• Published on: 21 July 2021
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  • Runtime : 12:32
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  • The Axolotl
    The Axolotl   6 days ago

    The ‘What’s up guys, yes’ never gets old

  • OUAC Social Selling
    OUAC Social Selling   2 weeks ago

    Bru fresh with flint knock look at lazar beams tourument😂😂😂

  • john hames
    john hames   3 weeks ago

    i thought he was gonna use his five bellow merch

  • hello
    hello   4 weeks ago

    he got a schar wy do you not pick it up

  • GermanKerrMan
    GermanKerrMan   1 months ago

    Fresh is so good and he makes insane content!

  • Splint
    Splint   2 months ago

    when u become a booger

  • Pc gamer boi
    Pc gamer boi   2 months ago

    69 health you know what I want to do😏😜😏😜😏

  • Ryze_FN
    Ryze_FN   2 months ago

    This just proves that fresh isn't just falling off His still a pro player

  • Kk921j williams
    Kk921j williams   2 months ago

    Your title: I turned into bugha!Me: yes u did u godly player

  • Mrmarsh
    Mrmarsh   3 months ago

    So bugha with a marshmello head

  • VARUN Playz
    VARUN Playz   3 months ago

    I wish I was good as fresh so I can carry my noob friends that say I'm good at creative but trash ingame

    TMO REMO   3 months ago

    0.54 that was my friend

  • Egg
    Egg   3 months ago


  • Simon Wake
    Simon Wake   3 months ago

    fresh: oh god these guys are tarpingsubtitles: oh god these guys are typing

  • sniped
    sniped   3 months ago

    Is it just me or it sounds like he's saying bugger 🤔

  • Cookie Banana
    Cookie Banana   3 months ago

    I like how fresh said these kids are crazy when he was more crazy then they were

  • Drshibainu
    Drshibainu   3 months ago

    Fresh: says he turned into bhuga captions:says he turned booger

  • ImmortaGamez
    ImmortaGamez   3 months ago

    Bugha turns into fresh if fresh skin came back be like: if youre picking up the fresh skin, use code fresh but with anything else, use code Bugha

  • chopsuey0211
    chopsuey0211   3 months ago

    who is also playing in season 8 bugha late game lol