Juice WRLD & The Weeknd - Smile (Official Video)

  • Published on: 11 August 2020
  • Juice WRLD & The Weeknd - Smile is available now: https://smarturl.it/999XO
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    Directed and Animated by KDC Visions/ @kdcvisions

    Executive Produced by GRADE A Productions (Lil' Bibby, George “G-Money” Dickinson, Peter "Pete" Jideonwo, )

    Editing and Visual Effects by Ryan Dylan Selkirk/ @aylo_edit and Joe Moran/ @kelzofx
    Additional animation by Saxon Brooks/ @aynoxas , Douy Singsamran/ @douysart , Dario Ricciotti/ @drew94100 and @d3signeric

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  • Runtime : 3:39
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  • Haaris Lucifer
    Haaris Lucifer   1 minuts ago

    "100 pics of me your phoneNow someone that I used know"I felt that

  • josue
    josue   2 hours ago

    The weekend ruined it :/

  • Jordan Pierce
    Jordan Pierce   3 hours ago

    At 306 he has angel wings so he is going. To heaven its like he knew he was gonna die and we didn’t notice sadly but we will forever miss him 999

  • Lo Rock
    Lo Rock   3 hours ago

    The weekend went way to high for this song he should have kept it low and slow

    SINUS   4 hours ago

    0:36 is that only lyrics or juice knew already? Coincidence? 🤔

  • black-svenska
    black-svenska   5 hours ago

    He died 1 day before my birthday .... 😢We miss you Juice WRLD , R.i.P ✌️

  • China China
    China China   9 hours ago

    have been the best simp for the first time in my life for at least 6 years with my girl and for my girl too,,, long story short she left for some dude whom she thought was better.... I'm over here trying to convince myself I'm happy cause I saw her smile with the dude but I spend all my nights jaded.. shit hard out here

    UNIVERSE   9 hours ago


  • Aaron Lavorgna
    Aaron Lavorgna   10 hours ago

    I wanna see how many people will never leave this legand I know that I won’t what about y’all ? RIP Juice wrld. But he left us with his amazing music and just because he’s not here any more that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy his music and he always says to turn negativity into positively and it’s amazing how he inspires everyone else that listens to his music. He also tells us that his life’s a mess but we didn’t listen and now he’s up there away from all the pain and hurtful things and words said to him witch made him write all of his songs and he had a good time on this Earth other than all the other bad things that happened, but I’ll NEVER leave. 💫🙏🏻😭🥀

  • TrapAlex
    TrapAlex   12 hours ago


  • LOCK DOWN!!!!!
    LOCK DOWN!!!!!   16 hours ago

    the reason he isn't here today is because of his mates telling him he was being followed by police and he overdosed. RIP juice

    BRET HACKS   23 hours ago

    Everyday we are here rip legend

  • Catherine Wakaba
    Catherine Wakaba   1 days ago

    Although he died.....he left an impact through his songs...... love you Juice

  • Rudhir Saxena
    Rudhir Saxena   1 days ago

    at 1:36 , this is the voice i had been waiting for

  • XxjamisonxxX
    XxjamisonxxX   1 days ago

    I would give my own life to bring him back anyone whos watching would probably do the same

  • Joseph Worst
    Joseph Worst   1 days ago

    I'm so lonely feeling depressed bc I have no girl and I'm tired of being blocked on snapchat for being ugly bc these girls think I'm ugly but it's okay

  • Dan Kidan
    Dan Kidan   1 days ago

    RIP juice wrld I cry for two hours 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • James Myers
    James Myers   1 days ago

    Dope song but he ain’t in no heaven, he sold his soul for money and fame and it’s sad whoever made this had to add that bullshit at the end, juice wrld went str8 to eternal hell for selling his soul

  • Zoe Beltran
    Zoe Beltran   2 days ago

    I think he was a good person and i am 9 and love a rapper who has a rich and loved soul! Rip Juice wrld