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  • Published on: 19 August 2020
  • Sure, that’ll help the kids sleep better.
    #NewMutants is in theaters August 28. Get tickets now:

    20th Century Studios in association with Marvel Entertainment presents “The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive.

    In Theaters August 28, 2020

    Directed by: Josh Boone

    Screenplay by: Josh Boone & Knate Lee

    Produced by: Simon Kinberg, p.g.a., Karen Rosenfelt, p.g.a., Lauren Shuler Donner

    Cast: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga

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  • Runtime : 31
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  • Fernan Marley
    Fernan Marley   5 months ago

    They: 'Available only on Netflix!'Me: ha, here you go full HD: trailers.tohahahahahahahahahha

  • Cindy Lu
    Cindy Lu   6 months ago

    Lmao this film took so long to come out that Maisie's hair is long now

  • Tanesha Taylor
    Tanesha Taylor   10 months ago

    The new mutants are dangerous love that song by Pink Floyd

  • Diana Fajjy
    Diana Fajjy   10 months ago

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  • lover Movie
    lover Movie   10 months ago

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  • xSxnflxwerx
    xSxnflxwerx   10 months ago

    I just watched the movie! Its amazing😍

    ZILLA ADOTE   10 months ago

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  • Helen
    Helen   10 months ago

    Good song, but, not the movie.Sorry.You could do better.Arya, what do you do here?

  • Angela Nice
    Angela Nice   10 months ago

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  • Jade Bolt
    Jade Bolt   10 months ago

    with how many 'teasers'/ trailers that have been released; you could pretty much watch the entire movie before it's even been released. all the main/interesting bits will be in the trailers

  • Tanjiro
    Tanjiro   11 months ago

    I like the music of The New Mutants and Wolfsbane she's more wolf then human that's why she and Mirage and Sunspot and Magik are my favorite characters even in the comic book

  • GrimShock
    GrimShock   11 months ago

    Arya Stark being a wolf is just poetic

  • will nelson
    will nelson   11 months ago

    there's plenty of movies that've had long productions, 2 years is definitely not special

  • Alindo Al Qavi
    Alindo Al Qavi   11 months ago

    Don't worry man even if it releases no one will go to thatre😂😂

  • 21minute
    21minute   11 months ago

    Perfect timing. All theatres here are closed until further notice. 🙃

  • clash Mobi
    clash Mobi   11 months ago

    This movie going to be awesome for surw

  • Its Gee
    Its Gee   11 months ago

    why r they just randomly showing this clips

  • Dass Jennir
    Dass Jennir   11 months ago

    Can't believe i am going to say this but it is not really wise to release this movie on theaters in the middle of a pandemic. They should delay it again. It's almost like Disney wants the film to fail...

  • Emo Shaz
    Emo Shaz   11 months ago

    the happening 2 trailer

  • Pawan yadav
    Pawan yadav   11 months ago

    Sanskrit words behind the music 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pawan yadav
    Pawan yadav   11 months ago

    Background music is soo good it is like that sanskrit mantra 👍

  • Khuzaima Imran
    Khuzaima Imran   11 months ago

    benchod kab realase kro ka yeha pe meri crush be reply kar diya lekin inki film realase nahi howi

  • Steel Saber 54
    Steel Saber 54   11 months ago

    See you again in the next 10 years when this movie actually comes out

  • Ginnex875
    Ginnex875   11 months ago

    is this super hero movie or horror movie

    ANTMK   11 months ago

    So we out here making super power movies horror now huh