*BULLY* IMPOSTER Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 08 September 2021
  • We add a BULLY IMPOSTER in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 14:55


  • Nicole Jones
    Nicole Jones   11 minuts ago

    The like button didn’t turn blue but I was not lying

  • Wolfgirl
    Wolfgirl   21 hours ago

    Me when SSundee is saying “This is SO stressful.”: Yeah I know that

  • Ken Dhanraj
    Ken Dhanraj   2 days ago

    Do a art modHow does it work:everyone has to try to get there colour back do tasks and use art things to get your Colour back But the Imposter is a evil artist trying to get our colour How to exit:get all your colour and do all your tasks

  • Glenn Acuevas
    Glenn Acuevas   2 days ago

    Can people just look at green boy pat helloiam??

  • Andrés Echevarría Vega

    Im not a bully only if the real bully take me angry i broke he’s face well not really but ok

  • iiclxver
    iiclxver   3 days ago

    In every Video Of ssundee He is Always Imposter The 2nd Round Like Why

  • Columbia Dalhaug
    Columbia Dalhaug   3 days ago

    I love your vids I have been watching your vids ever since I found it again

  • Lucy Martin
    Lucy Martin   4 days ago

    ssundee u should make a mode as a ruler as imposter and maids as the crewmates

  • Khor Xin Yee
    Khor Xin Yee   5 days ago

    Why didn't you use your auto-clicker in the mini gqme

  • bao tung
    bao tung   5 days ago

    The leave bully and the teachers 👩‍🏫 is leave RUN

  • bao tung
    bao tung   5 days ago

    The leave bully the teacher 👩‍🏫 is leave RUN 🏃‍♀️

  • Lisa Yan
    Lisa Yan   5 days ago

    Sorry I didn’t meant to say that

  • Lisa Yan
    Lisa Yan   5 days ago

    It’s just like and Tom and Jerrys