minuts ago

    I did not understand something disgusting

  • FUGGle
    FUGGle   42 minuts ago

    Squares are rectangles

  • RoseBudG
    RoseBudG   1 hours ago

    My guys says rectangle Me DUDE THATS IS A SQUARE ⬛

  • Ava Duffy
    Ava Duffy   1 hours ago

    I really hope that's a edible marker

  • Chqrly Brqwn
    Chqrly Brqwn   2 hours ago

    A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square im big brain

  • LunarMations
    LunarMations   2 hours ago

    dude wtf there are like 10 ywar olds who will actually do this, and could die of poisoning.

  • Artur Dias
    Artur Dias   2 hours ago


  • m choi
    m choi   3 hours ago

    You people need to clean tongue as well when you brush teeth alright?

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook   4 hours ago

    I just wasted 5 seconds of my life watching this shit