• Published on: 31 August 2021
  • In todays 17.50 update Fortnite updated a bunch of stuff. not only did we get a new Fortnite menu we also got 2 brand new Fortnite creative devices and so much more. What happened to creative fill.

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  • Runtime : 8:16
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  • ricardo .compere
    ricardo .compere   3 months ago

    There are also new effects to the island effects like neon party and halloween movie Though I'm not sure why they would add neon party

  • Renad Abduallah
    Renad Abduallah   3 months ago

    Fortnite 2021 is golden year for fortnite creative and i love it becasue we are getting battle royal and 2.0 things and theres a a devie called animation devies and i hope we get the urleased devie

  • V01D
    V01D   3 months ago

    What happend to creative fill :(

  • Ezra Haskard
    Ezra Haskard   3 months ago

    Richy you say Fog correctly, at least for the US.

  • Scar yt
    Scar yt   3 months ago

    I love the buildings now I don’t have to waste my time building them.

  • Xv_TRX
    Xv_TRX   3 months ago

    I Love all of your Videos they are always perfect

  • Fionn Nolan
    Fionn Nolan   3 months ago

    Video Chapters0:18 - clock device1:04 - timer device1:54 - SkyDome settings2:43 - vfx option3:30 - spooky mansion prefab3:56 - background building gallery4:33 - spooky mansion gallery's5:13 - number gallery5:40 - new discover tab

  • bigminifridge
    bigminifridge   3 months ago

    I assume there isnt a search option yet because people will be copying other peoples maps and they copied maps will be clicked on by accident

  • CallmeNearly
    CallmeNearly   3 months ago

    I originally misread the event timer device, i still think a day/night tracker device would be really good but this device is also extremely neat.

  • Lucas
    Lucas   3 months ago

    Fun fact: I asked for a countdown device on the Creative discord almost a month ago. I guess they listened!

    DRIFT BROS YT   3 months ago

    i name this update "backgrounds and effects update"

  • Lyllo08 Johansson
    Lyllo08 Johansson   3 months ago

    Can you do face revel? Pleas i think all of uss want that 🙂🥺

  • Exotic Lazer
    Exotic Lazer   3 months ago

    I know the momument gallery is coming cause i did the glitch where you could see unrealeased stuff

  • Shade v23
    Shade v23   3 months ago

    When you said sky line I thought you meant the car I’m disappointed

  • OpsMan
    OpsMan   3 months ago

    Great I needed to see this as just got home from work. Thank you 😊

  • Rbgaming
    Rbgaming   3 months ago

    They added the clock it’s like epic can read my mind!

  • Denylio Rigters
    Denylio Rigters   3 months ago

    Ok these updates are getting ridiculous in the good way

  • Eth3n
    Eth3n   3 months ago

    Still waiting for more memory

  • Maddie
    Maddie   3 months ago


  • withsaltplease
    withsaltplease   3 months ago

    They also added the tilted office building prefab

  • K13RAN
    K13RAN   3 months ago

    Hey Richy there are actually two new camera filters called NEON party and HORROR movie

  • Brick Fort
    Brick Fort   3 months ago

    I was thinking about how roblox did their menu and was hoping Fortnite would do it too I’m happy they did

  • TheOminousBlade
    TheOminousBlade   3 months ago

    I enjoy how they managed to encorporate battle royale and creative into the same menu, they are showing more of their support for creative and I’m excited

  • That Snake
    That Snake   3 months ago

    This update is amazing! The new settings for the Sky Dome and VFX device are super useful, and I love the Autumn Themed Mansion

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie   3 months ago

    Remember when we all said: “epic doesn’t care about creative mode” ?

  • CSS
    CSS   3 months ago

    the haunted mansion house is from a save the world mission in plankerton

  • M3rl1n
    M3rl1n   3 months ago

    Hello, I have a problem in one of my maps and I was wondering if you had any idea for a fix. So I have this boxfight map and my settings got reset for some reason. I re-made them and now it isn't letting me place buildings on the floor (only the ceiling). I have checked the Allow building, Building destroys environment, and other related settings but its not working.