Trying Fashion Nova's CRAZIEST Halloween Costumes 2021 *they did it again!*

  • Published on: 06 October 2021
  • Spooky season is HERE, and we're rounding up the best & worst Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes! Then, watch as two BFFs dress each other for fall! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    Sinead: Sailor Moon -
    Jackie: Wild West Cowgirl -
    Drew: Christina Aguilera Dirty -
    Sinead: Pirate -
    Jackie: Circus Ringmaster -
    Drew: Clown -
    Sinead: Medusa -
    Jackie: Safari Explorer -
    Drew: Black Leather Catwoman -
    Sinead: Queen of Hearts-
    Jackie: Flapper -
    Drew: Mortal Kombat -

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  • Runtime : 18:50
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  • L Rivers
    L Rivers   1 weeks ago

    The cat woman costume, is more Black widow if anything

  • Mz Clementine
    Mz Clementine   2 weeks ago

    Wearing mesh and you'll be warm? Are you kidding me. What?

  • A Rb
    A Rb   1 months ago

    I kinda feel like they're exploiting drew

  • symone wilson
    symone wilson   1 months ago

    Thanks to Snapchat cutting off an outfit explanation on each segment I came to find y’all on here

  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang   1 months ago

    The unsuitable alcohol socially camp because shelf substantively glow since a thirsty accelerator. voracious, receptive adjustment

  • DragoNYC
    DragoNYC   1 months ago

    Ok this is one of the best videos on YouTube. Beautiful Queens.

  • Genuine Delusions Music

    If we're talking about cultural appropriation, wouldn't the whole "ninja" thing in itself be appropriating the culture?

  • Vee
    Vee   1 months ago

    I truly thought Sinead was dressed as Beatrix Lestrange in the outfit that turned out to be "a pirate".

  • Linda Napier
    Linda Napier   1 months ago

    Sinead medusa costume is giving me pretty women vibes

  • Bloom
    Bloom   1 months ago

    Ugh I wanna be Christina

  • Lyfe n Cyn
    Lyfe n Cyn   1 months ago

    The cowgirl wayyyy to much !!! They could’ve made a better cowgirl!

  • Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly   1 months ago

    Love these ladies but can you please add someone that isn’t a small or medium so that we can see or call out the lack of inclusive sizing on websites!

  • Leah Rae
    Leah Rae   1 months ago

    4:55 I literally can’t stop laughing 😂😂 this made my day!

  • Leah Rae
    Leah Rae   1 months ago

    I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 there dynamic is on point! There all soo funny! LOVE IT, plus you all look 🔥 in EVERY COSTUME! ❤️❤️❤️

  • KrissGopher
    KrissGopher   1 months ago

    Drew in that catwoman costume givin me Eartha Kitt vibes 😍

  • Curves On The Road
    Curves On The Road   1 months ago

    hundreds of dollars for pantie/too short skirt and even smaller top??? I really don t think so. I just watched your WISH video and honestly the quality looks similar for friction of the price. I always thought Fashion Nova was on the cheaper side of clothing. You can t even tell what some of the costumes are supposed to be so you have to buy extra accessories to get the message across, definitely no for me

  • Alexandria Barnes
    Alexandria Barnes   1 months ago

    While all three of these girls are absolutely GORGEOUS and their bodies are PHENOMENAL, for me, Jackie is body goals...just sayin

  • Slake Pliskin
    Slake Pliskin   1 months ago

    These three are unbearably obnoxious. I have to shut off the video; can't deal with even a moment more.

  • Miss Asio
    Miss Asio   1 months ago

    $109 for that non legit Sailor Moon outfit? can buy the legit cosplay for less and or more fabric.....just saying lol.

  • Taniyajanéé
    Taniyajanéé   1 months ago

    Pls, you guys really should pair these three up more 😩

  • Taniyajanéé
    Taniyajanéé   1 months ago

    MY FAVORITE GIRLLLS !! pls ! I need more of these three this spooky season !

  • Lawren Gillespie
    Lawren Gillespie   1 months ago

    You got ripped off on the medusa costume we sell that exact headband at 99cents store for 1.99$

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo   1 months ago


  • Venni B
    Venni B   1 months ago

    Lady’s and gentlemen the REAL Charlie’s angels ✨

  • jenny love
    jenny love   1 months ago

    Fashion nova used cheap material and overprice cheap fashion style too

  • Sessa drives trucks
    Sessa drives trucks   1 months ago

    I used to work at a shop called lover's lane and we sold a Medusa costume that was similar, but black, for $35.

  • ꘏Hollyween꘏
    ꘏Hollyween꘏   1 months ago

    This is pretty... scandalous? Can we go back to old style costumes? Ugh.

  • a ghb
    a ghb   1 months ago

    jackie is looking snatched!