OFFICIAL *KAREN* Role in Among Us

  • Published on: 04 July 2021
  • We add a KAREN IMPOSTER into Among Us

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  • Runtime : 14:59


  • Candice Oldfield
    Candice Oldfield   5 days ago

    I had to watch this like4 times to know that somebody else Called the meeting and not you

  • carriev
    carriev   6 days ago

    Now what its going to trying to yell

  • carriev
    carriev   6 days ago

    Oh no that Karen is yelly

  • Staci Lehman
    Staci Lehman   6 days ago

    I think you should make a brawl star in among us mod

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith   1 weeks ago

    can u do a star wars mod plsssssssssss ssundee cus i really love ur vids

  • Laura Hobbs
    Laura Hobbs   1 weeks ago

    Why are you always the imposter second round but they still have no idea.

  • T D
    T D   1 weeks ago

    Do a toilet paper mod in among us

  • Fire61 54
    Fire61 54   1 weeks ago

    They should do a versus between the angry guy mod vs the karen

  • Uriel Alexander
    Uriel Alexander   2 weeks ago

    Except for being a kid why why are you making a video being a Karen why just why are you making a video of a Karen being a Karen sucks

  • Tonyz yt channel
    Tonyz yt channel   2 weeks ago

    POV u realize 2022 is pronounced 2020-2🤨🤨🤨🤨🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂I’m dead

  • Kool-aid Caitlyn and Power ade Ethan

    A karan seeing this video be like: how dare you make fun of me I want to speak to your manager. me: he doesn’t have a manager. The Karen: well I want to speak to your manager then. Me: what? I’m a kid I don’t have a manager. The Karen: fine I want to speak to your parents then. Me: I don’t have parents they’re dead. The Karen: what are you talking about your parents are right there. Me: pull an itachi. What are you talking about? The Karen: did you just kill your parents with a sword?! Me: yes, I pulled an itachi

  • Yasin Bdeir
    Yasin Bdeir   2 weeks ago

    Devil was the one that died in front of Andrew

  • Benx & Nai Gaming
    Benx & Nai Gaming   2 weeks ago

    He didn’t put Mas under my friends when you click on the title