Joel Embiid Responds to Shaq and Chuck’s Challenge | NBA on TNT

  • Published on: 13 December 2019
  • After receiving criticism from Chuck and Shaq earlier in the week, Joel Embiid bounces back with a huge performance. Embiid joins the Inside Guys after Philly's win in Boston to discuss his big game and how he can take his play to the next level.

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  • Runtime : 4:19
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  • R Louis
    R Louis   3 weeks ago

    At least embiid understands and learns unlike donovan mitchell

  • A J
    A J   1 months ago

    And now Embiid is having a career year. Was the leading MVP candidate.

  • Master Yun
    Master Yun   1 months ago

    To me a lot of young players struggle bc it's like they try to reinvent the wheel...aint nothing wrong with crossovers and flashy moves but you hav to hav a solid a fade away, a jump hook, a catch and shoot game..something bc when them legs get tired you hav to hav a easy way to score or you'll prolly struggle..simple as that

  • Jeremy Tucker
    Jeremy Tucker   1 months ago

    No DANCING and riding BANANA BOATS for this guy. No MURSES excessive PINK WEARING, JOINING GIRLFRIENDS who are suppose to be rivals. This is a man here. A rarity now days in the NBA.

  • Ali Etezadi
    Ali Etezadi   2 months ago

    Shaq always undermining Charles smh

  • Musah Salih
    Musah Salih   2 months ago

    This interview here was the reason for monstrous season for Embiid this year.. 2021

  • Zannen 24
    Zannen 24   2 months ago

    Looks like he’s there y’all. This man is going to win mvp if he keeps up his play 💯

    BOOM BRO   2 months ago

    Somebody gotta send this one to Mitchell 💀💀

  • TehBOBBL3S
    TehBOBBL3S   2 months ago

    this aged like fine wine, embiid is absolutely balling man huge MVP push this year

  • kdpowers
    kdpowers   2 months ago

    This aged well. Dropped 50 tonight

  • Mia Todd
    Mia Todd   2 months ago

    May God bless him to be great but he took the criticism to heart!! He go become great just from this response and not get mad or offensive lol

  • kyle shadeck
    kyle shadeck   3 months ago

    1 year later and he’s a front runner for MVP. Les go jojo!

  • Small Ben7
    Small Ben7   3 months ago

    Constructive criticism is the best way to help people improve, which is why PC culture does group a disservice by protecting them from all criticism

  • Kathy Bouldin
    Kathy Bouldin   3 months ago

    how many more non Americans can they recruit I know guys up the street that play better than this guy.

  • Joshua
    Joshua   9 months ago

    2:29 The disrespect for Minnesota is real xD

  • Jmist
    Jmist   9 months ago

    shaq still taking shots at Javale, "lotta people call their momma try to get people fired" lol

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person   9 months ago

    Of course it had to be against the celtics. It’s always us :(

  • Slim Kim
    Slim Kim   9 months ago

    Shaq was really going in on Joel after they played the bucs lol

  • Dan H
    Dan H   10 months ago

    I like what he did, but i need more consistency outa JoJo

  • Richard Morales
    Richard Morales   1 years ago

    I feel like Kenny could guard Joel Embiid from eating something from the fridge

  • Cohen Butler
    Cohen Butler   1 years ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 play and whatch all the time 1:53 🔥💚 👇👇👇👇👇

  • Dante Singleton
    Dante Singleton   1 years ago

    🔥 🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀 1:00 💓 👇❣

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore   1 years ago

    🔥 i fell happy when whach this 0:46 💚💖 👇👇👇👇🔥

  • Stanley Moss
    Stanley Moss   1 years ago

    🔥🔥🔥 very nice 1:08 💖💛 👇 👇 👇💗

  • Bryant Mann
    Bryant Mann   1 years ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀 0:35 💜💗💖 👇👇👇

  • Nicole
    Nicole   1 years ago

    Wow Shaq, salty that you got caught bullying a player every week on your show to get a laugh from the audience?!

  • Champ_HDRGS
    Champ_HDRGS   1 years ago

    Embiid is inconsistent! As a sixers fan after last season I expected Embiid to come back with a vengeance, but he’s repeating same cycle as last year.

  • Qichar
    Qichar   1 years ago

    I don't know if it's because Embiid was hurt (broken finger on left hand), but this interview didn't age well. Embiid got absolutely wrecked by Giannis recently in their head to head matchup.

  • Grant Haffner
    Grant Haffner   1 years ago

    Who's here after the Sixers dropped 4 games in a row and Embiid went 6-26 from the floor?

  • Carl Allen
    Carl Allen   1 years ago

    He is not a great player!!!! Great players put in the work. Just asked MJ...he never took a game off. Jordan had pride in his craft offense n defense. That's a great player

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats   1 years ago

    yeah this team is gonna be very interesting to watch in the playoffs

  • dshambrook
    dshambrook   1 years ago

    Love Joel!! He knows to be cocky when it matters in the game and then take criticism with humility when it comes from a trusted source.

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude   1 years ago

    I understand that Shaq wants embiid to dominate and all and I know Shaq is a dominant big man but why is he expecting embiid to score 30 everygame? Shaq never averaged 30 in season avg. plus if you get double/triple teamed.... you gonna have to pass so your teammates will take advantage of the def strategy.