Hiding In My Home - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 09 November 2020
  • The neighbours are watching. The voices are getting louder. The blue barrel still sits in it's same position. But... Was it always there? Today we dive into the mysterious thriller web series known as Hiding In My Home. Only starting a couple of months ago. This series has brought some pretty interesting plays on the typical "cryptic" video that we've come accustomed to seeing during ARG's.

    Thank you all for watching!

    Hiding In My Home YouTube Channel:
  • Runtime : 13:10
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  • Lost Garbage
    Lost Garbage   5 days ago

    Somebody is hiding n my home... and that's me. I`m hiding in my home.

  • MCExplorerPlays
    MCExplorerPlays   2 weeks ago

    wait, this is a web series? i thought the stuff was real while you where talking about it, the murders and tresspassing

  • Restful
    Restful   1 months ago

    You should do more from Hiding In My Home now that it's finished

  • Raiden
    Raiden   1 months ago

    Imagine if this is not an arg or something like it and is actually a true thing

  • Raiden
    Raiden   1 months ago

    Imagine if this is not an arg or something like it and is actually a true thing

  • Javinshki
    Javinshki   2 months ago

    *Makes a simulation of their own nightmare**Refuses to elaborate further*

  • Stu
    Stu   2 months ago

    Polnareff IRL?!?!?!?

  • Blaze
    Blaze   4 months ago

    I really want him to do a part 2 for this

  • Mike kenneth Elliott
    Mike kenneth Elliott   4 months ago

    Blue and red you say my wife sees green and purple and these beings are demons don't entertain them

  • Melissa Shiffman
    Melissa Shiffman   5 months ago

    One of the videos names is it’s not my fault so someone could be controlling the’theef’

  • Bl00m
    Bl00m   5 months ago

    This actually send shivers down my spine.

  • ianneedshelp
    ianneedshelp   5 months ago

    you really need to do an update on this

  • Mark Airwind
    Mark Airwind   5 months ago

    ohh another ARG....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

  • Hotdog Water
    Hotdog Water   5 months ago

    Just imagine if this isn't a web series

  • WarLordJohn
    WarLordJohn   6 months ago

    I'm blueDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba diDa ba dee da ba di

  • Dr Scavv
    Dr Scavv   6 months ago

    Plot twist :This is a prequel to The Sun Vanished

  • Alexander Taves
    Alexander Taves   7 months ago

    Glad this was the first video I saw from you, now I know that your videos are clickbait trash fake bs lol

  • Alexander Taves
    Alexander Taves   7 months ago

    Why would he upload a phone call msg between his doctor.Click bait TRASSSHHHH

  • ara ara
    ara ara   7 months ago

    Do a vid on ALEXKANSAS

  • Dr. fresh memes
    Dr. fresh memes   7 months ago

    Worst twist ever. I could care less about some guys brother.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don   7 months ago

    6:55 it’s the cops! Scram!!

  • Martin Major
    Martin Major   7 months ago

    How this guy can have the same accout??? Did he share the password?? I hope it real but one thing.. The photo of his little brother could be a photo of himself when he was young. I don't know what to think.

  • Whiskey
    Whiskey   7 months ago

    ngl when the shadow jumped, I jumped.

  • MitsuneMuko
    MitsuneMuko   7 months ago

    The way inside a mind's video doesn't have much background music makes it scarier

  • ManedWolfMonarch
    ManedWolfMonarch   8 months ago

    They uploaded just 6 days ago from this comment - 09/25/21

  • Muffin Mendy
    Muffin Mendy   8 months ago

    did he actually kill someone or was it just part of the story?

  • canine curry
    canine curry   8 months ago

    It's all fun and games till some edge Lord with nothing to lose actually takes inspiration from one of these stupid stories and kills for clout. It was well done till the end. That kid can't act.

  • Doc S.A.T.
    Doc S.A.T.   8 months ago

    This man the real Faust guilty gear