Citroen Ami v E Bike, RC Car & Scooter: DRAG RACE

  • Published on: 16 September 2021
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    Get ready for our slowest drag race yet!! We’ve brought back the Citroën Ami, and this time we’re going to see how it performs against a Pure Electric Air Pro scooter, a GoCycle G4i e-bike, and a Tamiya RC car.

    The Ami is a £5,500 ultra-compact electric car, weighing in at just 485kg. It's got a 8hp motor delivering a range of 45 miles, and can hit a top speed of just over 25mph… which makes it the most powerful EV in this line-up!

    It’s safe to say it’s going to be a weird one!! Stick with us to see how it all plays out…

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  • Runtime : 8:47
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  • carwow
    carwow   1 months ago

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  • Gio Prox
    Gio Prox   12 hours ago

    I think i could nearly beat the ami on a normal scooter

  • Robin Johann
    Robin Johann   1 days ago

    I guess this is the best carwow Video ever!Great success!Ja! Wunderbar

  • quin cy
    quin cy   1 days ago

    Mat, i have never laughed so hard at your videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Clarke
    Mark Clarke   3 days ago

    Given that it was on a track - it would have been nice to see how the Gocycle performed in North American Mode

  • webuser 2014
    webuser 2014   4 days ago

    should have used a escooter which can drive 45miles. They do exist.

  • BootzTV
    BootzTV   4 days ago

    Do not watch mat ride that bicycle without looking at ur screen defenitly not with speakers

  • Ruslan Hristov
    Ruslan Hristov   5 days ago

    Try dualtron x2 scooter. It will do 70mph and has a range of 90-100 miles. Obviously comes with a price. 5k

  • Alvyn Sano
    Alvyn Sano   5 days ago

    Imagine this car against a lambo or a Ferrari pista

  • AlexonbStudio
    AlexonbStudio   6 days ago

    Why not use dualtron the speed more 45km/h with debrid

  • EkipAli PW
    EkipAli PW   1 weeks ago


  • Steve Tyrrell
    Steve Tyrrell   1 weeks ago

    It seems the Ami might have a key hack to increase speed to 60+kph

  • Muhd Zafri
    Muhd Zafri   1 weeks ago

    The fact that about a month after this, Mat reviewed a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport...

  • BikingChap
    BikingChap   1 weeks ago

    Did you gps the speed of the Ami? I wonder if it’s genuinely 28mph or the speedo is a bit out like most cars?

  • Sambit Rout
    Sambit Rout   1 weeks ago

    This drag race have no logic 😂😂

  • KevinFeder
    KevinFeder   1 weeks ago

    What on earth I did just watch? Lmao

  • Peter Amos
    Peter Amos   1 weeks ago would start out for work early , get there , and it would have been out of business for 50 years.

  • PeKame
    PeKame   1 weeks ago

    Damn, I was coping for the bike ... until I saw you're using a foldabale city ebike...

  • Hosael
    Hosael   2 weeks ago

    why did they do a girls voice when a man was doing the countdown

  • Drew Madden
    Drew Madden   2 weeks ago

    The burn e viper would absolutely smoke that car

  • AfterGames
    AfterGames   2 weeks ago

    The Citroen Ami is something Mr. Bean would drive

  • Lol Kc
    Lol Kc   2 weeks ago

    The scooter sound the best

  • nobody
    nobody   2 weeks ago

    Love the spongebob reference 2:43

  • bruh
    bruh   2 weeks ago

    Bonjour matt hope u like our french cars

  • Mphatso Susuwele
    Mphatso Susuwele   2 weeks ago

    Mat cycling made a noise like an old focke, am talking about the world war 2 airplane

  • BB Q
    BB Q   2 weeks ago