Stuck In the Sound - Let's Go [Official Video]

  • Published on: 26 November 2012
  • NEW VIDEO "Riots"
    PURSUIT on vinyl

    Directed by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin
    Contact : [email protected]
    #StuckInTheSound #LetsGo #Animation
  • Runtime : 3:35
  • pursuit animation end of the world funny space planets anime brother Rock c2c siames the wolf paranoid android Porter Robinson shelter madeon space x Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer astronaut earth moon gorillaz at the door cosmonaut shuttle rocket space suit nasa space oddity odyssey masa purple beer rocketman rocketeer planet killer starkiller explosion cartoon great story


  • Chausss
    Chausss   7 hours ago

    When the game said "Lets Go" at the end that was dope.

  • Tubbo
    Tubbo   9 hours ago

    this is??????????? i wanted to beccome and astronaut and this is now my biggest fear.

  • Archie
    Archie   19 hours ago

    3:23 all things considered there are worst ways to go, worl might be destroyed but at least you have a playstation and a bro

  • Archie
    Archie   19 hours ago

    2:27 considering that might be one of the last kegs in existence it is a crime he just poured it out into space

  • Meebo
    Meebo   21 hours ago

    To be honest i dont like Rock but this is a bop

  • Lo_Zephyr_
    Lo_Zephyr_   22 hours ago

    He rejected the world, wanted to reach the moon, got there and accomplished nothing, upset like any human at the thought of the world being gone, but in the end, settled for something familiar, a video game, the simpler form of escaping the world and reality. Its not irony, it's just a humble nod to stay true to what you know, it's all that really matters.He knew how to avoid the world to focus on something. That's why the video game is so comfortable.

  • Yobama
    Yobama   1 days ago

    1:14 when you use plus 4 and choose a color and realize he has a reverse card

  • JGT123
    JGT123   1 days ago

    i made one of my favorite new meme formats from this video.

  • Wellington Jr
    Wellington Jr   1 days ago

    8 FODENDO anos e essa musica ainda é uma lenda

  • Saprogeist
    Saprogeist   1 days ago

    1:09 me whenever I try to draw a face

  • mariana
    mariana   2 days ago

    1:34 no one cares that he’s having the time of his life while looking like he just called the teacher mom

  • Jão
    Jão   2 days ago

    Good education, honor the flag of China by planting it on the moon, is the last man alive after the Earth explodes, can restart the human race with a blonde woman: +100.000.000 social credits, a great citizen.The "blonde woman" was actually just a guy, plus he was a gamer, so they're going to be playing games for more than three hours a week:-100.000.000 social credits, It is with great regret that we inform you that from now on you are no longer considered a human being on Chinese soil. Glory to the CCP!

  • Playing The Boi
    Playing The Boi   2 days ago

    Guys don't worry he's chinese he's probably copy earth and sell it on AliExpress

  • D-Class
    D-Class   2 days ago

    The world had population of dropped down to 2.

  • JustKuals
    JustKuals   2 days ago

    i guess this is how thanos became a bad guy

  • Parvez Biswas
    Parvez Biswas   2 days ago

    This sh*t is so good, it's giving me anxiety.

  • Digin
    Digin   2 days ago

    Suppose this is one good reason not to form emotional attatchments

  • Dragamer 132
    Dragamer 132   3 days ago

    This man seriously pulled off extreme space parkour. Did NASA train him for this?

  • jim
    jim   3 days ago

    R.I.P duck 0.44-0.45a good father and a good husband

  • notstabley
    notstabley   3 days ago

    Randomly found this video again by putting "space guy music video"

  • Qwerds777
    Qwerds777   3 days ago

    Под какими тяжелыми наркотиками делалось это убожество? Автору нужно отдохнуть в санатории. Социальный рейтинг -100000

    L0R34Z0_ENGINEER   3 days ago

    curious no? The other time I was at school copying the blackboard and I had this music in my mind that by the way I had already heard it on YouTube 2 years ago and it is wonderful and also I was not using headphones inside the class

  • Paimon
    Paimon   4 days ago

    Camera man is about 120 years old

  • Ca Daver
    Ca Daver   4 days ago

    "We’re not searching for anything except people. We don’t need other worlds. We need mirrors" ― Stanisław Lem, Solaris