i did $44,000,000 in free advertising for subway

  • Published on: 05 May 2021
  • asmr version of this video (2nd channel): https://youtu.be/uUeAd2_nFnI

    thank you subweigh
  • Runtime : 3:28
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  • Milad Mirg
    Milad Mirg   1 months ago

    Some people are commenting how the numbers don’t add up, I should’ve mentioned that the company that ran all of these numbers included watch time into all of this (typical skipable ads are 5 seconds to 30 seconds) and regular ads are 15-30 seconds. All of these have different bids for costs, so they are all included into the calculations in comparison to my videos. Sorry about the confusion for anybody!

  • Ghost Of 1776
    Ghost Of 1776   2 days ago

    "I did over $44 million for subway in free advertising..." All I've got is this stupid shirt and minimum wage job..." YouTube famous

  • Toni Panchos
    Toni Panchos   2 days ago

    I love Subway! When I heard that the tuna is not tuna, I said ey, it tastes good anyways (just found out its real tuna just so you know). I go to Subways at least weekly sometimes 2 times a week. My favorites are: Tuna and meatballs. Oh and thanks to all the workers that when I ask to put the meatballs separately when I am ordering a meatball sandwich, they just do it. :)

  • Shyam Sharma Show
    Shyam Sharma Show   2 days ago

    I fckn hated Subway before and now I recently started watching your videos and now am drooling everyday!Thanks Milad!!

  • josh crouse
    josh crouse   3 days ago

    Sub Way should have liked,commented and favorited this video

  • Surya
    Surya   4 days ago

    Just ordered after this video 🙄

  • Darkgames323
    Darkgames323   4 days ago

    Have you every had a kid walk in by themself?

  • LovelyGem Gonzalez
    LovelyGem Gonzalez   5 days ago

    Wow you’re truly amazing ! More and more blessings coming to you !!!!

  • Juicy J
    Juicy J   5 days ago

    It's not Jared from Subway anymore, it's Milad from Subway now

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova   5 days ago

    I stopped eating there after we all found out subway Jared was doing on his free time

  • Snoop ING
    Snoop ING   6 days ago

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  • Cohee
    Cohee   6 days ago

    Bro, idk if I should love you or hate you.. I eat subway at least weekly now.. I guess I should thank you.

  • prakshaal jain
    prakshaal jain   1 weeks ago

    Also in India! Yesterday I went and had a sandwich just because of you!!If possible can you try the indian subway menu?

  • Pratik Kashyap
    Pratik Kashyap   1 weeks ago

    I have ordered so many times after seeing your video

  • Nola Bets
    Nola Bets   1 weeks ago

    F*** that Subway should be paying you about 5 million dollars a year, that type of organic marketing that your doing, there is no board room full of overpaid ivy league school marketing hacks that could come up with such a simple and brilliant concept, theyd be laughed out of the room saying that it would never work, nah dude Subway should be paying you and literally groveling at your feet for injecting this much marketing into their dying stores

  • Rushi
    Rushi   1 weeks ago

    Why do you keep changing hand gloves every single sub, I get the hygiene reason but it looks so annoying maybe for you.

  • Kaniel Outis
    Kaniel Outis   1 weeks ago

    0:10 I’m going to the garage to get one of these look so tasty, is it chicken tikka ?

  • 286mic
    286mic   1 weeks ago

    All subways should be bowing to Milad when he walks in their shop.

  • lovelettuce
    lovelettuce   1 weeks ago

    I haven’t been to a subway in 2 years until today because your videos make me want subway !!

  • Kill Rox
    Kill Rox   1 weeks ago

    I'm a big fan of sandwiches, and seeing your pov never fails to make me hungry

  • Skyz Axtro
    Skyz Axtro   1 weeks ago

    Subway just re opened in my area I am so exited to do wat some sub way eat fresh

  • Joseph L. Kelly
    Joseph L. Kelly   1 weeks ago

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  • Walt R
    Walt R   1 weeks ago

    Wish my local would watch you build a sub. I swear I've seen you put 7 slices at times and I'm counting now. There's reason your location is increasing sales. Maybe it's product and the free cookie you willingly give up that I've never been offered here.

  • random
    random   1 weeks ago

    I never ate subway but when I saw you're videos I go there every day for lunch

  • K
    K   1 weeks ago

    After watching his videos when ever my parents ask me and my brothers what we want I always say subway even though I live in California.

  • juan penport
    juan penport   1 weeks ago

    We should call you "the face of subway" from now on

    OFFICIAL E   1 weeks ago


  • Yes
    Yes   1 weeks ago


  • CROC 7
    CROC 7   1 weeks ago

    So I'm from Pakistan, and there are many subways here, not it's that popular. Ever since i started watching i literally eat subway everyday.

  • Ben Shilling
    Ben Shilling   1 weeks ago

    Milad you could be rich by way of advertising but instead you choose to stick on a humble route, you deserve the world, keep making these videos boyyyyyy 🥴💯

  • maria C.
    maria C.   1 weeks ago

    i feel like there should be a milad mirg sub.

  • MrKalindro
    MrKalindro   1 weeks ago

    I'm literally on the other end of the world in Poland and I went to Subway cos of these shorts