The plot of Harry Potter #shorts #meme #harrypotter

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Runtime : 15


  • JellyRBLX
    JellyRBLX   3 hours ago

    Don’t forget the snake in the basement of the bathroom

  • Rikko
    Rikko   21 hours ago

    Iida running be like

  • Ziggie
    Ziggie   21 hours ago

    “It’s not a mistake” ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • moonxstars
    moonxstars   21 hours ago

    So hes just apart of every fandom isnt he?

  • Team Explorers
    Team Explorers   21 hours ago

    And let’s not forget, there was an alleged murderer that got inside, the school was overrun my death eaters, it was attacked by Voldemort and his henchmen, Tom Riddle forced a student to write on the walls with blood, and there was a snake monster that can kill people with one look in the basement.

  • SussyBedStain
    SussyBedStain   22 hours ago

    Even Columbine high school is safer than that

  • MLG Hazrad
    MLG Hazrad   22 hours ago

    I am a huge fan the way you 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

  • Swift
    Swift   1 days ago

    Ive never watched harry potter

  • NAH Person
    NAH Person   1 days ago

    Theres also the fire nation sending an army

  • EvoStage
    EvoStage   1 days ago

    Dragons on campus, kids compete in deadly race where they fight wild animals, dive to the bottom of a lake, and go through a maze designed to kill them

  • Wunschel
    Wunschel   2 days ago

    dont forget that womping willow tree

  • Rosen Raider
    Rosen Raider   2 days ago

    Everyone here praise the running effect but here I am Impressed his headphones change with his outfit and don't fall

  • AntiRockin
    AntiRockin   2 days ago

    The troll in the girls bathroom for some reason

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke   2 days ago

    There’s literally an event every five years where they select students to participate in a deathmatch

  • Soldier
    Soldier   2 days ago

    The snake that is 50 ft long and turns kids into stone in the sewer: hey

  • Khai Sinclair
    Khai Sinclair   2 days ago

    1. Dementors are not exclusive to Hogwarts and aren't actually part of Hogwarts defenses. They're Azkaban minions which pose even more danger to the students than protection... Then again I guess you could say that about every Hogwarts defense.2. Two words... PIERTOTUM... LOCOMOTOR!!!

  • Gong Gong
    Gong Gong   2 days ago

    There’s literally an event every five years where they select students to participate in a deathmatch

  • Estyl
    Estyl   2 days ago

    Don’t forget about the snake that turns peopleInto stone hidden in the girls toilets

  • Irish Pug
    Irish Pug   2 days ago

    You forgot the big a$$ snake that kills you if you look at it just slithering around the girls bathroom

  • Hunter Dowling
    Hunter Dowling   2 days ago

    The only time I'll find something Harry Potter related interesting or funny

  • ComfyDents
    ComfyDents   2 days ago

    And a director employs an imposter which can't even bluff 12yo. Or: While the goblet of fire is protected by spells, everybody can enter the chamber with the three headed giant dog with no problem.Who is false in his position? Hm?

  • Panda
    Panda   2 days ago

    'The teachers' specifically the Protection from the Dark Arts teachers, for goodness sake. Give them kids a break will you?🙄

  • Blauze
    Blauze   3 days ago

    Ah yes, forest full of monsters. One more proof Harry Potter is British Naruto

  • Chandler Sirbaugh
    Chandler Sirbaugh   3 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the 3 headed dog is on the third floor not the basement 😂

  • Aaron Shuff
    Aaron Shuff   3 days ago

    Things people who've only watched the movies say.