Trying WEIRD Wish Bridesmaid Dresses! [Formal Dresses Under $40]

  • Published on: 01 May 2021
  • Welcome to the Clevver Style Wedding Month! Today we try cheap bridesmaid dresses from WISH! Then, watch us try custom clothing from Amazon!►► Subscribe here for more Clevver Style!  ►►

    Clevver Styles May Wedding Schedule! Gotta watch them all for our HUGE Wedding GIFTAWAY!
    May 1st - Trying Wish Bridesmaids Dresses!
    May 8th- Guessing Amazon 1-5 Star Wedding Dresses!
    May 15th- Guessing Disney Princess Wedding Dresses!
    May 22nd- Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100: Retail Ratings
    May 29th- Having Custom Formal Dresses Made!

    What We Wore!
    Satin V Neck Dress -
    Floral Dress -
    Gold Sequin Dress -
    One Shoulder Dress -

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    We try #cheap #bridesmaiddresses from #Wish

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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   8 months ago

    How many of YOU have been a Bridesmaid before? Did you LOVE or HATE your dress??

  • Kylie Chapman
    Kylie Chapman   2 months ago

    I have been a bridesmaid four times. The first was mauve with the puffiest sleeves ever. The second was a lilac southern belle with matching lace umbrella. The third was a long straight black strapless with a black bolero with green roses on it. And the fourth was a royal blue mini off the shoulder mini dress. The black one and the blue one were my favourites.

  • Lisa99 Prince
    Lisa99 Prince   2 months ago

    I love these women!! I just hope this chanel stops promoting (even if not intentional or direct) fast fashion brands… 😔I love these women!! I just wished this chanel stopped promoting (even if not intentional or direct) horrible fast fashion brands… 😔 WISH is know for their horrid labor conditions, workers should have the right to a living wage, collective bargaining, an abuse-free work environment which this company does not provide. On top of that, brands like WISH that mass-produce such cheap, poorly-made clothing perpetuating a throwaway fashion culture simply by existing. And even more!!! WISH is also been known for stealing designs from small independent labels and printing out low-quality copies for a fraction of the price!!!

  • Haley Eggers
    Haley Eggers   2 months ago

    Can we just acknowledge Loryn picking off the jewels on the last dress?🤣

  • themaknaeli
    themaknaeli   6 months ago

    they look good in everything but I was really confused about why they liked the satin ones? the top did not fit correctly any of them despite the adjustable straps,the zipper broke, the design was also very different from what was advertised, and the material looked so so soooooo cheap! for 20 dollars and needing alterations (which, if you really are on a budget you might not be able to afford ) I would say it's a won't.The sequin dress might have been ugly but at least fit correctly two of them...

  • Heather Doyle
    Heather Doyle   6 months ago

    Wish or Wish You Wouldn’t Missed opportunity 😂

  • Avlavjavjo 7
    Avlavjavjo 7   7 months ago

    I would love to have Loren as a bridesmaid because she puts a positive spin on everything 😍

  • ShawnKaySal
    ShawnKaySal   7 months ago

    7:10 it's giving Las Vegas virgin Mary

  • ShawnKaySal
    ShawnKaySal   7 months ago

    Anyone know where Drew's black and white dress is from?

  • Omega’s Obsessions
    Omega’s Obsessions   7 months ago

    I’ve worn my bridesmaid dress (red) at many many holiday events since. Color is the key lol

  • Marit Ug
    Marit Ug   7 months ago

    Video idea: trying wish remake vs original dress

  • Abbey
    Abbey   7 months ago

    I love clevver but adding clamps defeats the purpose of a try-on? especially with a company like wish. if it comes ill fitting or broken that's a huge dealbreaker. I get that drew's broke and was clamped for modesty but sineads???? clamping to make it look like it fits is ehhh

  • Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith   8 months ago

    The punch in the boob made me laugh so hard I peed ... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jessica Purwanto
    Jessica Purwanto   8 months ago

    am i the only one who finds it funny that loryn stops paying attention at the end and just continues to pick off the jewels?

  • Ashawyn
    Ashawyn   8 months ago

    I feel like that last dress would totally work without the fake gemstones. I guess if you really want to make sure your bridesmaids don't spend a lot, you could just go in and remove the "gems". It's not that weird to alter dresses.

  • Angela Black
    Angela Black   8 months ago

    I like the print of the second one, but that’s not a bridesmaid dress.

  • It'sFer
    It'sFer   8 months ago

    I looove this combo <3

  • Linda Napier
    Linda Napier   8 months ago

    The colours of the last dress are beautiful if they maybe made the gems a darker version of the colours of dresses they would be perfect

  • Tj C
    Tj C   8 months ago

    That second dress looks like you showed up wearing white to the wedding so the bride dumped paint on you so you wouldn't steal her thunder.

  • Tiphnee Westry
    Tiphnee Westry   8 months ago

    You guys should totally let me come on your show to represent my demographic… Over 40 mom still hot but doesn’t want to be a thot!! LOL FRFR, i’ve always been a fashionista and I’ve always sat trends even when I was a kid and didn’t realize I had that gift, ijs ❤️💋... but I’m also super retro BoHo glad I’m happy she so it can be a struggle! Just the fact that I have boobs now created a struggle, did I leave out that I had my kids in my 30s yeah the struggle is real 😊

  • Kaylee Ann
    Kaylee Ann   8 months ago

    when drew hates on something it so funny am just dying here of laughter

  • eve alexandria
    eve alexandria   8 months ago

    please tell drew we NEED a tutorial on her hair

  • v binkk
    v binkk   8 months ago

    I haven't watched a clevver video in too long, DREW GIRL YOU LOOK PHENOMENAL

  • Megannash95
    Megannash95   8 months ago

    Here for all the wedding content lol everyone is getting married this year I swear 😂

  • Samantha Orta
    Samantha Orta   8 months ago

    Okay but like y’all should try on cheap quince dresses

  • Ella W
    Ella W   8 months ago

    When they started talking about having to get padding added I was like YES!! I literally JUST got back from a seamstress appointment where I have to wear a sticky bra thing underneath

  • Cee3 pOh
    Cee3 pOh   8 months ago

    Let's what loryn is going to destroy todayOmg she did not break one strap lol

  • calicolyon
    calicolyon   8 months ago

    I was in a wedding and they had us buy the multi way dress

  • FrozenAlasca
    FrozenAlasca   8 months ago

    How is Sinead wearing the same shoes alllllll the time. I wish she would wear some other ones with dresses.. No hate

  • Isa
    Isa   8 months ago

    “This is us: the next generation” SENT ME

  • K S
    K S   8 months ago

    5:59 the difference in lengths-

  • Chelsey Leigh
    Chelsey Leigh   8 months ago

    Noooo. That first dress is such a WONT. The sewing lines and puckering on the chest is so cheap. The gold dress is horrendous but it is the only one that could pass as useable imho.