Welcome To My Parents' House - NSP

  • Published on: 23 November 2020
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    Animated and directed by Simon Macko (@shoocharu)

    Music Credits:
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced and Engineered by: Jim Roach
    Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
    Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Thom Flowers
    Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Ninja Sex Party:
    Vocals: Dan Avidan
    Synths & Keys: Brian Wecht

    Drums: Havve Hogan
    Guitar: Lord Phobos
    Additional Synths & Keys: Doctor Sung
    Bass: Commander Meouch
    Percussion: Jim Roach

    Amazing/Handsome Manager: Brent Lilley


    Hey there, baby, we met out on the dance floor
    You pressed your body up against me all night long
    I know what’s on your mind
    Our souls are entwined
    In a passionate embrace
    The look in your eyes
    Says “Take me tonight”
    Well I’ve got just the place
    A place where we can be alone
    Unless my mom and dad are home

    Welcome to my parents’ house
    My mom left out some snackies
    I bet your feeling horny now
    So why don’t we get nasty

    Hush now baby
    You seem like a keeper
    But your high heels are so loud
    My dad is a light sleeper
    I’ve got my very own room
    And tons of free food
    What’s your favorite juice?
    We’ve got mango and apple and guava and apple
    So many fuckin’ fruits
    My mom buys pizza rolls for me
    Can you believe this shit is free?

    Welcome to my parents’ house
    A king must have his castle
    That’s my grandma’s basset hound
    He’s such a sassy rascal.
    Aren’t you, Marvin?

    Parents’ house
    Parents’ house

    We’re gonna bring the funk tonight
    I’m getting the top bunk tonight
    Drop and thump that junk tonight
    Like a 360 dunk tonight
    Mom’s cake is chocolate chunk tonight
    This party’s getting crunk tonight
    We’re sparkin’ up that skunk tonight
    Cause I’m your disco hunk tonight

    Welcome to my parents’ house
    Welcome to my parents’ house

    Let’s use our inside voices
    Sometimes my mom just hangs around
    To make sure I make good choices
    HIT IT!

    Welcome to my parents’ house
  • Runtime : 3:56


  • Daniel Linton
    Daniel Linton   8 hours ago

    I love how Danny tucks his pentagram necklace under his shirt when his mom walks in at 2:49

  • Dead Wing85
    Dead Wing85   11 hours ago

    I love that "WOOF" is part of the lyrics lol

  • Mykasan
    Mykasan   11 hours ago

    damn i never noticed ninja brian in his room. wow. what a detail

  • Asleeptomcat
    Asleeptomcat   21 hours ago

    at 3:39 shoocharu drew a painting on the wall that has the same ridiculous face as danny

  • mrdoom4ca
    mrdoom4ca   1 days ago

    Oh my god, I'm 28 and thankfully don't live with my parents... at the moment... this hit me so hard... like I need a health potion after watching that.

  • ScamPickle
    ScamPickle   2 days ago

    i wonder how long it took to animate this

  • Blackmegagun
    Blackmegagun   3 days ago

    Why is no one talking about the painting at the end? Lol

  • maTTe_S
    maTTe_S   3 days ago

    Shoocharu is actually insane

  • Twilightic
    Twilightic   3 days ago

    This was great. Also if you turn on the auto-generated closed captions, at 3:34 it says: "And you ate all the pain in the fridge". Lmao!

  • T-Grey
    T-Grey   3 days ago

    The part with Avi is so fuckin funny to me Just imagine if he actually said something like Dan: I SAID IM ON A DATE Avi: And eeeeeeehhh, youre in my house danny, what am I gonna do eeh?

  • The true undead
    The true undead   4 days ago

    I maintain this chick is like the god damn dream. Down for anything and chill to the chaos.

  • minerpig
    minerpig   4 days ago

    Congrats shoocharu on the award nomination! I hope you win man, you deserve it >:)

  • Timpin D.
    Timpin D.   5 days ago

    what the fuck is the starlight brigade doing here I love it

  • Vix
    Vix   1 weeks ago

    This song will get you 🐱 though

  • Emil E
    Emil E   1 weeks ago

    Why is the labels in Danish at 0:20

  • Eric Signoretti
    Eric Signoretti   1 weeks ago

    I laughed so hard I woke up my parents. They were not as amused by this as I was.

  • Okamimusha
    Okamimusha   1 weeks ago

    "Ehhhhh, Dan.... You know you can't have girls over after dark."

  • The Point-and-Click Nerd

    I sing this to my wife all the time since we had to move in with my parent's till we can find a new place.

  • Dewey40k
    Dewey40k   1 weeks ago

    Lol i am clearly that dude in the clip xD (22 years old long hairs , thin face and lives at his parents house and more details like my parents fat dog and all the fruit juices i clearly relate to that music too much xD)

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown   1 weeks ago

    This is at least 50 times more funky than any novelty song has a right to be, whatever the bassist is getting paid, double it

  • John Smith
    John Smith   1 weeks ago

    The shading and lighting in this video is amazing.